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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Stil 30. It's just that this information sometimes doesnt get registered by other sites at the same time.
she is lvl 28 u can check in her profile , i had level 22 even but i was s4 , i won 7provisional and placed in silver 3 and she is playing against me that im gold v in my fucing promo ,rito plz
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You need to be level 30 to enter ranked. Information is just not updated. Ussually new players start more around silver, but im guessing smurf could start higher.
i dont matter level , i just wonder why she should face a plat in his first ranked game , he was 0 he was so noob didnt bought first item and use teleport in 00:01 to her lane , and she was playing against a plat player in ranked game, she should match with bronze3 players in her first ranked game that it was happening for me and u and every other player
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: How to climb elo with support
In bronze and silver pick a sup that do dmg, like brand
: why did I get the ban :?
Rito ban for nothing always
: irelia and xin benefit more from raw AD than crit (every third attack IS a crit in xin's case), trinity force is best used on champs like nasus or gangplank, while lichbane is best used on evelynn or diana as both items do the same thing but one favors AP champs while the other AD. ruined king is only good on AA oriented champs, like warwick, udyr or any adc, since it gives on hit effects, lifesteal and a slow (i think) basically, everyone that can build a guinsoo can build a bork
when i look at yi, his Q and E have good raw ad scale, so why dont build raw ad on yi and build crit ?
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: Yeah, just try to duel a Maokai or a Cho'Gath right now. As long as they're not behind and you're not Vayne you're pretty much %%%%ed no matter what you try.
900 gold life steal or 1300 gold bouns armor pen if u want to duel a tank
: Well, since the rune revamp, early magic resist was gone and no-one was given bonus magic resist to compensate (Or if they were, it was only a select few), so it hurts a lot more and a majority of the new runes effortlessly take someone out.
U can pick early mr from runes it is YOUR CHOICE
Youpwned (EUW)
: To hell with this snowball meta!
it is a part of game dude, when you suck and give 5 kill to enemy want win ? here _)_
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Wαrdwick (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=MySTAYLOR,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6fhOGLuy,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-15T22:20:40.724+0000) > > When you poke enemy it activates then u dont have it for 4 sec, u cant trade for 4 sec, u cant farm free and say i have my keystone if a trade happened. what is this ? u are teemo do a Q it activate, u are yasuo do a Q it activate , u are mf do a Q it activate, ashe W and any kind of poke, any kind of poke u do it activates then u dont have it for 4 sec, just remove it 4 sec cooldown or fix it to be activate when you are really trading not just a poke mabe this mastery is not meant for poke champs
it is so useful on a champ like yasuo teemo diana azir but it sucks when u poke, it is useful in jungle but i realy need a att speed rune for my lane, i had 20% att speed on lvl1 in old system on a champ for ex teemo or yasuo but now ?
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Paladora (EUW)
: I was plat last season and upvote this post , no matter where are you, there is always noobs and boosted that riot punish you for saying them what to do in game, i dont play this game anymore, when you ask people lol or dota2 they say lol is place of kids, sad but true
Place of kids that are emperor in game by riot rules {{champion:81}}
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: can't select runes
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Fajerk (EUW)
: Well that's pretty much point of eve now. Get fed, get your team fed, win the game before they come back. And eve has decent kit to achieve that. It's not as cheesy as the old one, but it also feeds more reliable at times. I don't think Eve is champion choice for lategame assassination. Also for the record, they did not surr, we killed their nexus.
I saw a fed kha'zix just => E => Kill => E back then again but what evelynn ? Walk => Die
Yaah Yeet (EUW)
: I don't understand what kind of behaviour league accepts.
: How to not be toxic ...
you are not toxic, system considered you toxic . it only accept people that don't chat at all in game
TSM Snafu (EUW)
: When everything is "Flameing"
It is good dude, I said soraka to silence janna during fight but she didn't i said it multiply times and i saw im chat limited for toxicity. in the other word you shouldn't try hard for game and just play for fun ,it is what riot like i think .
Just Lazy (EUW)
: Motivation anyone?
Hi, you can do anything if you put a hard try and big amount of time in, having some money to buy internet bandwitch and good system and having some IQ . main problem that only 0.02% players are challenger is money, u don't recieve any thing for playing LOL so it don't worth and also you need a good amount of money to learn game from youtube or coachs and having a good system. if you have all you can, but if not i prefer try to going better in where you work, save your money and then make that money more and more . all problem is money, i prefer play lol for fun and try get money by study hard or work hard out because there is guaranteed but lol risky
Fajerk (EUW)
: [Here's your answer](
Lol bro i was eve otp in my last account , they feed you and surrender before 20, when you have 4 item and adc 1 item you can but when both teams are good then you face problem
KING6619 (EUW)
: a question about evelynn from riot
I was playing evelynn last game and was fed, i dont know why her design is so poor. everyone on eenemy team just wait for me that was fed to go in and shut me down, she should walk toward target and there isn't any gap closer, fix it plz my friend evecp was evelynn otp now don't know what to do, her new kit is so bad tbh
Fajerk (EUW)
: You can spam Q, 45% CDR master race
hi i tested this before in practice mode still have 3sec cooldown can't be spammed like before
: Why reworked evelynn considered so weak in tier lists ?
