: The feedback thing only tells you if they are immediately punished after the report which isn't very likely to happen because it takes more than one instance of them doing some and getting reported for it to take effect. As for the system working it does work pretty well especially when they use vulgar language like the all too popular "get cancer" remark being extremely likely to land you a temporary ban. However for the smarter flamer such as I there are actually easy ways to insult people while never getting banned and all you need to do is avoid swearing and avoid popular insults and you're good. I'm not actually a flamer but I do let people pull me into arguments a little too much.
Oh, that explains a lot! I misunderstood it and thought i'd get a notification every time they get punished. Thank you for explaining!
Muhamed Kun (EUNE)
: Well, the only advice I can give you is: find some friends to play with (premades) and mute everyone else. Playing with one friend or even 2/3/4 makes the game a whole lot more fun :) Remember, League was made to make players happy and enjoy the gameplay, not to make you sad or salty, anyways I wish you the best of luck & fun ^^
Insides (EUW)
: Ever since the improvement of pings, i insta mute anyone who is remotely close to starting any negativism or flame in my team. Especially in ranked. For 2 good reasons : 1) IF you respond ,and even try to tell him to chill and focus on the game, or try having fun, they use that as a catalyst. You know what they say, theres no bargain with a mad man. Consider them mad, and just mute. If you focus on your game there will be many things that wont escape your eyes. 2) Trying to fight a toxic player will result in you converting to one, by the Summoner Code, because spamming in chat, or capsing is not cool, and is considered verbal abuse, so youll get restricted as well. Try to have fun even if I know that in some games its utterly impossible to do so. But try.
Thank you for the kind words, and you're right, i should probably just switch to instantly muting everyone, and if they say ss instead of pinging, it will be worth the surprise if i don't see the flaming.
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