Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Even if you are winning Like that ever happens. =D
: Dodging in your promos is considered as a loss, so might as well not dodge and at least try
That's what I wanted to say, my bad. I couldn't dodge, because you can at least try to win.
BillWithIt (EUNE)
: I have realised how it is not an official banning option to report someone for stealing lanes or instalocking in blind pick, which frusturates me. I strongly suggest it should be made to be an offence and bannable with a chat restriction, if not a temporary suspension and ultimately a permanent ban. Riot should start focusing on the real issues that are plaguing our game regarding the horrible community.
Agreed. As I said, I have no problem with consesual swap, but this is a huge problem. No way to fight against it, you just have to give up, because the dodge penalties aren't worth it.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I hate playing against Illaoi, regardless of what I pick.
I wanted to write that. Even if you are winning, then she just ults and rest in pieces mashed into the ground.
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Chaostrom (EUW)
: Despair, and the name's Monokuma. I just love you. Keep calm, and feel despair. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Aww yeah!
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I know, I only report people like Ornn. I didn't report Heimer.
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Doomley (EUW)
: Your problem seems to be that you like to pick champions that are either not good at the moment or simply demand teamwork to be successful. Olaf is not good and nautilus and zac demand too much teamwork. When you play top lane, you should play juggernauts. Champions that are tanky but deal damage, like darius. One other thing i noticed is that you do not pay enough attention to your builds. You need to think what you want to build to make use of your gold. It doesn't matter if you have more gold than the enemies if you spend it on wrong things. One example is your latest olaf game where you were against a garen in lane and the enemy team had 2 ad carries and vladimir as the only magic damage. Why would you stack magic resistance in a game like that? you should be stacking armor and have ninjatabis. Even though vladimir was fed, the 4 other members together can deal more damage in total than vladimir can by himself. Also, you should have just built back cleaver and then tankiness. By building 2 damage items, you delayed your defensive items too much so you couldn't get your resistances early enough when it would have mattered. Should have also told mf to get executioner's calling instead of LW.
First of all, thank you, this is what I was looking for. It's true, that I find myself not focusing on what to build too much, sometimes, that's true. I will try to be dynamic about it. I should learn more champs on top lane. Will do as soon as possible. Thank you for your tips, they are really useful. :) Good luck!
oluuko123 (EUW)
: Maybe that's just the rank where you belong so you stay there? People always tend to be stuck on the ranks they belong to.
I was gold last season. And this is what I was talking about, that I'm not a special snowflake. I'm looking for an advice to get better, because being stuck in silver all my life is not what I really want. :)
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prololmatek (EUNE)
: Not trolling, just extremly unskilled
Sometimes, people play badly, because for whatever reason. They are tired, tilted or just get an opponent they can't play against. I played Olaf at top and killed Irelia 3 times and then their jg Kha said "x9 Irelia". I said "No, you left her alone for too long". You can't report someone just because they do not win 10/0/10. Everytime, there needs to be one winner, one loser that's it. Unless that player is running below turrets on every lane, then fine, report him, because that is obvious feeding. Also, I know that it has nothing to do with that, but I'm from the Czech Republic and I'm sometimes ashamed of attitude of players from my country. Gl next time. :)
: *morgana hits you with q* *someone spams you a ping to fall back and danger* Me in my head: Oh thanks honey, i totally didnt notice that im in danger because im cced and i cant move for 2 seconds.
Lol exactly. :D
: What is this strange feeling?
Everyone is a human after all. Things happen. Well done on being a good person in this toxic community. :){{item:2052}}
: Getting flamed for...
Haha. I played a game as Olaf vs Yasuo top. I owned him and he started crying like "so unskilled", "so you tell me Olaf has skill?" etc. Like, people flame you for performing well and at that point, it's your win, they're tilted and will definitely play worse so, you should not care about it, just keep it cool. :) The best thing you can do is win.{{summoner:12}}
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: Can we please stop complaining about Champions
Tbh I think that there is lack of diversity in champions. Like, Garen for example. You get angry, when you are first pick, play champion, that's fun and needs some sort of skill, has skillshots etc. Then you see that the other person took Garen and ignite. You usually get owned on the lane, especially with ganks, the ult has quite a big range. I don't insist on all the nerfing, "deleting" champs but, you know, there is a reason people complain about other champs, because it tilts them. There are champions that almost nobody plays, because they'll get deleted by those daily-easy champs to play. :/
House x33 (EUW)
: Same old same old. When do people come up with something else ?
