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Omega One (EUW)
: left EUNE cause i hit challenger , Now enjoying life smurfing in EUW xD if you want to join our community where you can find many new friends to play with check out
Woah, I think you're too epic for my noobness xD
: Hey there, if you are finding EUNE pleasant yourself, than you shouldn't regret it. Both servers have their pros and cons, and at the end of the day it is really up to you, where you want to play. However if jinx do come free on the rotation, i would advice you to check the EUW server as well and once you are on it you can always add me or anyone from this post and I'm sure we would help you out. Have a good week and see you on the rift.
I wouldn't really say that the general public of the server is pleasant, but there are some nice people. Although, since i've been advise so much on it, i will surely check EUW out, especially since now i know that the latency isnt really an issue. And I think that there will be more people speaking english on euw than eune, which is always good to get better at this language ;D See you around !
vadr (EUNE)
: I am actually surprised no one has to say anything for the EUNE server. EUW has the same issues EUNE has, including trolls, toxic players and skill-capped / boosted undeperformers. When someone tries to say smth like "EUW has less toxic community", it is just a pure fantasy of these people. And I find it is pretty equally easy to play both servers comparing each to another, tho EUW has got a wider server population, I couldn't say it is somehow beneficial. Most of the Polish play EUNE, so perhaps this lady did a right choice. Currently the only reasonable advantage EUW posseses is "Draft Normal" queue, but it really depends on what type of a player is it to choose between the servers.
Hrm.. well i'm sure there will be some players at least that are cool ^^ I've had some nice experiences too !
: Hey Naya little bit of shame with EUNE (not that is bad or anything) but EUW is mainly a server to go. Im Polish myself (czesc jak sie masz xD) and i have to say that the community there is a lot more toxic than the one found in EUW. If you are ever going to play on EUW just add me in game and i'll be more than happy to help you learn league if you wish to do so, and just have a little chat in our native language :) Have fun with league of legends and best of luck for the future.
Thanks ~! Many people already have expressed that opinion so im starting to regret my choice, i didnt really think about it when i made acc ;p but grinding for jinx all over again... ugh.. maybe ill wait until she's in free champion rotation on euw. And gl to you too ~! ;3
Declined (EUNE)
: Hey Naya ily, You seem like a very laid back player, so if you're up for it, add me on EUNE and poke me whenever you want to have a match. If you have any technical issues or questions in general I usually always answer.
Hiya, I am, i try not to get discouraged by all the saltyness around new players ;p thats awesome ! I'll do that, it's nice to meet new people ;)
Reyze (EUW)
: Hi, we can be friends. Take this <3 {{champion:13}}
Remmy San (EUW)
: why did you have to be eune {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Hrm.. does the majority of players play on EUW ? Did I make a wrong choice in my laifu ? xD
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Hey Naya! If you want a friend I'll be happy! I mostly play Blind Pick so you will have no trouble, if you want I can support! I am a good Thresh player (not pro) and I can play any lane except jg, I suck at jg.
Hey, thats awesome ;3 feel free to add me~! Hah I suck at jungle too, i made a mistake of taking that lane once and i died xP need to practice with bots for a new lane from now on ;p
RSF Rasen (EUW)
: That's unlucky. You started an account on EUNE :/
Hm.. yeah, I'm from Poland so I didn't think much about it, and I also kinda feared my pings would be higher or something ;p
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