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: I'm kind of upset they have changed some of the older skins... Explorer Ezreal for example was one of my favourites until the visual upgrades.
Yeah, it was a pretty radical change, not the fan of it either (should have kept the helmet), but it is/was 750rp skin if i ain't mistaken, so it is still worth the price. I was talking about the 1850rp skins that aren't legendary in any shape or form except the price. They can't compete with new ones, but they are still being given to us as legendery gifts, and thet just ain't fair.
: Legendary skins: New voice, new animations, new lines, new effects then look at demonblade tryndamere, red baron corki, ice toboggan corki, etc.
Ngl it was/is pretty lazy of them to just remove them from the stor bacause they aren't up to standard with their new skins and now give us those skins. I'm really trying not to be salty about free stuff, but looking at what i got and what my friends got really leaves me feeling cheated.
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: Not so Draaaaaaaaaven i guess.
I bought Primetime Draven 1 or 2 days ago and when i woke up today i was so sad because if i wated just 1 more day i could have had primetime and mistery now....What do you guys think, if i refound skin, and then buy it again will i get mistry? i'm scared to try :/


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