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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: RESOLVED - [EUN] - Games not ending cleanly
Just take down the servers, and fix it. Those who can manage to play without the reconnect bug gets freezed in champ selection, it's not going to work.
: I totally agree with you but the moment they do feel they need to flame less is when I like to reach out a hand and help if possible. The less flamers the better! {{summoner:31}}
It's one less with his/her going. I'm not an angel but I know when to shut up.
Wayay (EUW)
: i am not sure what you mean and you sure doesnt know what i meant. i was talking about you in my place with trolls and flamers with cancer words. you would have flamed back. i am sure of it. i havent got a warning about flaming before the perma ban.
Ok so MY mother died by cancer and I don't have stable emotions YET I do not flame back, guess what the 12 y/o kids say? Not everyone is like you. You must have been restricted from chat, banned for 7 days, and banned for 14 days. I think that's enough warning.
Doomley (EUW)
: she can't be ulted while vaulting. He can't ult on self-caused knock-ups.
Declined (EUNE)
: I'll add this to my list for testing, cause it is certainly NOT intended!!!
Why? Illaoi jumps up, so does Quinn and she can be ulted too.
Kowac (EUW)
: Going to get demoted instantly or?
: Rito fuck you
Soooo you are being matched with the same mmr people... Boosted animals huh? I wonder what others think of you.
Wayay (EUW)
: you would have done the same if you were in my situation and yes i do care...
Well excuse me... Your mother died? Any chance from cancer? Still have depression? I am sick of people who says things about something they do not know. What did I do? Let me think... MUTE, report. If you were to care at any point you would be still playing not after 2 bans to be permabanned. I had ONE warning since then I keep my mouth shut most of the time.
Wayay (EUW)
: I have a perma ban..deserved or not?
There are trolls and the cream of the community. You've seen it, you were warned to stop barking back, seems like you did not care.
: kutu ve anahtar
Fame62 (EUW)
: my game was working completely fine 2 days ago yesterday i played 1 game 2nd on i got dced since then it doesn't work lol any ideas?
Fame62 (EUW)
: vpn and normal? why is the game working with vpn only?
Sometimes I had this issue... but maybe Egypt goverment doesn't want online gaming so they blocked the route(?) I don't know... there were few people complaining sonething about this and I know they weren't from EU.
: my account was used for like 5 days and whoever used it gifted himself rp
: > [{quoted}](name=CrimsonHold,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QK9eZsaE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-08-25T11:11:04.717+0000) > > Me going first time irelia (first against people)... plat ashe... got rekt under turret... "i won't gank useless lanes" ... 4 man premades... we lost. Don't worry about it man. 4 man premades are either really nice or a mess, seems you've encountered the later variety. Hopefully it doesn't happen again! :)
Don't mind me, I may sound racst now: I hate when I have Polish premades, they are notorious of how bad they play, but they gave me a relief, they were good last time :) Still what does other people think about Hungarians? Do we have that bad reputations too?
K1rne (EUNE)
: But if you select those skin's on champion select you have the option to pick their chromas soo it seems kinda weird to me that you can select the chromas but you cant buy them..
Bugs happen everyday... ask Riot for more info, maybe they can help. (Or not)
3picFai1 (EUNE)
: Please Add ingame VOIP
: More Bans
They said it will be 5-5 bans.
K1rne (EUNE)
: Where is Zed's and Yasuo's chromas?
Don't dare to say Zed, or highnoon Yasuo (colorblind... wall unseeable, not even in blind mode, I once asked my teammates to ping his wall's borders) aaand to the question, maybe not available?
: From a top laner to any junglers out there.
Me going first time irelia (first against people)... plat ashe... got rekt under turret... "i won't gank useless lanes" ... 4 man premades... we lost.
: Yeah, i wouldnt play her then but that is definitely what they should do to her to balance her and make her an actual support
Well i'd be happier playing her and not getting "where is your heal??"
: I main Sona, she is unbalanced as hell. Rush lichbane and at the point you get it you will be able to Q + Powerchord about 70% of a non tank champs HP in one go.
Maybe make her support... you know... nerf q and buff heal... everything that has heal heals back more!!!
: I assume by piecing together your broken English you mean I am distressed because I was punished for flaming. I wasn't. I just like to see people flame. It's funny
There is nothing broken in it. But if my English is so bad let me tell you in my mother language: Egy flamer vagy aki épp azért sír, mert megkapta a figyelmeztetést, hogy hagyja abba a flamelést? Not only flamers gets what they deserve, troll all the way and you can get your free ticket to have fun in real life.
: Why do riot care about flamers?
Are you a flamer crying because you got warned to don't flame?
Loonsta (EUW)
: stop playing league, play Overwatch much better game, and community.
JesterHX (EUW)
: Nothing is more fun than stopping a Sion ult :P Especially if he charges for a while ^_^
3 low hp... He charges... He comes... wall :3
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: I quite LOL and got my life back.
Ok. Good for you, for me LoL is the escape... I do not want that life.
: What is a "good adc" for you ? :) Will you describe it's qualities ?
If I don't have ward but he has I ask him to put it into the bush does, If i ping him to not now attack then goes back, stops complaining that I cant root behind the minions, can farm, doesn't cry if i accidentaly take the kill, doesn't think he is gosu and goes 1v2 while i told him that I must go back to base (mostly in early game after no health no mana or just plain too much money) doesn't cry if I take farm when he is not even on the lane. Basically a normal human being that is not the 9 year old nyesztem polski I feed noob kurwy support report.
yoniame (EUNE)
: Support role still hated
I love supporting, I hate retard adcs.
king shando (EUNE)
: new map
a windy day (EUNE)
Doom bots is the gamemode that must be completely remade... and your post is like 5th this week.
mada98nar (EUNE)
: key fragments
Did you get bannef at some point?
