: How to get an S+ [Fiddlesticks ARAM]
This is clearly matchmaking fail. You were the only one whos been playing this game for 2 years, the only one with rank in solo mode (bronze), and also the only one with keystone in masteries (the only lvl 30). I dont think you should be matched in a game like this. Anyone can do this when you put one player in 9 others who just installed the game during the last few weeks.
Applekami (EUW)
: I have Darkstar Thresh and Pulsefire Ezreal.....gues how much that is
546919615949856129651228669236861956 Essence?
Applekami (EUW)
: has two awesome skins in crafting
I feel ya. I need 4k Essence atm. Project Yasuo and Elelemntalist Lux waiting. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
0tx (EUW)
: Any decent spamable champs to boost you out of low elo?
No there is not. Champions no matter in that elo, only players. Although it seems easier to carry low elo with assasins rather than roles.
: Flex queue - no one is taking it serious
And can you imagine that on EUNE, we dont have normal draft, so people use Flex even more here for garbage plays.
TheMijon (EUNE)
: Why am i banned ?
You are not banned, there was maintenance T_T
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: I just compared it to Gragas couse he got S+ and yes I know it compares me to other Jayces, but seriously I've had games where I went pretty average in terms of everythign - KDA, farm, gold, vision - and still got S+ So I just wonder how this forumla really works ._.
Maybe low turret/objective damage, maybe low objective last hit (if its a thing), maybe low objective achievements, low place/destroy wards etc. It includes many things.
Kensei0 (EUNE)
: S+? Not for you :C
Why do you compare yourself to Gragas? He has nothing to do with you and your performance/rank.
: Ranked not competative. Then what is?
Wow, you really like that word **COMPETITIVE**
: Worse team mates than before your MMR dropped, but not necessarily worse than you.
Yes but not only teammates, opponents aswell.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: can some one explain to me what is MMR ?
Match Making Ranking. Your account has its own number that is used when looking for a game to match you with and against correct players with similiar rank to make the game equal and fair via player's skill. Whenever you win a game, this number increases, when you lose, it decreases.
: How does the ranking work?!
_It’s based on the champion and role that you just played in a game. So, for example, we look at Annie mid differently to Annie support. We take a series of performance metrics and compare how you do to all other players in your region in your champion / position combination. It is percentile driven - so earning a high score means you performed in the top x% of players on that champ in that position. The grade itself governs the point gains._ - copied from riot faq
Myster10 (EUNE)
: you miss the point, i am not saying you can't still win, i am saying you don't have to try for another person's sake. Nasus like i said, wants to lose, why should you try to make him win?
I know where you are heading ... You are selfish, but reasonable aswell
IkOerman (EUW)
: Unfortunately, at my bronze level this is the case. If players don't understand when to go for towers, you're unlikely to win the game...
Actually you can splitpush your way to Gold Elo pretty easily with someone like Yoric, Nasus, Trynda, Udyr. I love to rush build ZZrot and spam-place it on middle while pushing other lanes. Until Gold elo it works pretty amazing. Everyone chasing kills and none cares about map control. Late game they have no base, but still chasing kills and protecting baron :D So silly games.
: How about giving ADCs higher base ms?
Any ranged champion must have lower MS than any melee champion. Its like that in every RPG I ever played. Reason? To prevent being kited especially if u combine it with a little of CC you could get an easy lock on them where you are free to deal dmg while meele can deal literally 0 to you.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Neur0tiix,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=bNH6u9ni,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-07T16:25:21.608+0000) > > I think you just need to know how to use it. > You can use it in two ways actually: > > - Agressively: > You rush in enemy team and try to make as much damage as you can, while you pop-up your ult to prevent from dying. Now imagine you are 1v4 with 0 HP and you are still able to take down 4 opponents health to close to 0 aswell. Once it heals everyone, you should jump away ASAP, while you team had enought time to set-up their position and make some kills right after it healed them. You team is still full HP while enemy 10%-50%. This is a great tactic in early-mid game, but itzs HUUUUUGE risk to do this in late game. > - Passively: > This applies to late game teamfights usually. You just keep your ultimate for your most important player to save him, while he makes devastating damage to everyone, unable to die. Usually you just babysit your ADC in late game fights. You can bait and then kite with jumps, you can slow, which prolongs the time of ADC being alive, oncei t gets really bad, you pop-up the ultimate for him. It's very team based, which is bad in solo queue, that's why junglers like Vi, Lee Sin (still), Elise, Zac and Poppy are a huge threat, because they don't rely on the success of your own team to be effective, where as with Kindred, unless you get insanely ahead, given that the enemy team plays like shit, you're gonna suffer, unless you play in high elo. But in Silver-Gold, Kindred becomes a painful experience. Too much effort used for success, meanwhile Lee Sin can just dash back and forth, get in, kill someone and get out almost untouched due to his energy regeneration. Kindred is in a bad state, not Aatrox bad, but definitely bad. Removing 7 base Armor is like a knife in the heart for a jungler. From 27 to 20 is a 26% drop. And the 0.25 higher Armor /level growth just isn't a worthy compensation, you end up with a lower level 18 Armor value and your early game is shit. I still like the champion tho, it's just hard to be successful with her right now. :(
Wait, I thought we talking about Kindred, not about how to carry each ELO. Kindred, like you said, isnt the champion to carry with in Bronze-Gold. Kindred needs teamplay. At the same time, there is no reason to boost/nerf any champion/item beacuse its "low" in low Elo.
