Zemphys (EUW)
: today i quit league
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Positive Player: it's up to us to make the community better, not RIOT.
Actually I prefer going with my Gnome to show the league community how sportsmanlike I am but I like the idea with the icon! Good initiative! :)
: How can this happen
Better to say nothing to be honest.
: Literally losing faith in this game
New season, new changes = new tactics and people trying out new stuff. What's so wrong about that? People are still learning the new things that's included in the game, you cant expect that people will be amazing right from the get go.
Bombardox (EUW)
: Today i have seen the funniest summoner name EVER
: http://www.surrenderat20.net/p/520-pbe-cycle.html >After being delayed, KINDRED will be released sometime during 5.20! Click here for more information on the delay or our 5.19 pbe coverage for more on Kindred! I'm betting early in the patch rather then later.
Thank you! :)
Nepeta L (EUW)
: A fun champ to play? ;o;
It's super subjective, I prefer to play support mostly. The supports I enjoy is: {{champion:432}} Because... because Bard, you can do some amazing tricks with him, also the big learning curve makes him so much more rewarding when you can properly play him. {{champion:412}} Same here as the one on top, you can do so many amazing things with this champion. (Being able to land that hook on a Vayne while she's trying to dodge is so f***ing rewarding trust me!) {{champion:267}} Just pressing Q and buffing your allies, do I need to say more? {{champion:117}} Press W on a charging ally and when they're in the mosh of the enemies press the button that makes Lulu and everyone go wild (R) Guaranteed to win a teamfight if played properly ;) **These are my tips for fun champions, not really big on the other lanes but I can pull out some champs i've enjoyed that are on other lanes. ** {{champion:55}} Spin to win basically, not this patch though. Fallen out of favor for most people. Too much CC around and champions that outscale her I guess. {{champion:61}} The E on ally and then pressing R combo, so rewarding. Muchos fun. {{champion:30}} He just speaks to me, terror and killing. Not saying i'm some sort of terrorist but I do enjoy when people sweat when they see a Karthus and his possibilites in the game. Hope I helped some!
: Gaming love = Best love =)
Indeed my friend, indeed.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mjoww,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=AKELh9rE,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-10-12T21:37:18.302+0000) > > Where have you read/heard that? Do you have any believeable sources? the champion was set to be released last patch, they usually leave the release time a little bit into the patch, only one bug delayed the champ. riot should be releasing them with the next patch to catch up and be on scedual.
So you dont know? Since you dont have and credible sources stating that. But I hope so aswell. I hope Kindred will be released as soon as possible
: Why hate Bronze
That's just people being rude. Ignore them (muting and so on) and continue with your game. Personally speaking as a Diamond IV Support player I have no problem with people being lower tier at all. Heck I play with my girlfriend which is Bronze 1 and I meet new people that are fun and that I consider friends. It's just people being bullies in some made up world that they believe is real
: this wednesday
Where have you read/heard that? Do you have any believeable sources?
: You are playing this game for 2 and a half years atleast and still didnt get to level 30? also I find it great that you found a friend on league, many people i originaly met via League are now some of my closest friends but i doubt that they'll make skins for that, I'm sorry but I simply dont think it would be very likely
Strong friendships form through common interests. I actually met my lovely girlfriend over league. Anything can happend in league.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: we give eachother honors (maybe 3/4 game in day but we dont play EVERY day ) because we are friends, but i only give honors to her(sometimes i forget) and i dont give lot honor to others but i got lot of honors from others in game and its nice to see when you got it because you are lets say "positive player", but i play maybe 9 months lol and i have more then someone who plays 3 years , and i respect lot players by honors because i know they are few who are good/positive/ has good communication and teamwork.
Sorry for the late reply: I see your point but giving to her alot will diminish your honor value = You giving out honor means less in the eyes of Riot. Think I read something about Riot having systems that would detect friends giving eachother honor.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Honor limit reached ?
You can only give out that many honors before they get useless in the eyes of the system. By only giving them to people that really deserve it you will keep the worth of the honors you give out, but if you spam they'll decrease in value. It's like reports; The more you report the less your reports are worth. Also, dont give eachother honors constantly, riot got systems that'll discover you giving eachother honors. They dont mean anything anymore.
