gayboi (EUW)
: New loading game screen !?!?!?!
i 100% agree that riot should make a loading screen like this :)
: Dude you only play normal games . And you also want to play with gold+ people because you are bronze/silver . Is like you say "i'm bronze and i want to make a team with challenjour people only".
dude i litterly said that im losing cuz of my team if u want then u can look at my match history and look at my teammates stats and i dont want challenger only but i also dont want bronze only people and no im not bronze/silver if u want then look at my match history...
Just Cat (EUW)
: Dissagree + sounds greedy
why does it sound greedy riot is greedy cuz getting that 6300 ip is hard and champ skins,summoner icons,ward skins,chroma packs are all for rp so what riot is doing is making u buy rp cuz they know that nobody will want to play for 14 days to get a 6300ip champ...
FooI (EUW)
: They already do such events and free skins sometimes i've got about 3 skins for free Lux s3 was event to sub in fb i think /garen was free also for sometime don't remember/olaf pentakill from honor badge s4/ also there been tons of events that gave players free stuff i think it is pretty much fair that they are only making profit from Rp-skins-champs just keep an eye on events and you might catch even free champs
Well then tell me when was the last time that riot gave u free stuff and 1-3 skins yearly is not alot and also skins arent champs sooo... yeah...
: As long as there is no IP-sales, there are bigger chances someone will not have enough IP and will spend RP, so the game can make money, so can be free to play, look there are already people with 300k IP complaining about what to buy, if you make IP-sales then many more will come to this.
but people like this play since s3-s4 and since this is a ftp game then i dont want to pay with rp i just want to use ip and getting the 6300ip is very hard and there is alot of champs and u also need runes so and there is no problem with having 300k ip and not knowing what to buy cuz every time a new champ comes out u can buy it and I know that riot will have less profit but there are still,champ skins,chroma packs,summoner icons,ward skins which are all for rp and putting in ip sales wont be a prob so IP slas should already be a thing cuz i dont think u want to play for 14 days for 1 6300ip champ...
KataZen (EUW)
: Roots = Stuns (mostly)
if ur playing a meele champ then kindoff but if ur playing an adc then not really
Varjokani (EUNE)
: Whats wrong with everyone?
i feel like riot should ban people like this for atleast a week so they can learn their leason
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: This promotes individual play, which counters the idea of a team game. Your KDA doesn't matter much, since the game is objective based. Awarding people based on their KDA would also hurt some roles in the game, and reward those who play kill-heavy champions. I, for instance, tend to play support. That means I'll often die in order to save my team, as it benefits my team in the long run. If you're rewarding me based on my KDA, I'd be punished for doing what's best for my team.
well i agree with u but i did say most of all decisicon making but do u have any other thing to base on matchmaking if u do im hapy to hear it
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