: _"I had a bad loosing streak, it pretty much tilted me to hell"_ Well, chances are that you created a self fulfilling proficy for yourself. Because you kept the bad games in your mind, you started to react on bad plays in the next game. That tilts you and so you lose an other game. And so on. That can happen. _"TBH, I was kinda blinded by the whole situation which led me to be a toxic dickface myself"_ There are ways that people become what you became. Due to the environment in which they are acting. It happens. You can't reverse it but you can try to find out *why* it actually happend in the first place. And then work on it to get rid of it (if you want to do so). _"Shit happens, I'll just make a new account hehe"_ I wish you a better stand-off with your new account. And I wish that you *really* can overcome what is actually tilting you in the first place. You know, i don't think, it's the guys who trash talk to you what is really tilting you. Ask yourself, what is it what you are expecting from the game? Because your tilting and aggression are signs of your inner self telling you that what is going on right now is not what you were expecting. Like you said: You had a loosing streak. So if this bothers you, you might acutually strive for winning, for become a challenger player or whatever. And if this is what you are up to, go and get them. But you will have to invest a lot more *in yourself*. And stop caring about others what they tell you. Because, most of the time, they won't tell you anything useful that will bring *YOU* closer to *YOUR* goal.
i usually never tilt, but when i do i tilt hard. At the end of the day it's just a game:)
JQKAndrei (EUW)
: Well, these logs don't deserve a straight permaban. But I believe you had more punishments before this one so the fact that you didn't improve makes these games worthy of a permaban overall.
i did receive punishments before the perma. I just wanted to go here and post my story to really see what I did wrong, and really understand my negative attitude which caused my ban.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Point out where he calls someone a toxic kid? He says "you are all flamers" Not quite the same thing. Edit: My bad. He did. Well in that case, it's a matter of opinion. In my eyes that isn't massively toxic.... And as that's the only part I found even slightly considerable "toxic", and hence not worth a perma. As it's not the sort of toxicity that makes the game notably less enjoyable (Relativity of the offence and the punishment) Feel free to point out homophobia though?
I did actually improve my behavior after the 2 week ban, but these series of games tilted me too hard to even control myself¨, which then resulted in a ban.
: yeah. he is honestly one of the better "toxic" players i have seen here. and i do think he could reform. now it is to late for that account though. he had 3 warnings and that didnt effect him. maybe now it will after the perma ban and he will become a better person in general =)
It's my second permaban hehe xd. And how you act in a videogame isn't a complete reflection of how you are in real life, just sayin
: > [{quoted}](name=Milmer,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BZYnFET3,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-07-14T14:21:15.833+0000) > > I really want your opinion on the matter, because I'm seriously having trouble seeing if this ban is fair or not. :) please enlighten me! > Well, as the old axiom goes, "ask and ye shall receive". > > Game 1 > Milmer: fucking hate these kinda games Borderline negativity. > Milmer: stop > Milmer: fighting > Milmer: all the time lol Potential escalation of a situation through aggression. > (in this game i lost my shit, i know, i reacted kinda harsh) So why do you even need clarification as to the worthiness of your ban, exactly? > Milmer: gtfo %%%gots > Milmer: and look at yourselfs Flaming by way of hate-speech. > Milmer: gtfo Flaming. > Milmer: flamer kid Blaming. > (at this point everybody was going crazy at eachother, calling eachother useless, flaming and talking shit. It really tilted me) And you didn't do anything to protect yourself? Situations like this are exactly why the mute button exists. > Milmer: stop fkin blaming eachother Blaming, ironically. > Milmer: kids Insulting. > Milmer: i can tell you how much i give a shit Gloating and negativity. > Milmer: then ward > Milmer: an dont push > Milmer: ? > Milmer: then dont push > Milmer: its not my problem Negativity. > Milmer: flamers Blaming. > Milmer: dont talk to me Blaming. > Milmer: ragekid Insulting. > Milmer: hahaha > Milmer: you people > Milmer: you only whine Blaming and flaming. > Milmer: fucking play > Milmer: pleasee?! Aggressive flaming. > Milmer: yeah im good right? Gloating. > Milmer: look at you > Milmer: fucking flamer > Milmer: 5/12 > Milmer: and talking shit all the time > Milmer: you too morg > Milmer: you are all talking shit > Milmer: and not actually playing Flaming and blaming (while you yourself could have been actually playing, ironically enough). > Milmer: you misunderstand the point of this fucking gmae Blaming. > Milmer: stop talking