: Ravenborn Le Blanc 👍👌❤❤
Fortnite? PuBG? League Of Legends for life!
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: Pizza delivery Sivir
Remmember me? Hahah i was commenting 3 years ago in one of your orianna art board :) and when i look back i rly feel the cringe lol and btw its a rly nice skin tho! Wait do you play on eune? Im MoNsTeRR MaNN in eune b5 unfortunately EDIT: btw make sure to check my skin ideas boards too there are 7 of em i guess ❤
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: Ozzlox Champion Concept
I Just wish to have good skills with pc drawing or pencil drawing to show you a couple of pictures :/ but this champ is a half ninja and half robot, well.. if you want it detailed... its a little similar looking to **genji **from overwatch but the difference is that this champ is not human, he is mostly a robot wich 100 million years ago, escaped from cage from Amezonia (amezonia was a futuristic city but now its all full of sand, but under that sand its some huge hidden flying castle that was taken from Ozzlox before he was thrown to cage). {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Perma banned?
Just when u see the part where someone is flaming or blaming you or feeding or anything bad in-game .. dont say a word just mute those who dont like you and just deal with the things and be smarter u should outsmart the bad guys so you dont get banned. Just think smart, when you get in that situation, before you type anything think why are you typing it or why are you doing it, think that it can get you in a wrong position, so whenever you think about tht say to yourself .. NO i will not gonna do this, there are many more games to win and lose and there are always gonna be diffrent kinds of bad people who are gonna provocate others flame rage all tht stuff but im not gonna be like them say to urself im gonna be a calm and patient person who communicate with team not about other things, its about things that are important to win a game. Look some pro players who dont flame, who just chat in game about if they have flash or not about if they got baron dragon etc. When your in game just focus the game not about ("FK YOU, DONT PLAY LOL ANYMORE NOOB, IM GONNA REP YOU") sorry about the lang but i just wanted to show you the world of being a smartass not a ragefull person who gets into conflicts with others. Im saying this to you because you should know it, i experienced that SOO many times and im no longer doing it i stopped it 4 years ago im a calm person, i m playing league 6 years that long time of playing this game shows tht this game is very good and need a respect. Be well my friend and think about it! I wish you luck.
Infernape (EUW)
: >It sucks Riot should never perma ban the person who payed in game items with real money, Riot wtf?? Paying real money for a _free to play_ game gives you no special concessions. >Why soo stupid? My friend got perma ban only cause he got chat restriction and he was saying bad words sometimes because he is unpatient, Riot CHANGE PUNISHMENT! Using profanity isn't punishable. Using it to insult someone is. He probably got banned because he flamed someone. >U cant just take money from people like tht and kick them off from ur game like nothing happend!!! They can. It's _THEIR_ game. We all accepted the terms of use agreement. It states that Riot have the right to remove, modify or delete accounts at any time with or without notice to us. >Only thing u can do is to ban those players for maximum a couple months max 5 months ... u are SOO UNFAIR Riot! CHANGE IT! NO GAME DOES THT! It's not unfair. You get three warnings before you get permanently banned. If you go through all of them and get permanently banned, it's your own fault. >And leaver buster is sometimes fkin awfull ... what about those players who leave game sometimes only because they must they have problms in family or smthing more important then just playing some game... ok 5 mins ban Ok 10 mins ban ok 15 ..... but why 20 ?????? WHY!? If you get a 20 minute LeaverBuster punishment it means that you've frequently left games. If you don't have the time to play a game that can last upwards of an hour or have an unreliable internet connection, don't play the game. It's not Riot's fault that you're leaving your teammates 4v5.
After seeing what i just typed in im soo embarassed lol , i just get upset sometimes so i leave a bad comment. U said the truth and i appreaciate it if there is a honor button here i would honor you ;) I m not always like this the person who is negative, i am mostly patient and postiive person but this happens rarely i just get out of control, i coudnt stop myself from saying it because this world has a part that is soo unfair and u have to deal with it, so from now on idc anymore im just gonna go my way not gonna say a single word, hopefully. Thats better for me, shut up or say good things. Riot done good job and it is doing, unfortunately not every player is statified with the game but whatever, Riot still has support like me and they have at least for me the world best game ever. Im happy with the game i just cant wait for sandbox to come im soo hyped, GG Riot know how to hype things soo good.
F3 Haumea (EUW)
: making ''custom game'' more CUSTOM
Sandbox tool is coming soon so, prepare my homies :D Hopefully Riot is not gonna lie like they lied for Aurelion Sol, like they are just instantly silent saying nothing dodging it... dont do tht again we know you Riot very well.
Grond (EUW)
: Should refunds be regenerated every year?
This needs to be accepted, Riot?? Why are you hiding, i know you see this and i know how thiefs some of you are by not giving us refunds ... u got a lot of money and u want just more, i mean cmon let us refund it ur not loosing anything CMON RIOT GD DMMIT!
JordiTK (EUW)
Would be good .. tht would be good, i like it. Riot, wont you enable this for us, i mean its hard to get rp for poor players who dont have tht much or for those who are not able to buy it ...
: new Loading-Screen?
chat and animations may cause problems like laggs maybe or smthing else idk. Cool idea i like the animation one more we dont need chat in loading screen + lol
Îngwaz (EUW)
: [Champion Concept] Shiru - The Young Lightning
This champ reminds me of yasuo because of dash and playstlye and kennen a little bit because its all about lighting. Art is fantastic congrathulations dude i wish this champ gets accepted by Riot. NIcely done {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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KR Arcana (EUW)
: About Victorious Skins
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} your right
Green MD (EUW)
: U.R.F. 4 LIFE{{champion:429}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}}
: Hello, news post comment section.