DogIsGod (EUNE)
: Champ Select Chat is laggy
Opportunity (EUNE)
: Remove Instalocking In Normals
Just play Draft or Teambuilder.
Clowdy (EUW)
: Me too experienced that bug but when she was on the other team, early game our bot lane won. However when it reached late game this bug probably solo won her the game. She had no AA animation and could auto while stunned.
I am very glad that i'm not alone in this. I hope Riot will take a look at this and fix the problem!
: YES! I thought I was going crazy! Sometimes her auto attacks happen instantly before the animation too so it's difficult to CS with.
Exactly! It's very annoying and i'm not going to be playing Caitlyn before it gets fixed because I cant play a champion with those type of interactions!
Gojiraw (EUW)
: It's not "small", it's pretty annoying to say the least. It's the reason why i stopped playing her for a while. In the past, that bug was existent on her Sheriff skin. Oddly enough, with that skin seems fine now, only her default skin seems bugged.
The thing is that i'm using the Arctic Warfare skin and it's bugged there. It's very annoying indeed.
Rioter Comments
: I can understand this since every champ has a counter but Ryze is not even considered her counter he is just a melee killer not to mention the stupid extra damage from being next to minions. probably will have to start taking ranged champs in every lane.
Well maybe he was playing Ryze well, thus making you useless in that particular game? Sounds like that too me! No need to sweat it though man, we all have bad games. You'll manage next game probably!
: Time for a hard lesson in real life. Every contract or agreement that you sign, read it. Because it will state several different things you need to be aware of **before agreeing** to the contract. In the case of League of Legends, a big part of it is accepting what you can and cannot do in this game, and the consequences of if you break those contractual agreements. You agree to these contracts every time you update the game, and are given ample chances to read them... I suggest you do read them from here on end. You don't walk into a bank and agree to a loan without understanding the percentages you'd pay back on it (like all those people who fall for the mini-loan with up to a 1000% increase in APR). You don't make a business without understanding the ramifications and legalities behind it either. Online games are no different, you need to know what you're getting into before you play. For example, what if the EULA said *"All your passwords will be stored and distributed to other individuals who have an interest in games"*? Would you agree to that if you knew it said that? I doubt it... now... how do you know if Riot Games have actually said that in the EULA, the contract you sign, if you haven't read it? "But no one reads the EULA." I hear you cry... wrong... only people who don't care about what they're getting into (or too dumb to look into these things) don't read the EULA. How many people knew the summoners code had a spelling mistake in it? Anyone? Because I found one, and reported it to Riot about a month ago, and they fixed it. But how many of you have even read the summoners code, or the EULA? When you don't read the agreements you sign up to, you have no one to blame but yourself for whatever subsequent actions are taken. You broke the rules, that's why you got the ban, and because of that all your "rights" that you *think* you have are forfeit. As for getting your money back, please record your efforts, because I could use a good laugh. Because if you had read the agreement you signed up to, you might be a bit more aware of the facts... here's the link if you wanna read it: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/legal/eula If not, let me quote the EULA policy 12: > XII. INDEMNIFICATION > **YOU HEREBY AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD HARMLESS RIOT GAMES FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS, LAWSUITS, DAMAGES, LOSSES, LIABILITIES AND COSTS (INCLUDING ATTORNEYS’ FEES) THAT DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY ARISE OR RESULT FROM YOUR USE OR MISUSE OF THE GAME AND/OR THE SOFTWARE, OR ANY VIOLATION BY YOU OF ANY OF THE PROVISIONS OF THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT.** Riot Games reserves the right, at its own expense and in its sole and absolute discretion, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter otherwise subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will cooperate with Riot Games in asserting any available defenses. Oh... right... so, you signed a contract, that means that if you misuse the game (break the EULA or summoners code), you have agreed to forfeit your right to a refund. Good luck with your attempts... because the simple fact is, you sir, have **no grounds to stand on**, legally, morally or intellectually. Please... go ahead and reply to this, because I'd love to see what rubbish you come up with to try and get around this one.
Great piece of text. Enjoyed reading it :)
: Nerf Ryze
Every champ can kill other champs based on knowledge of the champion and proper ward vision. You rarely see Ryze anyways. A few games. Personally Irelia is a big champion I do not like, but there's ways around everything mate!
