: As being a mid lane main, the most played champions in bronze to gold (I dont know much about higher divisions) are (in ascending order) 1. Yasuo 2. Zed 3. Katarina 4. Lux 5. Occassional viegar, leblanc, Swain 6. Vladmir From the above list, I can say that as playing ziggs you wouldnt stand a chance against anyone except lux or maybe viegar, and hence (although he is a well rounded champion and can MAYBE do something in teamfight) he wont be able to perform as these champions do. If you are going to play casually, then go ahead and play ziggs but not in ranked, it would be inviting trouble. (Seriously, I hate yasuo myself as he ruins my ahri)
I'm in plat 4 atm and I can tell you that the list doesn't differ as much, maybe they swap positions in some cases but all in all I haven't lost a laning phase and still performed better than these champs in teamfights just because I know how to position myself in certain situations and I'm really good at Ziggs' skillshots :D / not bragging at all :D /
: I just played a ranked game as Ziggs. I hadn't played him in months so the early game wasn't easy. In my opinion Ziggs belongs somewhere in the middle on the OP chart. If you know how to play him, you'll do really well. If you don't know how to play him, you'll do really bad. He doesn't really get countered in the laning phase, considering he can easily farm from afar. I laned against Lux. Even though Lux is pretty strong at the moment, I basically won the lane. And no, their Lux wasn't a boosted monkey. Your ultimate can still devastate teams. He can splitpush pretty good, with his waveclear & can demolish turrets easily (Passive & W). TL;DR: Still strong & Fun Kind regards, Nobel
Thank you very much for shedding some light in the current state of Ziggs! :) You the real MVP :D ;)
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