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: First, If you have a wireless connection, try using a wired connection to the router. Second, Try to connect your computer to the "hole in the wall" or directly to your modem (if that's also your wireless router, then there are additional steps to make here) If this does not effect your performance you will have to do more troubleshooting. I will see if i can find a good guid
It's not those problems, I don't want to say that, but this is on Riot's end.
: You have any weird lag spikes!!? UPVOTE & COMMENT
Hey, guys! I have this problem in Romania too, also some of my friends have and it's impossible to play with. As a description of the problem, well, it starts when the monster camps appear (i main jungle) and the thing is from there, i don't have any control of my champion, i can't use my spells or the sums, it just freezes, but i can see what the others are doing and then after that, it starts "attempting to reconnect" and it turns me back to base, and from there, i can control the champ, but only to the exit of the base, from there, nothing more, it just blocks again.. I tried watching the performance of my pc, and it's not that, than i switched the laptops, and it went the same.. Look, I am "leavebusted" at this moment because of this, and it's unfair, but I would gladly keep the leavebuster if you could resolve my problem. And if someone recognizes this problem in their pc's as well, please upvote this so the guys from riot can see it. Do something, guys, it's unplayable..


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