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: If I may give you an advice of how to get a girlfriend; I reckon you may still be in school right? Finish school, look out if there are any activities besides school you would like to do or in your school, like dancing, sports team, theatre or tech club or anything like that. Or outside of school any club or other activity you like. If there are local game tournaments, events or similar, you can go there as well. Or join a League Discord or club, socialize. But most importantly work on yourself at making you attractive; finish school, best with good grades, but dont worry if they arent good; pick up a profession, potentially go on a college or university, I just list options because obviously I dont know your situation and you dont have to tell me here publicly. Get your life well-set and you are just bound to meet and talk to people by chance who will be interested by what you do and impressed. If you are a well-set, nice, sweet person, confident but not arrogant, self-aware, open, and you dont have to be overly successful in a career, just competent and very importantly, reliable, you will find someone for sure. So TL:DR, if you pursue your life to work on yourself and set up yourself well, the rest will follow for sure. And then you not only will get a girlfriend but you will also manage to keep her.
Waw! I didn`t really expect anything like that. Thank you for the advice! Oh and don`t forget ;) Ahri is balanced {{champion:103}}
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: So you were 6-7 years old when you start playing league? Sure..
My brother thought me how to play...
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Shìro (EUNE)
: ***
Shìro (EUNE)
: Im looking for a girlfriend
Such a gay lamao


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