DemonikSoul (EUNE)
The problem is your low game knowledge mate. Fizz Ultimate has 2 hit boxess. One is the huge visible circle that does damage. The second one is the fish circling in the middle of the first hitbox, Once you get close to the Fish, it gets attached to you. Take a look at this video mate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lcsa9mzrYas You can easily see that Nidalee is not moving at all, Fizz throw the ultimate next to her, and it stays next to her, not attached. Then Fish starts circling, crossing its hitbox with nidalee hitbox, so it gets attached to her. P.S.: Dont mind the last clip, its a bug joke :D
: How to end the game ?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Kindred's ultimate doesn't really help your team, it just prolongs your unavoidable doom
I think you just need to know how to use it. You can use it in two ways actually: - Agressively: You rush in enemy team and try to make as much damage as you can, while you pop-up your ult to prevent from dying. Now imagine you are 1v4 with 0 HP and you are still able to take down 4 opponents health to close to 0 aswell. Once it heals everyone, you should jump away ASAP, while you team had enought time to set-up their position and make some kills right after it healed them. You team is still full HP while enemy 10%-50%. This is a great tactic in early-mid game, but itzs HUUUUUGE risk to do this in late game. - Passively: This applies to late game teamfights usually. You just keep your ultimate for your most important player to save him, while he makes devastating damage to everyone, unable to die. Usually you just babysit your ADC in late game fights. You can bait and then kite with jumps, you can slow, which prolongs the time of ADC being alive, oncei t gets really bad, you pop-up the ultimate for him.
: an interesting side effect of auto-fill
Why would you even play ranked with 2 rune pages? This is what is wrong actually. You need only 16 champions to enter Ranked. In my honest opinion, to play something like ranked, you should have a knowledge in all aspects of the game. All roles, all champions, all runes, tons of games played, then you can enter my ranked games. This is one of the big issue of Ranked. People make new account, quickly get 16 chepaest champions and spam ranked over ranked with one champion in one role. But they are 0 flexibile. They just blindly following one path. Thats so wrong.
Lilly4you (EUW)
: Losing series for 5th(!!!) time
Promos are meant to be challenging to prove yourself worthy of higher rank. Usually it tries to put a slightly better team than you are against a slightly weaker team that you are in, while you fill up the MMR difference to make MMR in both teams equal (+-100). Short version: You are supposed to carry those game to prove League you are worthy the next rank, unless you get lucky. From my experience, promo games are very tricky. People getting destroyed and tilted in my team while I am supposed to carry them, but they dont really play with you as a team, they troll, they afk, they get angry etc. Usually I pick my best champion, preferably assasin to quickyl execute any enemy that makes mistake, or I pick any quick splitpusher with TP and just trying to get in their base as quick as possible. You know that your team will most likely go feed and enemy will enjoy it and hunt them. Thats when you split away and just push till the end of the game. Many times it worked for me, I would say definitively more than in 50% cases, which is great. However the game is very flexible and ANYTHING can happen and ANYTHING can work out. I know you dont probably wanna hear it, but its the best tip you can get: Get good, get higher ELO. Also, I would like to show you one video that helped me understand the game and players mentality better and how to carry every ELO. Guy made some very constructive tips and points and I think you should follow that to improve. There is no point to try to make big platinum plays with utility champions, in bronze elo. You are Bronze, you play against bronze, you have to adapt to it to carry it. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPDGmA2quRU&
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Thank you, I will do my best to learn. And I know about checking enemies elo in op.gg and it's true enemy team is similar to mine
Yes, its always similiar as a team, however it can happen that for example your weakest player is matched against enemy best player (bronze vs gold). Then its pretty predictable whats gonna happen on that lane and its not really fair early phase, however, its team-based game and you should help him or switch with him to get best results as a team. Also one more tip for this, like I said, is making a game plan via those rank check-ups. What I do for example, when I am jungling, I am always trying to babysit and bully the weakest enemy player and get kills and golds from him, deny him farm etc. while avoiding best enemy player as I am most likely not getting any golds in there for free. Once I get fed on their weakest enemy, I can challenge their best enemy with some gold/item advantage. TL;DR: Abuse the weakest enemy player, avoid the best enemy player. At same time, you can also apply this in being carried. Which means you trying to make plays and keep your best teammate alive no matter what, as he will most likely carry the game for you. Let him have the kills, minions, keep him alive, follow his calls(turrets, barons, dragons). He will not only win the game for you, but you can also learn a lot from him. I wish you the best luck and have fun!