hi , I searched youtube for tier list and i found it here (for peoples didnt accept tier list) :
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: Evelynn got buffed not nerfed, her charm is not skillshot, becouse if ypu come to enemy from behind he can a) run away from u witch means away from his own turret/run to u, with would mean charm 100%. Her e is also little gap closer, and if she simply ganks without charm, she is same like old eve. Idk why u have a problem with new eve that has cc, better ult, and better invisibility ( only post 6, but this is not a problem if you do 1st full clear, back and do 2nd full clear, and u are almost lvl 6. This eve is juat like before, with better ganks, and less 1v1 potential in early game vs enemy ww/lee, but post 6, her ult is way more usefull, as it can be used as escape. U obviusly have no idea what u are talking about..
My main problem is here : 1. you can't run charm in team fights , if you dont run it you cant do anything u will be slowed or like that and target will run back 2. you can't spam q like before, it only have 3 times and then 6sec so u can't go in without your ult to secure kill 3. ur ult have 140sec cooldown (WTF) u said i do charm 100% , but it is impossible. if u do charm it is ended and target is died, but even when fight starts one of enemies (specially sup like leona,blitz,alistar,thresh,shen,lulu,soraka) keep an eye on adc to see when you use your W and when it show your position they are 100% ready to make u rekt , eve isn't surprise anymore, she isn't like an assassin... she have 46% winrate and put in tier 4 as worst junglers in many tier lists, while before it she was god tier in sites like lol graph or rankedboost and was tier2 in other sites (i check them often) but now ? they nerfed evelynn to much, sad story when you see your favorite champ is useless now...{{summoner:3}} old one i pick ignite on her and now i should pick flash because of no gap closer not only old one had slef movement speed buff that work like a gap closer it had a cooldown reset on it and make her op, it is over nerfed bro playing assassin without gap closer{{champion:32}}
: You cant compare Eve with Ahri. Giving her charm like ahri would be madness. There would be no counter-play to that. Most assassins in game dont even have hard cc because giving hard cc to champion that does so much burst dmg would be 2 op.
Kayn knock up , shaco flee , xin knock up(u can build it like assassin) ,diana knock up, elise stun ,rengar stun, ekko stun. i just said jungler assassins if not pantheon have point and stun and is assassin. evelynn design is so poor
Eveninn (EUW)
: Then don't use W if you don't want to be noticed. I found a fair amount of kills by walking into 3 enemies and unloading onto a squishy before killing them with my ult execute, no need for W. (Given, this mostly only works when ahead or hitting itemspikes.) Another situation would be where I'm behind the enemies and tag their ADC with W when my team engages. If enemy tanks then lurk around their ADC they'll lose the teamfight without me doing anything, while if they for a frontline I got free acess to the ADC. Last but not least... if tanks/suport take care of their ADC and CC what gets close no other gapclose will help you either.
lol, dont use champion kit in fight ... so good idea. i tested it and just feed by not charming enemies and go in {{champion:32}} if u cant use W in fight just bring back old W with movement speed
Eveninn (EUW)
: I mean... being invis for an unlimited amount of time and therefor being able to appear in places where enemies barely can kite away sounds like a good enough gapcloser to me.
Because you use W before going toward enemy, it warn enemy supports and tanks that you are going in and because she is camouflage (and have vision range) when you walk toward adc before reaching adc, supports peel her and tanks cc u fast. if when you use W on an adc she just start running out of team and going back being alone, good you are playing blind pick with bronze v team. it is a standard in LoL to have a gap closer or movement speed buff when you want focus backline
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: You don't know to play this evelynn, you don't know the old evelynn aswell. So, I think there are others(adc, tanks, mid assassins) that need **NERF**, instead of many that need buff to bring them to the same level with the broken champions.
my only question is this that how you reach to an enemy in fights ? if u just click on them the all of the enemy team kill u ,if u use flash yes good idea but high cooldown and using ultimate to reach means u die after going there (also u cant secure kill because of wasted ult damage) this is main problem in playing her for me, u use W and everyone find oh evelynn want come here and kill this one and just if u go in range u will die because u dont have any gap closer. only thing that can help is buing hextech probelt 001. all she need is give her a true gap closer or a skillshot charm to surprise enemies, not using W after seconds walk toward enemy like an easy bot {{champion:32}}
l MrD l (EUW)
: theres plans for buffs on PBE right now like refunding ult CD if you kill champion and changing E damage to work on AD? apparently there trying to bring back hybrid eve
in my opinion she dont have any gap closer to active charm on a target in team fight because her E have so low range and her Q is easily blocked by enemy team because w show ur position and duration is so low, if u use your ultimate also you cant kill charmed target because you dont have last damage by ultimate. maybe new runes with predator key mastery helps but now she is pretty so useless, the way to fix it is make charm an skillshot so enemy team cant block her charm easily or give E more range to be able active charm .