Artits (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mjoww,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4bhcRueZ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-07-09T18:46:32.795+0000) > > I had something in my mind abotu Tahm Kench. > > What about a Thresh and Tahm Kench? Tahm devours an enemy champion and Thresh throws out his lantern for him to grab, even though they only have 2 seconds on them for it to work it could be pulled off to great success. Tahm can't get Thresh's lantern, Flash or TP when he has something devoured. With Kalista however, its possible.
Well damn :( Well Kalista Tahm here we goooo!
: Bot lane of Doom
I had something in my mind abotu Tahm Kench. What about a Thresh and Tahm Kench? Tahm devours an enemy champion and Thresh throws out his lantern for him to grab, even though they only have 2 seconds on them for it to work it could be pulled off to great success.
: I'm a toxic player. Help me change.
I'll share you my story even though i've never been a flamer: I started league several years ago, somewhere around mid season 1, I played the game just to have fun. Sure I left some games in the beginning out of pure ignorance since I didn't know how the game was supposed to be played, but I had the will to play it and improve and make friends. So I made a change to try and not to leave a game (still happends, incase of fire. Yes a FIRE has happend and I had to leave a game) but me leaving a game happends very rarely. Sometimes I get annoyed by the people I play with because they are increadibly negative towards a game meant to have fun in, or just generally flaming an innocent person. I try and keep my cool by taking a breath or maybe say something under my breath to myself, that way noone gets harmed by words and I get to feel better. So my tip is if you feel the rage, swear like a sailor to yourself and take out your aggresion that way, or take a break from the game, read a book or maybe go out for a run? I've felt running really improves my mood. I hope I make sense here? I've just been out running and i'm superhappy about this girl i've met in real life through LEAGUE OF LEGENDS. God I could go on forever here, I hope everything works out for you bro/sis. Take care.
Sharaplon (EUNE)
: Apology
You wont be unsuspended, but atleast you know you might be at wrong here. Because Riot doesn't punish because you got reported several times over some B-shit thing. If you got a suspension you most likely deserved it to be honest here. First step towards improving is knowing you're at fault. It's never someone elses fault for you getting a ban, it's all up to you broski/siski.
: ye u could be right, but i dont think i am dat low compared with those feeders i met.
You might not think that, but do you have some kind of replay you have to watch? Those things can help you quite alot. If you want I could take a glance at your games by spectating them while playing and I could try and see what's going on and what to improve, if that's something you'd like, you may send a friend request to me!
: I rly kinda h8 ranked games now in diamond 5 elo.
Huh, never had a problem with the V divisions at any division. I've managed to climb out if it surprisingly fast myself. Maybe you need to improve your play to get higher up?
: just people on eune
Naming and shaming is not allowed. Remove the names if you wish to keep this post. There is nothing about what country the people flame live in, it's about the people. I dotn see too much flame, and i've played over 5000 games on EUNE. If there's an issue, mute the people and leave the aftergame lobby once you're done.
: Do you Ekko anymore ?
Depends on you. Can you play him well enough to climb?
Avidolly (EUW)
: Match info gone
Have the same currently, played one game earlier and it didn't show up at first. Took a while before I got to see it. Plus my champion mastery and grading is just a spinning wheel. Maybe 4/10 games show my grade. Seems to be some weird bug floating around.
Perilum (EUW)
: It's just a game. No fun, don't play it. Come back if you're in the mood. Or take a break between the games. I smoke a cigarette, surf 9gag, have a few laughs, chat with friends for 20-30 min and play the next game. Or I just play something other. It's hard to have a "Don't care" mentality like me. But it will help you in every aspect of your life. If you rage, you just rage more and more. It's a spinning wheel of rage.
I can totally recommend you trying www.imgur.com, it's like 9gag but more original content and so on! OT: I completely agree with you mate
: Reporting some one for surrendering. That's next gen reporting. But those will just lower your report values I guess. :S
I'm talking about when someone is spamming the surrender button. Everytime you can surrender you see that surrender box. It's disturbing and clearly sends a message that the person surrendering have given up the game. But I guess I might be at fault for reporting only for that, it's a minor disruption I probably just should ignore.