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I am Bronze and would like to play with another Bronze players not way higher!
Flex queue is new a game mode and everybody starts from scratch as it should be. MMR in both teams is always equal (+-100), which means if you are playing with gold/plats from last seasons, enemy team will have the similiar ranks in their team. You can look up these ranks before every match during loading screen in "Live Game" bookmark on www.eune.op.gg and make a game plan for who you wanna avoid in game and who you wanna beat the shit out of him. Also, playing in bronze is kinda for free, I mean there is nothing to lose, there is nowhere to fall, you can only grow and improve. Be happy to play with and against those ranks as it will give you a lot of experience for future matches. 5 bronzes vs. 5 bronzes is a misserable game and you cannot get any new knowledge from it, its basically one big chaos. These games will teach you a lot and you will be in silver in no time thanks to these games.
Adama (EUW)
: http://puu.sh/tbMbm/fb7ba5812f.jpg here I got S- this time.
Its not a theory, its a fact. Here is official Riot statement: _It’s based on the champion and role that you just played in a game. So, for example, we look at Annie mid differently to Annie support. We take a series of performance metrics and compare how you do to all other players in your region in your champion / position combination. It is percentile driven - so earning a high score means you performed in the top x% of players on that champ in that position. The grade itself governs the point gains._ Dont forget that EVERYTHING counts, not only kda. Even wards or turret damage matters etc.
Strigina (EUNE)
: There is no point in comparing yourself with your teammate. The system does not compare you with them, it compares you with all Kha'zix junglers EUW as well, as Akali is compared with all Akalis mid EUW, so you most likely have different criteria to get an S.
I am not so sure it compares you with other regions. I believe each region has its own scale. Every region has its own champion analytics and it wouldnt really make sense. We are definitively not being compared to Korean region and EUW or EUNE are not exceptions. Also, ending up with better stats than your lane opponent also gives you some credit. It counts as destroying your enemy laner in early phase.
Adama (EUW)
: Are the exact requirements for an S known?
There is a different scale for every single champion for each rank in each role and its players who are setting up those scales. So obviously the more popular champions in their main roles are very hard to reach S with. On the other hand, if you, **theoretically**, pick Janna on Top role and do something ununsual but heal+shield, then its pretty easy to get S there as it wont compare you with so many Jannas as in other roles. KhaZix is currently floating between 1-5 best pick/win ratios. I am surprised you even get that A+, if you telling the truth. There are Jhins, Jinxs, Lees going 15-1 ending up with A- because of one death, low objective damage, low cs or low place/destroy wards (yes those matters aswell).
: Getting out of bronze 5 as support
Play assasin mid or jungle for free entry to gold.
tin1 (EUNE)
: New Champion Idea
I am sorry but this seems so unhealthy.
: It's always been like this, but I believe the changes to the AoE size (depending on the range), has also been applied to the attaching fish, which of course artificially increases the actual "range" to something that feels like getting cheated on. You often think "ha, I dodged that easily" and you certainly did... and then you get shat on by that circling fish, which almost has the radius of the old Fizz ultimate.
Its called hitbox I believe and probably this hitbox of fish is also bigger when you make the ultimate hitbox bigger, meaning the bigger range you throw it, the bigger hitbox of fish+ultimate circle will be. Right? Both hitboxes will be bigger.