Holaka (EUW)
: Why does silver players ban my pick all the time?
Umm main someone else? Don't show your pick?
somnulent (EUW)
: Can we have a report button in champ select please?
Well in a RANKED they did this to me, top adc was premade top wanted support, I declined, he picked support I picked Fizz (I don't play top so all I have is Cho and Garen, both banned) vs Nasus... I thought I could harass him enough... got 3 times ganked... died to one "report" our jungler Gragas ulted him back to his turret... thanks guys.
Jodveuk (EUW)
: No, i went on my other acc (this one) and i play vs like silvers and i just started to do so many mistakes i cannot believe how bad i'm currently playing
Get some cold water, stop thinking, play from instinct. I can only do this with Orianna but half succes. It helped for me.
Jodveuk (EUW)
: Why do i suddenly suck so bad
Maybe the games are now not in your skill state.
: LolReplay - Bannable?
No? it doesn't give you content that you must pay for, or give you advantage at all, however there is there you can record it and download a .bat file.
: Maybe the jungler ganked lanes who had more potential to carry too. For example: Poppy Top Ahri Mid Sejuani Jungle Ashe adc Leona supp Now let me ask you a question , where shall I gank ? I gank the one who can snowball better soo I choose Ahri and Ashe. Why not poppy? Well I can't do lots of ganks on top because she doesn't have the potential to carry teamfights. One or two ganks are enough for poppy's lanning phase. The jungler job is kinda same as the support job. You make a path to victory for snowball champs and they follow you carrying all the fights till we win. In your case Shaco didn't see a potential to gank you and he wasn't for sure if it was worth for the team to give you kills. Shaco didn't see the carry potential from you because he (maybe) never met Ashe top . Maybe that's why he ganked other lanes.
Nunu was the jungler...
WolfChases (EUNE)
: Like he cares? What about the situation when I gank bot and we kill them both and I mindlessly ping you for that FREE drake but you want to take that 3 extra minions and give enemy enough time to respawn and rush to the drake with full HP? If you just listen to your jungler a bit more you would win more games I am sure because jungler, especially a jungle main has that map awareness better than you, and he is warding, comparing to you.
: its Mac OS X version not windows and the firewall is Off..
Oh great a Mac head. Still what else makes this hmm let's see. Overheat? Some program outdated? Re install? Fix? Did you try or just cry?
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: RP spent on champion _gifts_: 1952 (Fizz, Nasus and Lulu) RP spent on skin _gifts_: 12845 _Or roughtly 80 EUR in total._ ------- IP spent on champions (110): 402600 RP spent on champions (11): 6109 (~33 EUR) _"Damsels Causing Distress-bundle" (Ahri, Diana, Lissandra, Syndra & Zyra), and Sejuani, Riven, Fiora, Lulu and Riven bought on sale. Plus the Vel'Koz release bundle._ RP spent on skins (146): 98475 (531.50 EUR) _Dunno what you talking about - the Blackfrost Anivia skin is really good! I don't play Anivia outside ARAM, but when I get her there, it is wurf._ ;) So yeah, some do spend RP on champions and even champion gifts. Like, those with more money than time (those of us who actually earn money anyway).
My problem is that I 've got a birthday gift that costed HALF of my father's monthly income. I know I whined for it and now feel bad bc I'm not even playing with it. Useless habit, I can't even work due to my weak body, and they only pay after one month of flawless work. What however I'd be able to do is for ages 18, while I sit here waiting for February to come.
: Flaming
1. Yes but people don't care, just leave you down like my "I won't gank useless lanes" problem. Don't care for others. 2. Ask for medical help, get rejected, trying to show some self control, sometimes it doesn't work... (or at least in my case) 3. If I invite someone sure, if they do play bad, I'll mute them, push a pillow but don't say a word, then leave them alone for a while. 4. Bringing full AD/AP team and not damaging the tanks but expecting soemthing else is, well, bronze logic?
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Even if riot removed his q,w,e,r,passive,walking,auto attacking,laugh,taunt,dance,joke,mastery levels,model and splash art ppl like you would still call him broken i bet
Whatever, I threw out a fact. If I really want to play against him, then it's angel time, both works for me, but it doesn't help on Yasuo's annoying kit.
: You have disconnected. Please check your internet connection and try again.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: I've bought champions for RP if you count in bundles. Some of the bundles, like the 'Starter Bundle' is really great value regardless of how one looks at it. I know a few that unlocked champions for RP once in a while, and I've met a few that unlocks every 50% sale champions for RP.
I have no problem with bundles that have reasonable price, but a single champion for real world money... Eeeh nope. Or just my amily is so down on money that I can barely let myself buy something. Biggest thing was Blackfrost Anivia for my birthday... It costed actually half of my father's incoming, so now (that I doesn't even use it) I really feel bad, for my dumb asking.
: Gifting Champions.
Is there even anyone who bought champion for RP? Let alone gift one?
drymonkey (EUW)
: i need advise on how to win vs yasuo
Morgana is my only counterplay. Sure he can dmg me, but my w can poke him behind the wall, my e can protect me from his ults, and if he dashes on you just q r w him.
: If you refer about the bug then yes, you are right. But if you mean that he can dash on every single minion on the lane then no.. that thing is pretty cool :D
That's just too much for a 0 cost champ. Either give him mana cost and change his shield like thingy like malzahar, or limit the damn dashes.
: [SUGGESTION] Yasuo nerfs and HOW TO FIX HIM (maybe)
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