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: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207884233-Hextech-Crafting-Guide Would you like a contract and a government signed document to back up what people say? If you're too lazy to look it up yourself, and too distrustful to other people doing so, why do you even bother asking on the comment section? I have won games on my smurf with no champion owned and obtained a key fragment. Would you like the log in details to check? Oh ye a little faith, I find it irritating you would say we're not serious in our replies.
I commented that before u posted ur comment. It wasn't for u. It was for the guy that comented first. So u don't have to be so rude about this. I looked about this thing online and found nothing, but what do u know ? Nothing. That't why i asked here. BECAUSE I CAN, AND BECAUSE I WANT. So try beeing rude to someone else.
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: You do - it's on any matchmaking game. The chance is higher if you partied up with friends, but there has been talk that the drop rate decreases the more you get, and the drop rate resets once a month. I can't confirm the latter statement, but... welp, that's what some people say. As for your question, the forum is here for people to ask questions (but most people just rant), so you shouldn't be sorry, but be thankful to all the contributors instead ^^
Thanks man. I hope It's like that. Cuz i wanna play Lucian and win fragments by playing 5 vs 5. I only got one so far.
: Sorry for asking. About key fragments
I would like a serious answer with proof, please.
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: To everyone who says "I dont have support champions"
For those who dosen't like the support role bcause they think is booring, let me remind you guys something. There are agressive supports out there. Even mid laners like Lux{{champion:99}} , Orianna{{champion:61}} , Annie{{champion:1}} can be played as a support. Tank agressive supports like Leona{{champion:89}} , Braum{{champion:201}} , Tahm{{champion:223}} , even Shen{{champion:98}} . I find them very good and also fun to play. The support role is not limited to health, shield, buffs givers like Lulu{{champion:117}} , Janna{{champion:40}} , Bard{{champion:432}} , Nami{{champion:267}} , and many more that some people may find booring. Start with a mid laner as a supp like those i mentioned before and in late game you will be like any orther mid mage{{item:3089}}. Choose one that matches your style. Sorry if i made some spelling mistakes but i hope you understand.
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: The ban is depends on the player history too, if player A flames more than player B, if both of them flame in that chat and both send the SS to Support, player A is more prone to be banned than player B but that don't mean that player B can't be banned too. Like Sky8800 said, retaliation is bad, if they were toxic to you, just report them and move on, theres no point in be toxic too and risk your account. And as i'm seeing that you want proof about this, the only proof that you need is that being toxic, being in game chat or just the friend chat, is a bannable offense, if you are saying to another player then you are breaking the rules about not harrassing the players. There is no special rules for that kind of chat, if a person is being toxic or rude to another player, the player have the right to report that person and riot have the right to ban him since he was breaking the rules. Hope that can clear your doubt. :)
Thanks. I understand now.
Sky8800 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MotanulVerdeVIRA,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=wh6iyEKv,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-12-22T19:24:27.929+0000) > > Will both players get banned if both flamed in that chat ? Retaliation is bad. It doesn't matter who started, flaming is flaming, so yes, probably. In the future you might want to only add people you know in real life, or if you know that they are nice people.
Please send me a link to an official Riot rule where it says that you can get banned for flaming in friends chat. I really want to know for sure and i can't find it myself
: Flaming in friend chat
Anyone got a proof for this ? Like a link to LoL rules where you can find more about this problem ?
CrySumPT (EUW)
: I think it's possible to get banned flaming in that chat if the other person sends a SS from that chat to the support.
Will both players get banned if both flamed in that chat ?
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