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ofmof (EUNE)
: riven tears is all that matters to me
And Yasuo ;)
ofmof (EUNE)
: You are playing it wrong then. manamune>IE>Reaver>Lastwisper/Trinity>Lastwisper/Trinity . Jayce's early lane bully comes from the range AAs + the combo ,once u get like 15-20 % of his hp out with AAS and E+Q then u can go melee Q+AA+E then run back and continue harassing from range ,rinse and repeat .If u are winnig the lane hard just go melee all the time deny him cs and spam E+Q range combo.In the end you outscale every1 in late game with the strong poke and massive 1k+ triple crits from W(especialy with the new 18point cunning talent) so even if you are not winning your lane sit back and farm . The strenght of jayce is that he is uncounterable solo laner , meaning you can always get cs from range , if you can bully meanwhile good, if not just farm.
Don't know bout "playing him wrong thing" i have about 500-600 games maybe more with him....i know that play style ur talkin about but i play him 2-3 different ways...depends on enemy comp
ofmof (EUNE)
: its much better for jayce also.IE+reaver+ trinity 60% crit 40% CD so now u can get more speed or def stats from boots,also with the new reaver mana pasive if u crit while using manamune it basicly nulifies the mana cost . overall with the new AD item roster jayce is stronger than pre 5.22
Well ye you got point there but now my laning is kinda bad, I cant bully others like before with essence. Before i just rushed it and poked them and bring mana back with my we don't even have mana potions....
ofmof (EUNE)
: Jayce
He is same to me. But i'm really mad of them for changing essence reaver. Now all ADC build it for what? just because it has that passive for CDR and Crit chance is addet to it....
LA Losty (EUW)
: Im not sure what you mean? But if you are talking about the rewards, thats because they havnt been distributed yet. It can take up to a week due to the large playerbase.
I have read somewhere that it should e around 17.11. but i'm not telling that is 100% sure.
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Kauski (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=ibeatyourmilk,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oHU3EQEc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-11-04T21:47:19.993+0000) > > Hes 99.9% banned in ranked anyway thanks to the juggernaut update, even though hes nerfed to Azir level and lost everything he stands for. hes banned because if a self healin juggernaut gets fed, hes too tanky to be killed. darius is only an issue if fed, if average gold income as all players = useless
Agree on that one Just take some high mobility champ against him and he will get destroyed
Kauski (EUNE)
: lol you literally didnt give any guide for how to play jayce and what to do with it in teamfights, only items. which are bäd aswell. crit build got heavily nerfed about year ago, no point to go for IE on jayce anymore. So what you want on jayce is tear, cooldowns to max, flat armor pene and flat attack dmg. This means tear --> flat att dmg/armor pene at early/mid game. so basically muramana, youmous, cdr boots + flat AD ( B.F swords ), dont build them into full item, just buy the flat BF swords, ur dmg is insane at that point, lateron go for LW or other heavy arp item and build your items from the BF swords. Now youre real job is before teamfights or before drake/baron spawnin etc, is to nuke the carrys with QE, if you hit 2 balls on carry he has to go base to heal as they cannot build sustain at early/mid game, resultin your team to get free objectives as they cannot challenge with fewer numbers you want to finish the game as fast as possible, you dont want to get into late game on jayce as your poke becomes useless due to heavy sustain on late.
Would not agree on you with that one. Yes i just went through builds and Jayce is really simple to play actually. Just combo and u got kill Whit that heavy crit if u go for essence and not manamune u get damage that is same as before W nerf from 130% to 110% dmg So in about 15th min i always have about 250AD. And before you start judging builds try them out mate :) + I didn't put on "How to play" because this took me some time to make and this is probably 50% of what i know. I got a lot of more builds for him and they all work. Yes I got flamed a lot for them but tell me this. If you have ADC and APC in team that get kills easy if you set them up for them. Why should you build classic Jayce if your team has no tanks? Well solution is go tank Jayce because in hammer mode he gets extra armor and MR + with this build your Q is 4s CD so you can cc their champions a lot and take a lot of punishment for that. + I already said in my Guide "Now with these items you have huge amounts of damage to enemy ADC and APC and with few QE combos you will make them go back and that will give your team time to push or go for objectives." so no need to put that in comment" Btw thank you for your feed back. :)
Jiggeroo (EUNE)
: EUNE LF jungler w/ prev.5's knowladge
-Summoner Name: Medo Majka -Soloque Rank: Platinum V -Nationality: Croatian -Age: 19 -Team5's Expirience: last seasson was in Gold 3 team but we disbanded because of school and college :) I can play daily for team ATM
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ThePompf (EUW)
: The passive upgrades need to turn up, so that you have the choice of only building one type of thing. You can easyily get 100 ap and 150 ad in your build for example(Build 1 {{item:3089}} and the rest AD items). The effect is too powerful to get two things in one passive.
Yes, you will get all upgrades But what is the point of that if potentional of all of them will be minimum? Why not go for let's say upgrading Q and and then u go for tank Or u go for E and then tank :D But still i'm not saying ur not right Yes stats needs tweaking and to make this champ balanced u need to take every combo of items and look what works best for him and so on There is a lot to talk about to talk about this guy :D
: Volunteer Update: New Role!
I'm interested in helping and taching others :) I play leauge for 3 years now and more i think..not sure ^^ I know every item in game and 95% of champions skills and passives :) Where is aplication for that?
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