Hey Riot pls pls make next champion after illaoi to be dragon PLS pls i just tried mordekaiser for the first time after hes been reworked and tested that ult on dragon and its soooo epic pls make dragon champ that is not llike shyvana when she go in dragon form, make this one permanent dragon and it would be amazing if like her father (that dragon) come back from the dead ( i read the lore of shyvana so i know her father was killed). So i would rly like that and i know that a lot of others would like it. :D btw i know this is not board about champion design but i dont know where to send this message so sry. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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: Blood Moon Diana will be a Ultimate skin, that's why Riot didn't make this skin now. {{champion:131}}
Hey man, sorry im late to comment but, that what you said ... may be truth, and i believe it! I hope Riot will make it **soon**. Be patient ;) {{champion:131}} is coming from the death guys to revenge all of her enemies ;)
: i did make a drawing of her a while ago..i see if i can still find it somewhere.. EDIT; yup i found it! it's far from perfect, since i made it two years ago (i was 13 at the time) i'ts a drawing of her old splash (which is far more prettier than this one)
Now that is awesome, good job! I always play {{champion:55}} shes my favourite champ., i like it. Also that {{champion:61}} that you began to draw is awesome too. I drawed project ops yasuo, i dont know if it is good but ill send you that picture if i found it. ;)
: ok, sorry but i didnt fully understand ya man.. i get the ball part.. red and blakc with some holes in it which shine yellow, but the hair part i didnt fully understand. would you mind explaining it some further? <3
No problem man :) (sry for my bad english) , so i was talking about orianna that you are making, needs two or one color(s) (of course its youre choice :)) colors on her hair, like this for example: http://alohacarpetcleaning.biz/bright-red-hair-with-black-highlights/ (That girl with red hair). I hope you understand now what i wanted to say :D if you didint understood again after this, then i will explain it more if you want. :33 EDIT: You can add that red higlight on her Yellow hair, its better i think.
: --Orianna Artwork <3 (Need Help!)--
Also please draw next if you have time or if you can, Katarina. Make her look sexy! Mmmmmmm.. :D {{champion:55}} :3
: --Orianna Artwork <3 (Need Help!)--
Nice art, you can add her light yellow eyes if that`s helpfull. Also you can add on her hair black or red pinstripe and ball to be black and red with yellow holes in it ( why am i saying black and red, well because i think it fits well. Sorry bad english guys. {{champion:61}}
: Pretty good :D Reminds me of the old hitler subtitled videos or the angry german kid... oh those were the days.. EDIT: That being said, he hasn't uploaded for a month, and that was a 19 second video which wasn't anywhere near as funny as the one you posted.
Im glad you liked it :)
: Funny video.
Dont take this serious guys, its for you guys to laugh, and not to offend Riot, i like All of their skins! Amazing Art!
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: ♥ this. We're always following new community artists to support and commission. (but mostly to stalk) Hope to see more from Lighane :)
That is cute Riot isnt it? :D
Mangelvis (EUW)
: [SKIN SUGGESTION] Alpinist Nautilus | VOTE UP |
: good idea.{{champion:131}}
Monsterot (EUW)
: ***
Wow, now that is really nice! Nice skills! That`s why she`s my main champ, i enjoy her a lot even if i lose and even if i win. :)
: Blood Moon Diana
Tnx for the awesome feedback, i hope as you guys that this skin is gonna be in the store! Lets make it happen! {{champion:131}}
: yasuo is a shit
Good shit, ;) hehe
Haha, nice ideas you guys have!!
YasuoWind96 (EUNE)
: I dont like it, but im not gonna dislike this, it actually fits the theme. Also i dont play Diana, my main is yasuo. 10 times yasuo opier than her, and better bro Im gonna share this with my friend they like diana, youll get some likes..
As you want man, im not forcing anyone to like this, i just want a "dream" come true to us, thats all i want. I like Yasuo too, but my main is my girl {{champion:55}}
SELimaga (EUNE)
: I upvoted man... RLY awesome idea. GJ
Thank you soo much! GL on the fields of justice!
: Its amazing, man! I dont like that blood moon zilean, it not fit him, but this is OP! (sry bad eng)
I like all skins, but this one sounds perfect.
: I am not a choice :P Good idea tho
: I hope Rito is gonna make this skin :((
i hope too bro, just be patient ok? {{champion:131}} {{summoner:6}}
: Awesome idea!! {{champion:131}}
Róót (EUW)
: no .. zed skin first xD jk would be nice btw but still zed skin riot pls
: Sounds like something I would be likely to purchase.
ArnoldiXD (EUNE)
: Yeah i Agree too this amazing skin for this amazing champ :D {{champion:131}}
IHyzaI (EUW)
: A blood moon skin would definitely fit Diana, pls Rito.
Pls Rito!! :)
SELimaga (EUNE)
: Alpha ops: Caitlyn, Zed, Xin Xhao, Rumble, and irelia.. a whole this team would be awesome, but zed best skin. Alpha ops VS Project (yasuo, nautilus, malphite , shen and talon). Agree with me guyssss? {{champion:238}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:68}} {{summoner:31}}
huh.. yo, that is sooo awesome. Post a discussion about that, i like it! Gl on the fields of justice
: LEarn English for fck sake
dont be so rude man, :/
TiGer reX (EUNE)
: How about to show us a pic? Then i am comment about it.
the pic is here ;) http://prntscr.com/6xl1xe
: In my opinion, i like it, but i more like pool party zac. {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:154}}
haha, i saw the picture of it, heres the link of the picture who dont know: http://prntscr.com/6xl1xe Its really an amazing art.
: Tango diana better or justicar..{{champion:131}}
You got some awesome, and incredible ideas.. justicar would be also very awesome!
Dame (EUW)
: If that skin is very sexuilazed, then yes.
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