: ok, i'm obviously bronze 5 trash that needs to git gud. please teach me how to avoid getting hit by fizz ult at level 6, sensei.
Well, basically you can just simply predict his moves and walk away from it, thats the best and most efficient way. But you have to be more skilled and knowledgeable than your opponent to do that. If you are not then there is couple of ways how you can defense yourself: - Pick a correct champion. The most efficient I found is Lissandra. You can poke+aa everytime he tries to farm. When he engage to you, just simply snare him or ult him. When he attache his ult on you, you ult yourself to take 0 DMG and even heal yourself if you are missing some HP. - Make his early game misserable with any champion that has ranged basic attacks. With this technique you dont have to be skilled or good with champion you play, just simply click on him every time he tries to hit minion. He must make a choice to get gold from minion and take 40-60 dmg or back off and take no dmg but also no golds. After few attempts, he ll eventually try to get some gold as he gets titled, which means you should give him some AAs. He should have less HP than you now, which means you won the trading phase. You are free to attack him and kill him now or at least deny the farm and xp for him. If he attacks you, just walk away, he will get some dmg from minions or even in better scenraio, you have champion who immideitaly CC him after engage + do some dmg + minions dmg. Lovely. - Remember that he is an assasin. As every assasin he is super strong in 1v1 or surpising unprepared people in bad moments. Try to avoid this. Fight him as a team, CC him when he goes in and catch him on a hook like the fish he is. He is very vulnerable to this. Just imagine Fiddlesticks. How weak is he to 1v1 with someone, but how devastating he can be in teamfight, when he jumps in the middle of it from unwarded jungle over the wall. Fizz is the exact opposite. Like I said, every match is different and you just need to know every Pros and Cons of every champion and item and adapt your plays to it. Thats what makes you a better player. The game knowledge. You cannot just go Yasuo every game and then say this is OP and that is UNBALANCED. Every thing has its purpose, if you dont know the one, you might probably fail ,if you dont get lucky or carried. Meaning no offense of this post, just trying to help. Have a nice day.
: The hitbox isn't the problem. It hasn't been changed as far as I know. The problem is the huge area it covers, after it lands on the floor. Most people actually complain about that without realizing it. You can see that here: https://youtu.be/Lcsa9mzrYas?t=16 It lands on the floor in front or next to Nidalee and after that it attaches to Nidalee, because the area of the circling fish is huge af. It's not a buggy or huge hitbox. It's an intentional feature.
Omg, I see now. Its the fish circling in the circle that gets attached to you. Sometimes the ult lands next to you, but it doesnt attach to you. Then even if you havent moved, ult can get attached to you as the fish circles and gets closer to you. Wow, you just gave me new knowledge, thank you. Its always been like that or its new after rework? 5 Years lol Veteran here without knowing this by the way. Thanks again.
: how did they manage to make fizz, the champion that everybody hates, EVEN MORE annoying?
I always laugh so much when I see post like this. Nerf Fizz, Nerf Lebalnc, Nerf Yasuo, Nerf Zed. They are all strong 1v1 for a reason. 5v5 is a living hell for them. Just imagine how easy it is to flash+ult with Fiddle or Kennen who literally destroy the entire team with one ultimate ability which in Kennen's case even stun or Fiddle follow up with silence so you cannot get away. You think Fizz is stronger? HAHA sure. You just need to get more game knowledge and learn to play. Find Fizz Pros and Cons and avoid him when he is using his Pros and punish him when he doesnt see his Cons. Look in high elo how popular he is? Completely garbage. Why? Bcoz people know what to do against him. However I do agree that in Bronze-Gold, Fizz as an assasin can be easily abuse to win games, but low elo isnt the reason to boost/nerf a champion or item, is it?
Capt Ahmad (EUNE)
: How to win more games in Solo Queue!
