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Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Blade of the Ruined King!
I like it. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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Vilza (EUNE)
: Remakes are stupid
You need to realise that in order to remake, someone needs to be afk. In which case they get punished; people would rather save everyone time rather than go a whole game 4v5. It's a time saver.
: id just want it more frequent rather than twice a year tbh
HDinis09 (EUW)
: Yes, that could happen IF it were normal urf always the same champions you know? But with arurf it would take a long time to be stale.
You have a point
HDinis09 (EUW)
: arurf is fine. all we want is for it to be a permanent game mode
Some people would argue that it would get stale if it were to be permanent. Although I see where you are coming from as it is the most popular game mode.
Grura (EUW)
: I totaly agree ;) even tho it should be a choice i think the servers would be overloaded if you could have a choise tho i think thats the reason why they don't :(
The truth hurts, well we still have to wait for URF to come around. Maybe riot will make some changes (Highly unlikely) we can only look forward to it.
Grura (EUW)
: Hi there, I totally understand why you would want the normal urf back but look at it this way all the overpowered champs would be banned every game so (Garen, Xin, Fizz, eve, etc. etc.). Indeed a costum gamemode for URF would be nice just like the old times. But i think that AR URF is better in then Draft URF or normal URF just because instead of always playing the same champ you will have more vatiety. I myself liked the old URF but i also enjoy AR URF it doesnt matter that much to me so long i can play it im happy :P{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Respectable. I still think they should let us make custom URF lobbies with blind pick. :D
: obey riot, pawns ! have nice day spamming abilities with garen.
Oh the beyblade garen truly is majestic... and terrifying.
: new loading screen plz RIOT !!!
Looks cool, the portraits should be animated if you have lvl 7 mastery too.
Fathands (EUW)
: > From the general public feedback that isn't that hard to find, I have gathered that the AR part of URf isn't that fun You mean those who %%%%% and whine here? It's not public feedback. It's just a vocal minority. Those who actually like the mode have no time to write anything positive about it since they are busy playing.
My dude, this isn't whining. Every time the game mode is available I play the living shit out of it like most players out here. I have played many games of urf in which I talked to a lot of people with each one agreeing that making URF normal blind pick would be much better. I just thought that with the 10 ban system it would work and decided to share that here, I enjoy URF no matter what, unless they take away the 80% CDR at which point I would cry and never play it again. Anyway, thanks for sharing your opinion. :)
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: My good sir, I know what you're searching for, and I tell you he's real. He is the bringer of the MeMe, the archjeff himself, the alpha of the alphas, the weed remix in Darude Sandstorm. I present to you: Cowbelly Now good sir, let me ask you: Do you indeed like jazz?
Fresh and stale memes, gotta love that guy.
: the ting goes skkrrrra. that shit needs to die fast.
That's stale already, damn i am getting bad at memes.
Fathands (EUW)
: Stale memes? How bout that Tyler dude.
there are too many tylers that classify as a stale meme. Specify for my peasant mind.
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: Help me find a new name (please?)
Yorick Sanchez, Wubaluba dub dub *burp*
: victorious urgot. {{champion:6}}
We need a star guardian urgot man XD
: This season the victorious skin is going to be for a Lethality user or Assassin . Like Zed, Leblanc, Karenina, Talon or Kha zix, Rengar. Remember last season when Victorious Maokai was announced and people started complaining about it because Maokai was shit. I think they gave the reason that the decision for victorious was made in start of the season, where Maokai was really strong. So for this time lethality users and assassins were really strong in the start of the season.
Zed already got a championship skin tho. katarina would be a nice choice tho.
: seen alot of opinions about it being Twitch, not sure though
That would be cool, his ult would look amazing. Golden bolts reaping the enemy team in the fight.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Op in ARAM next to useless in SR: as midlaner: mana issues, hard to farm, low damage overall as toplaner: too squishy, even when maxing W any AD toplaner will outdamage him easily with current ad (lethality) items as jungler: 0 dmg in ganks, squishy cannot 1vs1 enemy jungler, not as fast clear as it used to be (meta junglers like gragas/lee sin clear faster than him basically, bad itemization only good role for fiddle in SR is support
Oh he is a pain to deal with on arams. and I guess you are right with the points you made, I just get frustrated easily when i see a fed fiddle fear me then proceed to slowly drain my life :D
: Sure him in mid lane is a god (Yes Im a fiddle in the middle main) But that doesn't make him unskilled. His Q is super unfair I completely agree, but his E, W and R is very very fair. But at the same time if you do anything with fiddle's kit into a skillshot and adding more damage onto it. He will be legit useless cause of his immobilty and Low stats.
I see what you mean, well this is why I made this thread; riot won't explain it to me so it is better if the community does :D
Icepaw (EUNE)
: He has way lower damange than most other pure mages in the game. His E is totally unreliable, and relies on luck more than skill. His W (drain) which is his main damage source are an immobilizing interruptable skill, which 86% of the champs ingame counters easily (yes, i have counted). He is a champ that relies heavily on his ult, which also has a channel time, that opposed to most other champs in this game can be canceled with any CC at all.. there is a reason Fiddle is never played anymore. Only the hardcore mains like myself would ever dare taking him into the rift, as Riot nerfed him to the ground, and his minor rework was a spit in his face. Fiddle needs seriously buffing.. not more nerfs.
Thanks for sharing your view on this situation, you have opened up my eyes on this topic. I guess it would be bad to nerf him.
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Infernape (EUW)
: They're in the patch notes. This weekend's (and next weekend's) game mode is Hunt of the Blood Moon.
I mean further on, I know about surr@20 but they used to release more information.
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