Sak33 (EUW)
: guess ... EU boards ... need 1 more :)
*sigh* if only I could transfer... {{champion:36}}
Sak33 (EUW)
: Close Combat
You do realize these are the **EUNE** boards, _right?_ {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:103}}
Aguli (EUNE)
: LF Close Combat
I sent you a request. Let's play.
: Transfer to EUNE and you have me in :) :\
I'm adding you. Do you have **other** people we can add? {{champion:254}}
: Wow, thanks for the sweet words, Friend <3 It really feels good to be a part of this amazing community <3
You're also one of the few people I ever see to reply to every comment/message they receive, which is nice cuz I do it too. :D
: A message to Riot..
An amazing thread - very well written and with a nice message too! I don't come across these kinds of posts very often. The fact that you're sharing this story with us and trying to fight the illness means a lot more than you may actually think! If this game feels like the right thing for you there's nothing better to do but play it. I wish you the best of luck doing what you're doing and I hope your life turns out for the better! Remember to never give up on your dreams and always push yourself to the limits - you'll be surprised when you find out what you were capable of doing all along! Many people don't realize this but hopefully you do and will reach the top if that's what you really want to. :)
: Darius is balanced
Oh yeah, I remember my first PvP game with him after the Juggernaut patch came out. It was really funny when 3 people came to my lane and tried to kill me because I was at 50% health. I thought that it was it and that I was gonna die. To my surprise I healed for enough to not only survive but make a double kill and have the third person fleeing top lane to save his life. Good times... I don't think he's very balanced yet though. :-/
Desastrus (EUNE)
: Unnecessary champion buffs
I totally agree with you man. Buffing or nerfing champions with no apparent reason is just wrong! It doesn't make any sense in my head really...
Four Star (EUW)
: How to overcome the fear of losing a ranked game?
I'm surprised at the comments below as they didn't provide any useful information about resolving your issue. What I recommend is simply getting better at the game and have a champion or two for every role. Maining something is good but widening your champion pool will also increase your in-game knowledge and improve your mechanics. If you are really good and can win your lane without feeding or flaming, it's pretty much enough to win you half the game. Focus on yourself and your mistakes and just IMPROVE. That's the key. Start helping your teammates with their lane and capture objectives (prioritize in this order - inhibitors > turrets > dragon) when you can. Do NOT focus on kills but ace the other team when you can and immediately start pushing. Be careful to retreat in time so you don't get caught. It's really important not to get too behind or ambushed in a 1v5 or similar scenario. And if you're worrying about your team having AFKers, feeders or trolls then think of it this way: if you're not any of the things I said yourself, chances are statistically higher for the enemy team to have a negative player since that leaves 5 of them and only 4 on your team. Behaving nice with your teammates will do more good than blaming them. Imagine if you were being flamed or sworn at each time you make a mistake or do something which your team doesn't agree with. How would you feel? I hope you've got the point. If you're having problems being by yourself with complete strangers I highly recommend you find a duo partner you can rely on and communicate with. Playing with someone else you trust and enjoy will make your experience better. Carrying by yourself isn't always easy. You don't need to if you can't or don't want to luckily. :)
: > [{quoted}](name=franticFurball,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=VryoNxql,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2015-09-07T12:25:12.598+0000) > > Excuse me, I wasn't talking about one specific game my NEVER upgrade your trinkets, at least not in the last 100 ranked games you played. > > You are supposed to buy this: {{item:3340}} and use it, and then upgrade/change it either to {{item:3361}} {{item:3362}} {{item:3363}} or {{item:3364}} and use them. Vision is key to victory in this game. Could you perhaps point me in the direction of a warding guide or something? Or do I just buy em and stick em on map?
Warding in Bronze apart from the most important places isn't necessary as most players usually follow a pattern without noticing it. They always gank from the same place or have only one jungle route for example. They don't usually change anything and are very very predictable in most cases. But even if you're up against smurfs try and always have vision of the river as it is one of the most important places in the game. When playing ADC ask your support to place his Warding Totem in the bush near the dragon (doesn't matter what team you're on) and the one that is on your side of the river and next to the wall (purple team). Dragon himself has to be warded while he's alive at all costs (not literally, if you're gonna die don't do it but you get the point!). Killing the rift scuttler will do the job so make sure your jungler does it when possible. Mid-lane is a bit harder to ward since there are 2 sides if you're not overextending but having the one towards the dragon warded usually does a better job. Make sure to place the wards slightly deeper into the river so you know if a jungler is coming for a gank earlier. Don't just put it in the two long bushes across the middle lane. Top-lane is pretty easy if you're the blue team. Ward the nearest bush on your river side and avoid pushing too much without vision, especially if you don't have your escape up or can't handle the gank otherwise. If you're the purple team make sure to ward the bush that connects the three paths (first leading to river, second to your turret and third to the krugs camp) and warding the bush nearest to Baron is also fine. You may get ganked more easily if not both places are warded. I hope I don't need to explain about jungling now but if you have more questions you can ask. Try searching for warding guides online since I came across some good ones on SoloMid or Mobafire. Watch videos for better understanding the matter. Many people underestimate warding and don't understand its importance in the game, resulting in stupid decisions with often fatal consequences. Hope I've helped!
: Diamondteam sucht einen guten Main-Jungler!