This is couple of nice tips how to behave and it definitively does help you get better win ratio. However, I would also like to mention that every elo must be carried differently. For example, I found out that bronze-silver is easiest to carry with assasins. Everybody is picking squishy champs as everybody wanna do dmg or just simply play their favorite champion, there are no team comps, lack of cooperation, lack of vision, lack of map control, mechanicaly slow people etc. You dont even need to be in 5v5. You just splitpushing alone and roaming and stomping people that wandering on map alone. In Gold elo people have more knowledge and all these factors are on higher level. Thats where I found most efficient Tanks with high dmg or skirmishers such as Darius, Olaf, Shyvana etc. You are still doing same stuff as in silver, but people are gonna watch over you more so you need to be able to survive your mistake or survive gank when you splitpush or enter hidden bush with 1-3people hiding in it. Plat+ is where the real cooperation and teamwork begins and people are gonna punish you for every single mistake here. Here I prefer utility champs that can actually do more than just pure dmg or pure tankiness. For example Orianna, Thresh, Lulu, Tahm, Ivern etc. can adapt to any situation. They can deal high dmg, they can save teammate, they can provide vision without wards, they can tank more than others thanks to skill kit etc. P.S.: This isnt guaranteed for every single match, but if you look up after tons of games, this is what I found in my research. Have a nice day
Zanador (EUNE)
: While i generally agree with you, i have to mention that Riot can manage incentives. For example, due to it's nature, Blind pick favors those who do not want to communicate and cooperate or those who care more about playing their favorite champion than winning. They can just instalock and be on their way to the game in 60 seconds without ever discussing plans with their teammates. The removal of Normal Draft brought up another similar problem: Now there might be more people in the ranked queues than otherwise, but many of these players do not care about ranks and borders. They simply rather play ranked than Blind pick. And if you mix together two groups who have different objectives into one team, there will be discord without doubt. So while everything is ultimately up to each individual player's choice and mood, Riot can make incentives to nudge players to directions who were neutral before. And again, i agree with you on the second part too: This game is way more fun with full groups. Unfortunately here comes my trouble now too: I play with my friends, and we rarely have a full team, and we didn't meet each other based on our LoL skills, so if we play naturally, we will drift too far apart, and we won't be able to play in Ranked modes together. To prevent that, right now my only option would be to intentionally lose games, especially promo matches. It would mess up the MMR system, the experience of others and everything. So i decided to stop playing until i have an alternative. You see, there is no emotion involved here: If i want to keep playing with my friends, then i _must_ troll if there is no Normal Draft, even tho i played for over 6 years without even a single warning from the Tribunal.
Hmm, it sux. Your only option now is to transfer to EUW. But your friends gonna have to go along with you or you leave them, which I dont like any of the options.
: What are you people's main?
{{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}} Welcome to Silver League!
PeterManbdx (EUNE)
: I think league became really sad when they remove Draft pick (EUNE)
I agree with you, however, on the other hand, try to think more deeply about it. Problem is not on Riot side, its on players side. Players are who making you tilt, players are who making the decisions to troll etc. The state of the game is actually fine. What can they possibly do about it? If they setup some rules, how to behave, how to play, what to play, how to talk to others, with a more punishments after you break it, it will feel like SSSR once again in our lifes. They cannot just tied up our hands and tell us what to do, we need to have freedom to enjoy the game or it would probably lead to even more toxicity, trolls and stuff. Try to gather few friends and play couple of games with them as 5man team, you will see how much you actually enjoy the game. You can talk about picks, combos, decisions before and during the game, you can help eachother, none flames you when u fail, rather help u with lane opponents and stuff like that. Then you maybe realize what is destroying the game. I tell you. Its the fact that we are allowed to play Team-Based game in Solo-mode. Once somebody ruin the game for you, intentionally or unintentionally, you feel so hopeless which leads to anger. Then when people get anger they do silly stuff, they want others to feel the same, so they get tilted, they feed, afk, flame, bully, troll pick next game etc. Its normal human behavior especially in young age. Teenagers emotions are the most intense in you entire life-time. If you come up with some rules, how to control your emotions during the game with punishments after you fail it, people will rock you down. God bless 2017 freedom. About Draft pick, ye they should bring it back.
Barty (EUNE)
: A short guide on how to deal with getting ganked - some feedback please? :)
Yep. Worth. Definitively. In the end of the day, Kills are all that matters.
: How can I climb?
Hello! Check out this video. It contains all the basics information you need to each elo and how to carry them! This video helped me realize a lot of things. Highly recommended. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HPDGmA2quRU&t=309s
Brushman xD (EUNE)
: Im talking about early game , i don't care if he builds full ad or tanky and fight in teamfight or be useless or usefull. I just want them to nerf his passive , its too op and his CD on Q is too op , i met a guy who had full ad runes and bought an items full aggresive. Im just talking about his early passive and q abuse.
Me too actually. Did you consider what would he become if they nerf his early pressure and 1v1 potential since his teamfight potential sucks already? I mean, thats kinda all he has.
: CAN anyone help me get better at jax?