Sarokh (EUNE)
: If you ever see a Galio in the champion selection
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: First off, you're just furthering his point. But I play daily and am low ranking B4, the reason they'll always be higher rank is the amount of actual gameplay s/he's done they are ahead from the get go, my mate who hates ranked played just his promos and still got S5 just because he's played that long he's better than all the other players who've only played 1-2 years of LoL are up against this dude who started playing when skarner was announced.... This is my 4-5 year of LoL and I've seen countless people say that the MMS is unfair and broke, but it does it to challenge to you if you sail through the games as if they are just normals then it takes the key aspect of 5v5 ranked away, the ability to prove how good you actually are, if you belong on Silver you'd be at that rank no matter where the system puts you. Now stop complaining on the forums and actually play the game, improve and you'll get to the rank you want!
I didnt read it, my mmr is now s4 and i have 85% win rate in ranked just and games are boring for me and enemies surrender and game is ruined for them just for placements sucks
: Insult me if you want, but that does not exactly prove that you're better than me. In fact, it seems like you're trying to deny that I brought up some reasonable arguments as to why you're still in Bronze.
the reason i said that was your unreasonable arguments, 30%winrate, more lose than win ,look at my normal games for ranked placements and other fucing bronze v things u said. u are fucing nerd play game 12 hours daily. if i play it 1game daily and +27 every game => 7 games for every divison i should waste over one month to go silver lol silver that is trash elo. why i should be putted in b4 riot games
Angrypixel (EUNE)
: By checking everything I can see that you played around 4 games this season (-10 placement games) and it's your second season and you got bronze 2 last season. Everyone who starts playing League and finish their placement they are likely to be placed in bronze 1. (Would be miracle if new player finishes 10 games perfectly, unless they smurf ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Anyways even high elo players will get lower division after placements. For myself only one time got in same place where I was last season even my placement score was 6-4 or 7-2. And don't expect that you will rise divisions in couple days since like you said you don't have enough time. I don't mind being lowered in placements cause then I will prove how strong I am and climb back, also don't mind being placed where I was last time. Troubles would be placed higher than I was before, because I would face players with higher skill and waste their time with my lack of knowledge. Plus it would be just awful feeling when dropping back to same position when I was before.
mate i played 2 provisional this season (my newbie friends gave acc to me for provisional) and with 4 win placed silver4 and with 6win silver2 (on euw). it isn't fair at all that when you are on 2st season place in b4 with 6 win. last game i was katarina and be fed hard like 20/2 in 20minutes, i asked team all come mid and end game fast before enemies buy items but b4 vayne was just farming to buy items and teemo also just push top and reach to turret recall, jax just farm jung . when i was on euw silver and fall ahead in game everyone come in mid fast even without saying it and end game with early advantage, i just dont want play with noobs that dont know anything about game
: >it place me in b4 when my play is at least silver v (at least) Not so fast... You can't just claim that, you will have to prove it, because right now, I can see that you're doing some pretty serious mistakes and I'm not too sure if you're good enough for Silver yet. --- Your winrate _really_ isn't that great, and cherrypicking your good games is not an accurate representation of your skill level. Looking at your last 20 games, you lost more than you won! And yet you claim that you belong one entire League above your actual rating? I seriously doubt that. --- It's great that you have some good games, but that's not enough evidence to think you're better than others. There are some pretty bad games in your history, and you have to think about why those still happen. At the end of the day, you actually have to **win** the games you play. A good K/D/A doesn't get you anywhere in this game. Your winrate still contradicts your statements, so my guess is that you still have to improve quite a bit.
u suffer brain lag dude{{summoner:3}}
: >Hi that site is fucing wrong No, you just gotta know what it's good for. The site doesn't actually know the formula used to calculate MMR, it can only estimate that based on the wins. It usually doesn't have any problems with the actual game data, since it can just pull that from the API... Oh well.
i dont know what is your problem, system dont work good. it place me in b4 when my play is at least silver v (at least) i dont have fun by playing games and see a very noob enemy is match uped against me that dont know how to anything and also i have a troll in team and enemies have one afk. system dont work good dude not funny at all
: and co. are telling me you are in Bronze 2, not in Bronze 4. They're also telling me that you have a** 33% winrate** this season. This kinda contradicts your statement of having easy games. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Hi that site is fucing wrong, i had some friends in silver v that take +17 lp every win but that site show mmr normal, u can see im b4 in my profile also i played right 10 normal game this season in ranked just yesterday and today (60% winrate by 6 win and 4 lose) and u can check it again in my profile
Perilum (EUW)
: Is a Bronze player and calls others noobs. Classic.
I just dont have enough time if not goes higher elo by playing a lot. my problem is in placement system ,it dont place you in a rank that you deserve and put you in lower ranks where you ruin games by more skill for yourself and ohters
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Declined (EUNE)
: [OCT-24th] Error Code 003
Which Operating System are you using? Windows 10 Which ISP do you have? SabaGostar Which Anti-Virus software do you use? None Which country are you playing from? Iran At what date did you begin to experience the 'Error Code 003'? 10/23/2017 Which server does it affect, EUW, EUNE or both? Both Did these instructions solve your problem? No Did the instructions help you with your problem? my problem was fixed automatically last hours and the error isn't being shown anymore(without apply tracer){{summoner:31}}
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