Hallo. Alles, was ihr oben geschrieben habt, klingt zweifellos schön. Es gibt aber ein Problem - ihr habt die Anzeige auf der EUNE-Seite von den LoL Boards publiziert. Niemand hier soll Deutsch können und vielleicht bin ich selbst der einzige, der euch verstanden habe und zurückgeschrieben habe. Mein Deutsch ist nicht perfekt und wenn ihr die Post im Englischen gemacht habt, würdet ihr viele mehr Antworten bekommen. Nächtes mal könnt ihr versuchen das gleiche Ding im Englischen zu schreiben oder sich an die Besucher der EUW-Seite zu wenden. Viel Erfolg mit dem Team! :)
: change items for yi - Titanic Hydra and devourer
Isn't the Devourer enchantment already a recommended option for your Skirmisher's Sabre? I also think the Titanic Hydra would make you slightly tankier and better at surviving fights, but would it still give you the burst you need to kill the carry? I don't know about that. The item is relatively new so I don't know much about it. Perhaps you may tell me about your results when you actually test in more games. I generally prefer life steal over plain health.
: How do you rank up?
What you could try is playing with a partner of your skill level or higher. Having another person you can trust or rely on lowers the chances of losing. You could also ask a person who's a smurf to play with you. Add different people that played decently after each game and ask them to duo with you (that's what I do atleast). Some of them will probably agree, especially if you've performed far better than your teammates and it was evident. That's what I can offer you as a tip. Improving your game mechanics and techniques also helps a lot. There's always room to improve!
: Please do something with Bots on Dominion
Can you please be more clear next time you ask a question like this one?
: Hi. I got the same thing when i was playing bots on EUW. After something like 10 minutes the game crashed and i could not reconnect. I tried the same things you did but it did not let me reconnect. I guess the game may have ended and i dont know what to do. Please can you help me? I tried Support but i dont know how to use it.
Did you check your match history? If the game didn't appear there, we might as well consider it a "ghost game". And have you had the issue reoccurring after that? If so, you have to write to the following email including all the details: If you need more help, write to me again. Sorry for the late reply btw.
LOLiiiii (EUNE)
: League of LAGGGGGGGGsssssssss
You provide absolutely no details in your post - good luck finding help then! {{champion:84}}
sykes15 (EUW)
: Game crash's and cant connect.
Hi. I got the same error when playing on the Turkish servers 2 weeks ago. It was like 15 minutes into the game when it suddenly crashed and didn't let me reconnect. I tried closing LoL and opening the launcher again, but nothing happened. The game wasn't going anymore and nothing appeared in my match history either. It was a so called "ghost game" I guess... Never happened since then, but just sharing my story.{{champion:32}}
: Corki's R range indicator
This thing exists in other champs too with such abilities - namely Kennen, Ahri and Lee... It's not a big deal - if you've played the champ often you'd know exactly how far the missile would go. {{champion:119}}
: One idea. One refund token per year.
The idea isn't bad but the point of having only 3 refunds is to think carefully every time you buy something or even think about doing it. Having more refunds will just teach people that they can buy something straight away and not give a fuck about it! That's what I don't like... Three refunds are just fine in my opinion. {{champion:89}}
: nothing, he's just being a negative turd that's all
It has - this guy's point was that if you play a lot and earn IP, you'll be able to buy whatever champ you want and not be forced to refund something for it! But he's missing a thing - not only champs, but skins are refundable too. If you accidentally bought a skin when it was on sale or if you just happened to have RP for it and didn't like what you did, a refund would be nice. But considering many people don't even know what they're doing at early levels, using their 3 refunds takes less time than you think. The choices they make are also hilarious... {{champion:36}}
jere1223 (EUW)
: dont lose mmr and lp when somebody goes afk for more then 5 min.
It's not gonna happen because (everyone basically said it before me but I'm just repeating it) it'll totally get abused by many players and it will ruin your gaming experience even more. There are things that can be changed in the current system but that's surely not one of them. The idea is not bad though... {{champion:99}} {{champion:57}}
Excellent point! It's already 2015 and still no "log out" button in sight. It would be so much easier for everyone if one existed. I really hope this happens in the near future...{{champion:32}}
: True, her QWE damage is instant - she can even cast W before E and it will still work. You can't CC her, she has no casting time.
You're so damn wrong about that. You just have slow reactions! I always win my lane against Kata when I play Kennen. I have more sustain, can poke constantly without losing health, outdamage her... and when I stun her, it's over before she knows it! Unless she flashes or uses E (which is most of the time on cooldown since I've made her waste it) she's good as dead. You can look for counter picks on this site "Champion Select". {{champion:85}} {{champion:55}}
: Stack wat? ({{champion:14}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:412}} find the odd one out)
Point proved, the other person doesn't know the definition of words... {{champion:119}}
Kian987 (EUW)
: Shen sucks
That's why I play Shen only as support in bronze/silver. When I first saw his stats after I bought him, I told myself "this guy can't do any damage, so he can't be a solo laner" and perhaps I was right. What I like about Shen is his unique ultimate that offers global presence and shields your allies when they need some extra health to survive in a teamfight, in a 1v1 or perhaps just so we can "Stay United". His Shadow Dash is what I also like, but it's all very predictable and hard to land. His Q is useless for healing others - it just helps them not to lose any health while farming or capturing objectives but it doesn't give them any extra health or anything else. W doesn't scale well at all. I've never relied on it to save me from danger. My E does a lot better job by giving an extra Flash on most occasions. I think that if Riot give this guy a hand, he could become a better support or even tank/jungler. I'm not so sure for a fighter though... {{champion:98}}
varucu (EUNE)
: Getting disconnected from game
This problem is awful - I've tried to reconnect to the game like 10 times and it still doesn't work. I've tried starting the LoL launcher again and again with no luck! The worst part is that I'll probably get a stupid penalty and it won't even be my fault...{{champion:32}} {{champion:86}}

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