The most efficient build can be found here: http://eune.op.gg/champion/jax/statistics/top About the play: You are weak early, farm till lvl 6. Past level 6 you have powerspike, be agressive, get advantage in gold. Q - dont waste it too early, always try to walk to target first. Also can be used as escape. W - Just spam this for dmg. Can also be used as animation cancell. E - If they run away, cancel it earlier. R - use when u expecting a lot of dmg coming to u
Milan Tomic (EUNE)
: I just deleted LoL because of the community in this game
Práedyth (EUW)
: so you basically say people who only want to play one champ or role deserve to lose 5% more games. simply because of that. good logic. im sorry that during the vast majority of season 6 i always got my champ and my role so i didnt keep up with the other ones. mocking me for otping is just like mocking you for being a low elo scrub.....
You should have knowledge in all aspects of the game, be able to play all roles and adapt to any situation to compete in ranked. Sadly most of the players just spamming ranked over ranked with one champion, following one path and whinning about things as autofill and such. Take a look at it this way: Why you should be considered as high elo player if you mastered 1/5 of roles and u lack knowledge and experience in the other 4/5 roles.
: What is meta?
Currently we have 134 champions in-game available to play. However if you dont pick one of META champions and you dont go 10/0 in first minutes with them, you are obviously a troll, you deserve to be reported, banned and you family should die the worst possible way. Did I mention Welcome to League of Legends? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Brushman xD (EUNE)
: Nerf Pantheon
And when it comes to 5v5 fight he either build tanky and be useless, or build dmg and die in first contact.
: No Gifts or thank you note by riot (rito) for christmas on the client?
You alrdy have free way to skins in hextech crafting, the hell you want more.
mhkiler (EUNE)
: how many of you play LOL more than 3 years! pls comment.
5 years, add me in-game for some fun.
: If Ekko uses his E while Ezreal using his E too, Ekko will fly with Ezreal, pretty huge range dash.
even when somebody flash, ekko follows, but well, its not dash, more like teleport, so its viable.
: No, he gave me a completely useless answer containing advice that I had already used in game, and it didn't work. He would have known this if he had taken the time to actually read my post in the first place. But no, I'm willing to bet he saw the title of my thread and immediately hit the reply button to give his wonderful advice without reading anything I put. That's why I called him out on his bullshit and why I said what I did. I have very little patience with people who don't bother to read things before replying. As to your point on the low cost of pink wards, if that is a problem then just up the price of pink wards, back to 125g like it was before. I would be perfectly fine with that. Hell, make it 200g if need be. Just give us something to combat these stealth champions.
You do have it already. Its just limited to certain champions, abilities or items. Pretty much like with evertyhing. For example if you need to outplay ZED, you just need to buy Zhonya or pick champion like Lissandra who goes invulnerable whenever he tries to ult you, or Tahm who eat a teammate who got ulted by ZED. With stealth it should be the same. It is not fair that every single champion can counter stealth champions with only 75 gold. Now, you have to pick somebody who can reveal them like Caitlyn and Lee. About GPet, I doubt he would do such a thing you described. You obviously dont know this guy. I dont know what happened to him, but he used to be a moderator on this forum and even if you check his comments history, you ll find out how amazing, friendly and helpful can this guy actually be. Dont judge anyone before you get to know him. Have a nice day.
efol00 (EUNE)
: Well i did download the game called War Frame from steam. It's a quite a big app. Think it could cause it?
Depends. Maybe you left Client open, Steam open, maybe there is some app after start-up, maybe it updated some of your drivers, maybe it wasnt war thunder at all, maybe one of your RAM is getting broken ... man it could be a thousand of things. Try to take out one module of RAM, then other one, or borrow some module from your friends for a day to try out. It could also NOT be a RAM issue. I was building and testing computers for 3 years and sometimes it literally blows up your mind what could cause the problem. I remember this MSI motherboard being incompatibile with MSI GPU. I had no words. Never buy MSI anymore xD But thats off-topic.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: I wouldn't complain if these Annie/Brand supports would buy Sightstone, but they don't. They go straight midlane mage build, sometime even skip gold income item
Then its not about champion anymore but about a player isnt it? Player with good game knowledge, skilled player and team-player will buy sightstone, no matter what champion or even role he plays. Sometimes I buy this {{item:3711}} even when I am not Lee. Gold item? Well I consider that below Bronze 5. You are not allowed to steal CS from ADC and you dont get any gold income which means no items for you? Why would you even do that to yourself? Sadly I can still see those in gold+ aswell :X
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