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Anti-what? Sorry my ingles is little off.
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: I think it's not worth risking the stress (disappointment). Of course I can't and I won't force you to play normals, but I would refrain from ranked until the problem is solved. Connection problems can occur for several reasons, including a buggy client, a certain firewall or router setting, an ISP, a backbone provider or the Riot servers. I hope you don't run into it too much times until it is solved.
I just played a ranked. Won and got to promo again. Gonna try ONE more time this promo and if i get any connection problems i wont risk a second lose.
: That looks "funny" - but I wouldn't be so sure that the problem is server sided. I think it's much more like a client problem (so, the program on your computer). I would suggest fixing the client with the fix button, or even reinstalling the game. If it persists, then I would write to support (top right corner). They usually answer faster than, say, Egloran here on the forums.
I know its not much but on my second game i even got a notification from client that they had connection problem and after that i knew i just lost my promo. This is suuuch unfair :/ Im not even angry im just dissapointed coz i had good run with the game. Im gonna try again going to the ranked cue and after that if i get AFK ban (again) im gonna flip.
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