Maybe if the same problems got somehow solved or at least reduced, there will be no need to write these posts, think about it. ;)
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: Some smurfs are kinda rude yeah xD mostly the fake smurfs like a gold smurf
Sherrinka (EUNE)
: Hmm... soo you're a smurf complainig about other smurfs... Okay, seriously now, I'm pretty sure Riot implemented a system that differentiates between smurf-accounts and regular new accounts. I think it's based on the first few games, you know, something like MMR, and this causes the smurfs to get paired together. Sure, there are some unlucky overlaps, but from what you're saying it seems like it works: You're a smurf and you play with other smurfs. And when you encounter a real lost newbie, why don't you try to be the person to explain to them the in's and out's of their champion or the basic mechanics of the game.
I don't declare myself as a smurf, because my main account is Gold only. It's just my second account. And the main thing I'm complaining about is the amount of toxicity nowadays. Yeah, maybe, I hope it works. :)
Kokozuma (EUW)
: Had the same problem when I started. Didnt understand 'smurfs' so I kept wondering: why am I getting smacked over and over and over. Now I realized why
Well, I started when everything was fine and there were no smurfs or whatever, but now, I can compare how much has the community changed, sadly, it's getting worse and worse :/
: Well,the question is:What do you define as smurf?The term originated from Starcraft were high-elo players had to deal with a huge amount of dodges as no one wanted to play against them.I wouldn't consider someone who is Gold a smurf.There are people that aren't smurfs that are defently better as they already played MOBAs in a higher level and therefore it's easy for them to pick up on LOL. To some degree I can understand "smurfs" as a One-Trick-Pony account or a Rode to Diamond account but other than that I don't understand whats fun about stomping other players. However League community is and will always be toxic and as far as I remember low-level is even more toxic than silver.Some flamers in silver are far worse,however the amount of flamers is less I think and those are defently not smurfs.
Yeah, I've encountered many toxic players in silver! Well, most players define themselves as smurfs, although I don't consider silver or gold accs smurfs either, it's just, that everyone knows about who I'm talking about. Thank you!
: If you are catching people that already play the game, normally low elo smurfs but some high elo, you probably just got "smurf detected" so basicly you are more likely to get experienced players
Well, if it is that way.. But anyway, I find the biggest issue their behave. Thank you though!
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: dissapointed latly
I have to agree with you on that point, that there is no "You should know how to play everylane" anymore, because yeah, you can choose lane that suits you best, but it got a bit boring for me lately. When there was draft pick, you never knew what lane you will get, which was fun. But now, you can wait 20+minutes for your best role, or simply go supp, which is like 2- mins waiting.
: Been playing since season 1, from bronze player to diamond. But now i am done. This game sucks.
VK4502B (EUW)
: Thank you man. :) I hope I will meet some nice players as I see on this thread of mine.
And btw I read some comments of yours and I just want to say, that replying to someome's flame can easily backfire and you get punished instead of the flamer! If someone is unbearably toxic, just mute him and report him afterwards. Mute always works. :) Getting tilted makes huge chance of losing, because you focus too much on the flamer than playing Mute->play->enjoy. :)
Karkon (EUNE)
: I got leavers as well :D ! The thing is that you are in bronze as you said and at this elo you can say that there is some kind of " excuse " for ppl to feed/rage etc simply they don't have enough knowledge ! But being in gold you expect ppl to have some kind of basic knowledge about the game and coming into ranked playing karma top tank then ok give me a fucking break :D ! It's so frustrating because ppl should know better and still make stupid choices and lose a game in champion select ! So yea hang in there m8 and get ready for the higher elo hells :P ~!
As I said, I was in gold last season, it's still hell, but not as this division hell! :D I'm not against non-meta champs, buy they have to make at least a small sense, so yeah, I feel you :D Good luck, less leavers!
VK4502B (EUW)
: Bad game equals report?
Everyone can have a bad game, but some "always pro players" don't know that feel so they flame. Always. Good luck in next matches!
Karkon (EUNE)
: Dude the ssame thing happens to all of us ! It's not only you ! The main thing u need to understand is that the more u worry about what ur teamm8s did wrong or how stypid they play/doing everything they can to lose the game **THE MORE YOU TILT YOURSELF** ! Look to improve yourself and you will climb in no time ! Yes you will have feeders/leavers/flamers and yes you will lose games but in the end you will enjoy the game more ! Some examples from my games ? : Morgana support full AP going into enemy jungle to counter jungle the enemy jungler and dieing ! Karma top playing as tank cause why not lose this game ? He couldn't go in a normal game and play karma top tank ! Next game vayne top because if ppl play graves jungle he can play vayne top :D ! Blitz supp with 3 enemies AP and he was building armor cause why not :D ! So you see it's not only you , we are all in the same situation ! Just try to improve urself and not worry about the others :D ~!