shit Aggression (and failure to practice your own advice, evidently). > Milmer: no > Milmer: just > Milmer: stfu > Milmer: stfu and play Flaming. > (here our fiora writes in all chat to report me for flaming and assisting enemy team) Which you really shouldn't be getting worked up about, seeing how reports operate on a "reported games" basis, not a "reports _within_ games" basis. > Milmer: gtfo morgana > Milmer: toxic kid Flaming and insulting. > Milmer: you people only flame > Milmer: and talk shit Blaming. > Milmer: please > Milmer: dont use the chat > Milmer: and focus Negativity. > Milmer: keep flaming > Milmer: trolling-. Insulting. > Milmer: and report me ofc > Milmer: dont forget Negativity through gloating. > > my entire team was flaming me this game, accusing me for being toxic and flaming, and i assume they all reported me because the loss angered them. It gets annoying after a while when people constantly mock you and call you bad and don't really focus on the game. I really only displayed "toxic behavior" as you call it, when they talked shit to me. And? Witnessing other people behaving badly does not give you the moral right to behave badly yourself. Or at the very least, if your emotions _do_ get the better of you, you're in the wrong for letting it out in view of other players. > Explain this ban please, and don't give me the usual "you have been reported because you have consistently toxic over a long period of time". Why not? It's not like that _isn't_ the reason. > Game 2 > Milmer: this lee song > Milmer: no leashererering Blaming. > Milmer: man > Milmer: im fucking tilted Negativity. > Milmer: stop whine > Milmer: and play Negativity by responding to a flamer. > Milmer: hah > Milmer: so fucking toxic lol Easily interpretable as blaming. > Milmer: troll more Insulting. > Milmer: sigh. > Milmer: and toxic lol Insulting. > Milmer: dont be like this brand Blaming. > Milmer: fuck > Milmer: riven > Milmer: kill her Needless aggression. > Milmer: AW > Milmer: NONE OF U > Milmer: GROUP MAN > Milmer: GUYS WTF MNAN Blaming and flaming. > Milmer: we coulda taken inhib nman > Milmer: u wanted to farm jungle > Milmer: fuck riven More blaming and flaming. > Milmer: riven players deserve ebola. Insulting. > Milmer: if u had the same sense > Milmer: for objectives > Milmer: we owoulda gotten 2 towers, and an inhib Blaming. > Milmer: please > Milmer: GROUP > Milmer: and get something WORTH Aggression. > Milmer: idc what you saty > Milmer: blame me all day > Milmer: thats all you can do > Milmer: blame and rage Blaming. > why is it punishable to tell a toxic player to get the fuck of and not flame you? Because you just became part of the problem by doing that. If you don't want to be treated like a flamer, don't _become_ a flamer. > I'm not going on his level, i'm telling him that he's being toxic and that he should stop. ...by going on his level. Who are you trying to fool here? Us or yourself? 'cause you're doing a pretty poor job either way. > Game 3 > Milmer: lulu. > Milmer: that wasnt very smart tbh Blaming. > Milmer: stop talking shit fam Negativity. > Milmer: im a memelord > Milmer: i will carry dw hehe xd Gloating. > (another guy talking shit and blaming me) > Milmer: toxic hehe xd Insulting by way of gloating. > (team flaming eachother and also me) > Milmer: stop flaming fam Blaming. > Milmer: just report him for passive aggresive Report-calling. > Milmer: this varus > Milmer: also takes my kills > Milmer: hes cheeky Blaming. (All the while failing to understand that killstealing is not a thing that happens in a game like this.) > In this game my team was LITTERALLY running around taking my camps, with the sole purpose to troll and annoy me. Why do I have to suffer a permaban for telling people who blame me, flame me, talk shit to me to just shut the fuck up and play.apparently making fun of people who talk shit to you is also toxic. Actually yes, it is. Because again, you're not counteracting the problem - you're blending in with it. When someone talks shit to you, you _mute and ignore them_. > After some games of toxic players that constantly blame and flame you it really gets to you. I'm not going to admit to being toxic in these chat logs, because if you knew what they told me, I think you wouldn't be so hard in your punishment. I highly doubt that - what other people did does not justify what you do throughout these chat logs. I'm not saying the people you were with _don't_ deserve a punishment if they _did_ do what you said they did, but at the end of the day, it doesn't change the fact that your chatlogs are chock-full of you blaming your teammates, gloating, and hurling insults and other assorted aggression. And as a usual rule of thumb, if I read your chatlogs and keep thinking, "I would not want this person on my team", that's not generally a good sign. The fact that your ban is a permaban only tells me that you have a long history of doing this while ignoring all warnings sent your way on the basis that you don't think it should be punishable. Unfortunately for you, your belief is in the minority in this community. So in conclusion? Yes. Your permaban _is_ fair.
