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: >This is waste of time to try get S, when algorithm is cheating It is not cheating. It compare your achievements in said game, to what others have acquired on that champion in the XXX-XXX MMR zone. To get S you need to be at least few times better than most players that play that champion (the basic score is B, so having A means you are better than typical player on this champ on this role). It takes into account your cs per minute, wards, objectives, KP, KDA and compare it to others. >Plus many games is only 20 minutes to lose or win. It depends on the game. For example, as Tryndamere I noticed that I have often better early game than any other Tryndamere in my MMR range. So if game is short, I most often get good grades, and when the games goes for like 40 minutes, my grades fall (probably because I stop farming when I already have full gear). >Of course better is to sell chest in shop. Oh and keys too. The game is free to play, but keeping staff and workers cost plenty of money. To pay them, they need to have some income. Selling chests and keys is one of the methods. Would you agree to work 8 hours daily, 5 days per week for free? >This was supposed to be free reward system. It is a free reward system for people to excel on the chosen champion. You are not good enough? Then why do you except a reward? Giving "participation rewards" because "you tried so hard" is a joke and destroy the whole idea of competitiveness. >Give people clear system, win 3 games, get chest You are just greedy. Want everything for free without spending any money. Getting 3 wins is no achievement at all.
This is a joke comment. Game that is top 3 best earning game in industry in last 8 years. Staff working for free HAHAHAHAHA. Game that make bilions of dollars. You didnt understood anything in my post. Also missed every point. Competitive games are for ranked. Hextech is free reward for getting S. Noone knows what to do to get S when 20-0-20 is not enought. Some random bullshit algorithm judge this. Go troll somewhere else
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: Hextech chest DREAM OPEN
Thanks, Hextech Annie chest would be against physic law now. I calculated chance that with 1000 skins in game + - , concrete skin open is 0.1 % :-)))))
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Emillie (EUW)
: This is from my 2nd account, which is Silver. I don't even have runes there. If you're good you will get out of Silver.
ok but series of constant losts 3 times in a row, are normal ? I have 7 wins - 3 silver , 5 losts - 4 silver again and again, long series of noobs are undefetable :-) i am stuck, i see that my performance improved, better kda, more kills, less deaths , 0 impact on game , 1 feeder destroy game no matter what i am doing
: I understood you perfectly. You asked for advice. You got advice. My part is done, gl and hf. And I'm not bronze. I am cardboard 10, dammit. Get your facts straight.
what advice ? flame is not advice but ok go hate to another topic i expect advice what champ choose, what role mid top, where is a key to win, i was seju 10 - 1 22 min and game lost later, i feel i have no impact on game, i play good or bad same shi***
Depict (EUW)
: Oh amuse me more. I find you highly hilarious. Please continue.
Oh another flamer, YES COME HATERS But really avoid me in game, i dont like lows they feed you know? still no answer, what strategy choose with all this noobs in team
: Step one: - Get rid of your god-complex Step two: - stop whining about your team Step three: - Start focusing Step four: - Magic happens Step five: - Win.
Ha ha Step one read with understanding Simple question and flame like bronze haters, you disappoint me How to carry most games with low players, simple
: > What I am doing wrong ? This: > Gold players in my team often have half of my skills This mindset, blaming other people, is what prevents you from improving further. > Where is a secret that pro players can carry 4 idiots, i am very intrested. Every pro player will tell you the same: Focus on your own mistakes and fix them. Thats how you get better. Focusing on other peoples mistakes might be good for your self esteem, but will keep you in low elo forever.
LOL You didnt understand at all. I know that feeders in this game are normal, I want something to carry team of idiots READ WITH UNDERSTANDING I play good, but this not enought, 10 - 0 score on mid , i am ganking, heping , defending and 3 idiots feed and go solo 1 vs 3 I am not blaming anyone, HOW TO CARRY BUNCH OF NOOBS, this is my question. After 3 promo to Silver 3 , i had 3 series Of 5 defeats, EVEN DIAMOND PRO CANT WIN WITH 20 - 5 MASTER, AKALI OR JAX Where is the secret, or i have fatal luck
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