: FPS drops still happening between minute 5 and 10
: GAME DELAY (8th to 10th minute) Most probably not my PC's problem
I got this thing too, making things bad. Riot must be buffing irelia more instead of fixing this
: Ping went from 15 to 30-50 since last patch & random crashes
Rioters must be working with buffing irelia and sion and nerfing Jax again. They don't have time to fix bugs. Let them
Akachi (EUNE)
: Huge FPS drop around 6-10 min
Me too and it happens to many people. Waiting for 9.3
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: FPS drop
exaaactly i get the same laag. Firstly at 16 minutes and now at 9.
: Its not his pc its the patch many ppl have it xd
: if its fps that is dropping its probably your pc that does somethnig,maybe backgroup app takes too much ram or whatever,i have anywhere between 100-120,while i fight the dragon it gets to between 50-70,and sometimes from the start my fps is 30-60,i wouldnt mind 60 as i played before tweaking my pc to 100+ but it drops every second so its probably pc but that rarely happnes now,maybe check memory,clean it,i even factory resseted my pc and if you do that dont forget to backup files
My pc is not slow, the game laags every time around the nineth minute, I don't know what is this timing
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KaShootMe (EUNE)
: Do you happen to be in Greece, possibly using OTENet?
yes :D do you know a solution? actually i use WIND but what is the problem?
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: Why i cant start a game
i cant even open my client ...
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. The loot restriction is in place until you've shown a significant improvement to the behaviour that got you chat restricted. Once you've shown enough improvement, you'll regain access. How long this takes is purely up to how you behave.
but i now i dont flame , and i carry every game , and i cant take loot , this no logic decision
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: launcher closes itself after clicking on the play button ( after installing the patch)
me too i click to open this game and this doesnt open i was waiting 5 minutes but nothing plz help us
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