Nankyoku (EUNE)
: am i the only one
Anyone being negative by spamming "ff20" and "I quit" are people I report. Especially those spamming the surrender vote, it's just annoying to see that surrender bar pop out every now and then. I report for either spamming or negative attitude, depending on the person.
: You Get Report For a Carry Game ?
You dont get punished for that. Once I was enjoying a game of Twisted Treeline with 2 friends that were a bit lower in the ladders than I am. I got reported for getting fed as Kennen. Got a warning when the game was done, but dont sweat it. Those reports doesn't mean anything.
GG HyperQ (EUW)
: So many amazing Rankeds
What's your point with this thread? Serves no purpose except for you venting. Want to type things like that? Well go into Off-topic and write your heart out there instead.
: Chat Restriction.
You dont get chat restrictions from one game, you get it from previous games where you've violated the rules.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mjoww,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=HXLlurPH,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-06-11T09:34:36.528+0000) > > You should play Alistar, maybe that will get your "mooooo-d" up. He he he im more of a tibbers main, i like to get to the bear basics nailed before moooooving on to something new xD
Guess you could say you run into battle with your bare hands ;)
: seriously in a bad mood now ><
You should play Alistar, maybe that will get your "mooooo-d" up. He he he
: Smurfs in ranked games.
Whenever I smurf, I smurf to play with a good friend of mine because I enjoy having fun with them and they want to play ranked. But in champ select I just say that i'll fill the role needed and let everyone take their comfort picks. Smurfers will exist, nothing to do about it. You may learn from them, if you play against people higher in the ELO than you, you will pick up a thing or two from their playstyle and use it yourself. That's what I did when I was playing ranked, I analyzed what went wrong and how I could improve myself to climb. Which obviously worked for me. But we're all different.
: Been banned for 14 days...
Dont think you got a 14 day ban from League for flaming just one game. Did you get a reason for you ban? Did it just say you got banned because of your flaming? But anyways, take this is a learning experience, flaming is never the best method to give out your opinion. Just makes someone look childish and uncapable of handeling their emotions. When you want to flame. Write the flame and then delete the text, Abraham Lincoln gave that tip to one of his officers if I remember what i've read correctly. Might make you feel better.
: @Riot Lyte, why dont you remove the ALL CHAT
You can simply turn it off yourself. I like talking to the enemy team and complimenting them on their plays and so on!
: My feedback to the new hud
I know people dislike changes. But trust me you'll get used to it after a couple of games with it. There were some people not liking the SR update and wanted to keep the old one, but now I can safely assume everyone loves the new SR.
sayuο (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jens Cole,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=e4HfQXav,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-06-05T18:08:52.615+0000) > > show your chat logs to prove you didn't deserve to be banned. I dont deny i flamed.Its true But under insane circumstances.He was boosted 100% and sucking 500%
You're still at fault for flaming. Flaming is never a reasonable response to someone not playing according to your belief. There's people having a bad day or anything like that, then you come and piss all over them with your childish flame . You need to work on your attitude towards other human beings. You would not be flaming like that in real life over a misstake someone did. Try acting like you act in real life.
: Thats why league has dropped its quality over the years. Even if you dont say anything in chat you can get a chat restriction. :S
League has not dropped in quality. Heck they've made it so much better. Riot is working on reducing the amount of flame. So I talk alot in the chat with my team. Both messing around and so on. Are you telling me I should be on a chat restriction? Also, my friend. A gold 2 player who never talks in the chat except for dragon timers and summoner spells. He never got a chat restriction.
ReDeeM Me (EUNE)
: Honor points
Depends on what players honor you. How frequently your recieve the points will also affect it!
martinMTT (EUW)
: ekko passive
Well he has to get in range to attack them and the enemy can take advantage of that and straight up murder him if he doesn't have ult!
: Why is it negative
Because it's negative to the people that wants to try. I myself am a person that will not surrender, I want to play the game to the fullest and try my hardest! You learn most from the games you lose or have to fight like hell to win! The thing about them reporting you: Are you spamming it or just asking once? If you would've spammed "gg surr 20" or something similair I would have reported you. Same with spamming surrender, that's just dragging the entire team down.
: "KIDS"
Depends on the person recieving it. My friends call me childish because I like silly things, and i'm an 20 year old male! ;P Just mute the persons insulting and you should be fine unless you have some imaginary honor to protect when a random person flames you.
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