Magneset (EUW)
: Since you said you manipulated your logs i dont want to spend time point out everything like i do in other topics. The ban is fair. The fact that you even explain "I messed up here" etc just shows you even know yourself that you knew what you were doing. What others do in the game is completely irrelevant. The punishment only counts for your logs. You also say "im not going to admit to being toxic" What YOU admit or dont admit to is completely irrelevant. The system sees it as toxic including everyone here. So remember in the future. Punishments are only carried out by looking through your logs. The system does not care what other players in the game says.
that's kinda fucked IMO. so if i (as a joke) say after I get outplayed by someone and end up dying "fuck this shit im gonna go hang myself hehe xd" the system is going to register that as toxic?
GLurch (EUW)
: "go afk" literally means,that this person is useless and shouldn't play. Also,yes saying "fuck you" is an insult,it is quite often used and often not punished if used once,but okay. >Calling yourself autistic is toxic..? you asked for insults,calling someone or yourself autistic is an insult. Also,you haven't been punished yet,because only once in a while insulting is considered as having a bad game/day,so it is not punished.
the brand in this game said he would afk, which i then replied with "lol k" "then afk"
GLurch (EUW)
: There are so many spots where he is insulting,I don't want to write all,it would take to long,so here are a few: Milmer: riven players deserve ebola. Milmer: look at ur score Milmer: fuck Milmer: riven Milmer: after being an autistic player Milmer: lol k Milmer: then afk
the "after being an autistic player" i was talking about myself, because i fucked up early game. "fuck riven"... riven tilts me, and she was on the ENEMY team, so she couldn't see the message.
: im autistic101, this alone deserves a ban. Ok not a permaban but still. I'm autistic and it's somewhat hurtfull to see this.
Don't be offended by the internet man, it's a waste of time. People are scumbags around here, get used to it. BTW I said that after dying.
: _"Milmer: you misunderstand the point of this fucking gmae"_ But you don't? I mean, you spammed the chat like crazy. This game is about destroying the enemy nexus. But all I see is a lot and lot and lot of chatting. _"Milmer: please Milmer: dont use the chat Milmer: and focus"_ Says the guy who is talking and talking and talking. Where is your focus? If you want to tell others what to do, fine. But at least, you should set a good example ;) _"Explain this ban please, and don't give me the usual "you have been reported because you have consistently toxic over a long period of time". "_ Well, that IS the usual explanation. THIS is the reason why you got banned. What do you want to hear? _"Milmer: after being an autistic player"_ What's wrong with autistic players? _"Milmer: riven players deserve ebola."_ So you really want a guy JUST LIKE YOU sitting somewhere picking riven and then get ebola for this? Like being infected with a chance to die... yes? That's what you wish to other people around you? _"why is it punishable to tell a toxic player to get the fuck of and not flame you?"_ Because telling someone "to get the fuck of and not flame" is considered flaming by a toxic player. And this is punishable. _"I'm not going on his level"_ No, this is just not true. You completly ARE on his level. _"Why do I have to suffer a permaban for telling people who blame me, flame me, talk shit to me to just shut the fuck up and play."_ Because you blame them, flame them, talk shit to them and telling them to just shut the fuck up and play. _"After some games of toxic players that constantly blame and flame you it really gets to you."_ Well yes, it does. It depends on YOU how you react to this. You chose to flame back instead of using the tools Rito gave you (muting and reporting). _"I'm not going to admit to being toxic in these chat logs"_ But you are. You are definetly toxic on these chat logs. _"because if you knew what they told me, I think you wouldn't be so hard in your punishment."_ That's the whole point that you are missing here. We would, we actually are: Look at the downvotes, look at the responses here. Look at the post of "Twisted Scarvae". He tells you that what you wrote felt insulting to him. Consider he would have been on the team and would read this and felt insulted over it. He would have every right to report you. And it would be a valid report. I understand, that you don't see this fact. That you feel like you just defended yourself and you feel that you have every right to do so. But you did it in a way that is NOT allowed in this game. And that's why you got banned. NOT for being harrased but for being a harraser yourself.
you got me sir, R.I.P. I had a bad loosing streak, it pretty much tilted me to hell. I'm pretty chill about it though, it's just a game:) Thank you for spending time on making me see what I actually did. TBH, I was kinda blinded by the whole situation which led me to be a toxic dickface myself, and not just muting or answering back with "k" as I would usually do when not being tilted. Shit happens, I'll just make a new account hehe xd
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