Papafruit (EUW)
: not bad though the whole "fill the queue with one person" feature will be a pain in the ass for programmers imo.
What am I paying them for? Besides, queue-trolls hurt just as much, if not more.
PPR Indi (EUW)
: sounds nice, so its stops flamers from the start get go, however I can see this being abused in higher elo, Look up a players match history; "oh he hasnt been perfoming well, better kick him" 5 minutes of "chill bruh" sure, if that players gets kicked repeadetly in a short time frame
Thats why you get only 1, maybe 2 ticket for per day. If you report a bad player, you risk playing with actuall troll. Also, it takes 4 man report to actually kick player from queue. Could lower to 3 min "chill bruh" ? That's another option.
warwiller (EUNE)
: What does this world have against flamers ?????
They burn too bright for my taste.
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