Hansiman (EUW)
: Submit a ticket to Riot [here](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
I searched but i didn't see 'report a hacker', help would be appreciated. I changed my password so now account is safe but can i revert damage? Can riot connect IP address to check if its really the same player etc.
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Bush Camper (EUNE)
: I would just stay in my base and ult because using it on the lane would be too dangerous xD
Yeah, thats would be point, do you want do guide it and risk getting killed or to just leave it, there are X times I ulted with jinx across map, and in middle of flight i wanted to steer rocket just a little bit to increase my chance of hitting, i tought something like Sions ult + Jinx ult. But on second thought, i think that guidance would be OP.
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: Got e-mail cause im using MK LoL
The reason why I wrote this on forum is be cause RITO needs to compile with you and not you with them, you the player are their merchandise, you give them money not the opposite, and if you get scared easily once you will be always, i play this game for year and a half, and whole this time I saw that players asks for official replay button, but If Im greedy RITO i would say, lets scare them, we hold their balls, its a lot cheaper to write 1 email than programing 5Mb program and cause players are afraid of losing their precious rank (witch does not mean nothing, rally) and skins, they will compile. Im not cow who will give milk for free, and im not a sheep to get pulled where ever they please.
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