I know it's not only me. :D Yeah, I'm mainly trying to focus on myself and even when I'm tilted I never say a thing! I always try to play my best even if the game is lost, but when you get flamers, afks and feeders(not meaning bad players) frequently, it's really annoying. When you start the game, you must be sure that you will finish the game no matter how long it is. But I got your point. :P
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CaprisOWN (EUW)
: What?
Seems like no one has joined the conversation yet, be the first to comment below! No wonder, that no one has joined this. Because it's waste of time.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: How do I deal with a jungler that ignores all 3 lanes even when they ask for help?
I played {{champion:203}} in jungle yesterday. Darius top couldn't hold the lane against Gnar and he was 0/2 very early. I ganked him 3 times in 8 minutes and he wasn't able to kill Gnar when he was super low (I didn't want to kill him, because Darius needed that kill). And he constantly spammed pings for assist and in chat "KIN, WTH COME HERE" "Sell champ" "Delete game" As a jungler, my duty isn't to stay at one lane all the time, I had to gank other lanes and farm a bit. When there was a fight 3v3 on mid lane I went to mid because enemy jungler went there too. Darius still spamming 1v1 Gnar lvl 13 vs Darius lvl 11, he died and flamed me. When you cannot hold your lane for some minutes, it's not junglers fault, he cannot be everywhere at once.
: yea some peaople even start trolling a won game if someone ks their penta XD .
Yeah. So bad, so bad. :D
: lol i like getting penta but i dont cry for it. even if my teammates ks it ill say nothing .if he says sory then i say who cares win the game nw XD. i really dont care if i get penta but if i can sure i wud like to but if i dont i dont have any objections and THAT KATA (dont want to say or else ill look like toxic XD ). And btw my main kata XD but that person is a blacksopt on katas name!
Crying over KS is same like crying over no penta. :D Well, that's bad, but hopefully there are non-toxic Kata mains like you. :D
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duckarp (EUNE)
: > I've been demoted From where? AFAIK in gold, plat and diamond it's not that different. This is a nice example from the diamond league: http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/N0KioYzr-ban-for-2-weeks-for-this Try to shield yourself from toxicity and focus on your own game. It helps me greatly :) There are many nice people as well, not just trolls and flamers.
You are right, that toxicity is everywhere. But thanks for advice. :) Bless nice people. Cheers!
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Oh My Zed (EUW)
: What the ffuck are u doing riot
I have no problem with "gg, good game" But what the hell is wrong with you saying "gg easy, easy game" Just, some respect to defeated enemy..
Light Show (EUNE)
: Can we get a ingame mic?
My opinion is, that it isn't a great idea since of toxic community. If someone makes me angry I scream to my computer, but I don't type, or type something cheerful, but just don't. :(
Meepimus (EUW)
: PSA: This is "extremely toxic behaviour"
This post is giving me feel, that Rito is doing good job.
hunta21 (EUNE)
: Hardcore Verbal Abuse
I understand, that people want really to win, but wishing cancer, ebola etc. is really too much and eventhough you are winning your lane or you are the only fed in your team doesn't EVER give you right to write this. In normal live when someone makes you angry you also don't wish them cancer etc. and if you do, well {{champion:43}} awaits. It's really horrible and those "people" are reeeeally lower than you, when you are losing a lane in a game.
: Fix AFK Problem!!
It happens a lot and we have to deal with it, since there is no solution for this. :/
Squaid (EUW)
: Well, having fun is kewl but some people wanna compete and ruining their game just because you find it funny isnt any better than trolling. why? Because troll does the exact same thing, he's having fun. respecting other peoples interests if you want them to respect yours. that graves was retarded tho. haha
Well I can see the point, but I don't find the game funny, it was just, that I was a little bit angry that he was flaming everybody and I just said, that I'm playing for fun (Not that fun of feeding trolling etc. but that I can play TEAMgame, leveling up etc.) I had a good score at the end so yeah, but I understand what you are trying to say. :) Btw, everytime I'm respecting other people as long as they respect me.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: As soon as I saw ARAM I stopped reading because I knew where it's going, and yes, even in ARAM people get bitchy and rage and troll you on purpose. They're ruining the fun in the most random fun game mode, aside from URF. I feel your pain. {{summoner:3}}
That is sad :( , but thank for the comment!
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: its enough to say. ashe, buy the recomended items please:)
Not every recomended item is the best you know, for example, first recomended item for Katarina on ARAM is {{item:3303}} which doesn't make sense. But otherway, you are right.
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