: Defending yourself is not flaming back. Defending yourself is using the mute button. Also, you don't get punished for one single game. You get punished for multiple games of poor behaviour. As long as you don't misbehave, there is not anything to be afraid of. Just report the 9 offenders in the end of game screen and you will be fine.
Yea I always do report,but nothing good comes from it,unlegit definitely
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Possible (EUW)
: i dont know what the problem with you is. but i dont think that champion with a winrate of 44.1% is even close to being strong
Winrate where?In general?She requires skill,and is being played by many first timers along with good players.If winrate with Darius or Yasuo is high,thats actually a bad sign -> to nerf champ instantly
: Gangplank???? Interesting champ???? Ppl u can call me weird but him and Ryze have to be the most brokenass champs rn
Well from above 100 comments,u will find at least one we wont agree on NATURALLY? And yea they are both kinda broken,but I dont see many complains in the game when they are played.
: I still dont see the point of people raging when encounter specific champions(Satan,Darius,zed,riven and RUMBLE)just throwed some of the classik man to man OP champions...yea might be able to do retarde damage very easily unlike most of the others but serious this shit must stop...after all its free game and you can get em without spending single euro they are not like some kind of premium category...
Haha feels like eune.Darius is out of balance mister,thats all.U can call that complaining however u want,but that needs to be pointed out
: You're gonna ban him because he said Urgot adc sucks?
Who said I'm gona ban him?I'm not even the admin xD. But I'd love to see bans getting stricter for flame,not just a damn chat ban.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: {{champion:39}} Skillshot? Well her Q is a skillshot already, E can be missed and Ult is too.
: I main Sona, she is unbalanced as hell. Rush lichbane and at the point you get it you will be able to Q + Powerchord about 70% of a non tank champs HP in one go.
I main her too,but being squishy as she is,I dont see a problem in taking her out with a burst champ or cc
Possible (EUW)
: This guy "kalista fits in game well". Meanwhile kalista has the same winrate as urgot adc
:) and urgot adc is a bad choice I presume?ofc thats what its like in ur elo But I can't blame riot for players like u sadly..Would be nice if bans were a little stricter THO
: {{champion:103}} - Annoying as f@@k. For me, it's the Lee Sin of the mid lane. Either she gets one skillshot and you are dead, or she can jumps three times on your face to be sure to get it anyway. Otherwise, she shoves every lane while being uncatchable. Really healthy champ. {{champion:34}} - Luckly this fella is not played that much, because is the new incarnation of "your life bar disappeared in a instant and you don't even know what hit you". At least she is immobile to make up for it. {{champion:245}} - One of the greatest letdown when it comes to RioT's creativity. Time travel guy? Surely he is going to have some very cool and crazy kit, no? Or course no, just a broken mass of overloaded s@@t: mobility, %damage, waveclear, i don't even remember how many slows, AAs steroid, hard CC, AOE damage, a heal...i almost like his tanky version more than the AP one because at least you can fight him and slam him some good because he ult and bye bye. {{champion:39}} - Now that old Yorick is gone, this girl is really the only one champ that is left with a kit that will completely shot at you with no more effort than point and click once. Luckly RioT acknowledged that she can't be left like that and will take action. Soon, i hope. {{champion:64}} - Still most broken mobility in the whole game and the only champ that will never lose his ward-jumping. And never as in never. {{champion:25}} - The only champ that can force you to go AFK while keeping you in the game. Thanks to {{champion:412}}, she will never be more played as support. Which is good. {{champion:107}} - "Damn! My screen turned grey, something must be wrong with my videocar...oh no wait, that was Rengar.". Still somewhat balanced because most Rengars will feed in early like you wouldn't believe and become a joke in late. {{champion:98}} - I will never understand why people like this guy. His rework makes him way better than in the past, but it still one of the most boring champs to both play and face overall. {{champion:412}} - Most broken ability (latern) in the whole game...that comes with a s@@tload of CC. Guess who is the most picked support (and champ for what matters) ever in this game. {{champion:77}} - The guy, at least in his not-spirit guard skin, still seems to be a drunkard that chases after you while cursing the gods. Funny, but still pretty annoying. Could use a rework cause it's pretty much OP or never picked. {{champion:106}} - Luckly none play this as support anymore, because it was something so boring and ineffectual that i really don't know what whoever did that was thinking. I really wished for my opponents to play something more scary before falling asleep at the keyboard. {{champion:157}} - _"It's not a mechanic we regret. As above it does useful things for his playstyle, plus it also gives him a consistent, rather than random crit based, damage output late game, which has some advantages (and some disadvantages). I can understand it being a target for concerns about Yasuo being OP, if there's an issue we should be fixing there though I feel there are better levers to use on Yasuo than removing that part of his passive." - Meddler, champion designer_ For me, the most infamous quote from the history of this game. {{champion:238}} - Assassin update and no big update for this guy. Guess because it's still the "most healthy assassin in the game". Well, have a healthy stay in permabanned hell, sucker.
LoL some of ur comments made me laugh so much.Gotta agree on thresh tho...He is in every blind pick game almost..So is Yasuo,most probably - IN BOTH TEAMS!
: My problem is NOT with CHAMPIONS but with the itemisation. To be more presice: Tank Assassins. It started with Ekko, then spreaded into Fizz and Yasuo. Riot should be extremely careful to not cause same insanity with the Assassin Rework. The thing that made it possible was because these three examples have so much base damage, keystone and the defensive itemisation has mixed defensive and offensive stats (IMO). I swear, If I'll see a Tank Rengar killing everyone except that one guy who thought he'd be smart by picking Taric in the top lane, I will not care if Riot nerfs them to non existence. Not. At. All.
Hahaha both funny and sad,but true at the same time. Besides,the same thing frustrates me aswell..Yi with deadman's plate??And that thing works rly? {{summoner:14}} just ignite me
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: Wow you compare your play with LCS n1 ^^. Again tell me which champ can solo carry without his team, just tell me. This is not a solo play meta as we all know, but it seems that you don't. So let me tell you now: "You can hardly solo carry a game with any champ!".
U can easily carry whole game with yasuo,windwall is enough to stop ur adc's aoe ult,all mages' skillshots and that's MORE than enough work for your whole team!! So basicaly he is support+fking carry xDD
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Yet relies on team to be able to do any damage. Yasuo can't carry single handedly. You'll never see yasuo doing well, when his entire team doing below average. Unless he's super super fed and reaches his mid game powerspike, which tends to fall off in late game and fail, if opposing team stalls the game. In lane champions with point and click abilities seem to obliterate him. Kayle, Swain, Renekton.
I don't know man,in late game he can comeback in a flash,just a few kills and he can pentakill :D
Infernape (EUW)
: Well Yasuo himself isn't getting nerfed but tank Yasuo is.
I want yasuo nerfed,his shield and windwall,at least one of those,it doesn't matter if it means nerfing tank or not xD
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