Νami (EUW)
: He can be a bit of a lane bully with his ranged auto attacks and slows. It can be frustrating playing a melee champion against him but he has been nerfed a lot in the past so he's not so bad to play against anymore! :p
Oh right, cool. :D It's still not that easy to beat him even after the nerfs sometimes. Depends on how well he's played! <3
drymonkey (EUW)
: well a top lane monster hmm well {{champion:420}} : lane bully verry powerfull ,tanky , and she can own teamfight with that ult of hers {{champion:6}} : verry strong lane bully hard for annyone to 1v1 however kinda slow and eazely kited {{champion:31}} : not ad however if you want an unkillable damage monster cho is the way to go you can go full tank and still pritty mutch 1shot a carry this can win you games {{champion:58}} some good mob great damage can be tanky or if you want full damage is a pain to deal with and is a constant problem {{champion:83}} one of the most anoying champs to have on top cus you can just keep pushing and pushing and no one can stop you you can eazy 1v1 most champs and you will be anoying {{champion:48}} of kinda the same style as yoric but this thing owns towers in seconds and is an overal prity strong fighter and can turn the game {{champion:75}} shure your aerly is pritty meh but you WILL be a big problem as the game progresses strong overall champ
I agree with the Nasus and Cho opinion totally! Thank you for the reply, I appreciate it! I think what fits me is Gnar, but I'll play Cho or Nasus sometimes too, thanks a lot, drymonkey!
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevlu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rsexEero,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2019-08-13T10:03:58.159+0000) > > Thank you a lot mate! Appreciate it. I already figured out my main; Gnar, but I'll for sure play some of these, maybe Trynda I was thinking. Thanks, <3 Anytime Nevlu! If you ever need any further help just let me know. :-) Gnar is a great champion, but it takes quite a while to learn properly. Me personally, I usually fail on him completely. Obviously it's a very strong laner, with nice range and poke, and with potentially pretty strong tankiness. Although I feel like he really needs the team's cooperation to shine, which is where most of the champions I noted down kind of out-trade him. Also, if you miss your ult in teamfights you're kinda irrelevant, as it's pretty much what keeps gnar somewhat popular. If you stun 4 people in a teamfight, that's unforgetable though, and you pretty much solo won the fight. Be as it may, do give him a try and then decide on your own later whether you want to stick to him, or you want to pick something else. Just beware of the counters, some champions can give Gnar a pretty hard time ( we know you're here Irelia {{champion:39}} ) Go Gnar, go! {{sticker:sg-shisa}}
So far I like him a lot. Thank you so much for replying! You sound like a good mate, maybe we could team up one day to play? Let me know, or maybe even add me. Looking forward to your reply <3
Νami (EUW)
: Gnar is pretty cool but some people will hate you for playing him! :D
Why do you think so? :D
: > [{quoted}](name=Nevlu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=rsexEero,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-12T18:28:38.420+0000) > > Hello everyone, I'm literally desperate because I've been trying to find a main for literally weeks now and I still don't know who to main. I like Twised Fate a lot, but I just don't enjoy the fact that you should roam with your ult and also you can't carry with your damage like you could with other champs. So let's say I want to main someone that has got good damage (good enough to carry when you are good at the champ), is fun to play, doesn't have a big banrate (lower than 10 or 5%), preferably is AD and is played at the top lane. Thanks for answering in advance. You can't go wrong with: {{champion:36}} - Dr. Mundo Pros: No mana (so you dont have to recall just to be able to stay in lane cause of mana drains) Lategame raid boss (if they dont have a champion specifically designed to burst through tanks, you might even be able to pull off 1v5s) Not very prone to being ganked (generally you dont push very hard, you're pretty fast, you got slows, so you're somewhat safe from being ganked) Doesnt need to build any damage items at all to do pretty serious damage Cons: Can be kited by good players if left alone without the backup of his team Youre not going to be the one doing most of the damage - you're just soaking it in and waiting for everybody to drop dead to your ADC. {{champion:80}} - Pantheon Pros: Stupid strong 1v1 potential (if played right there's not a single top laner that can outduel you) Has ult to get back to the lane or to roam to mid / bot (though you've mentioned you dont like roaming with TF - just use ult to get back in lane instead of TP then) Easy to set up ganks for your jungler Very straightforward playstyle and doesnt require too much skill Cons: Ticking timebomb - Pantheon falls off pretty hard lategame, and does not do very well in teamfights. Which means pressure is key - the current meta is actually set up for this perfectly. But you want to fight all the time with Pantheon. Ignore farming. Just poke and fight. You want to pressure them really hard early on, because you're practically unbeatable in 1v1s. Can be somewhat mana hungry early on, sometimes forcing you to back early (but if played right you'll only back after getting kills in, so you're backing pretty much at the same time as the enemy is) Is getting reworked, so I cant really say if hes gonna be just as strong. Can be counterpicked, especially with ranged top laners who'll poke you out of the lane and you'll be unable to engage. {{champion:23}} - Tryndamere Pros: Insane damage Very strong duelist (close to unbeatable after level 6) Very strong splitpusher No mana Cons: Whilst its a very simple champion mechanically, it requires some time getting used to - you win through splitpushing and macro game with him, not the classic teamfighting. Can be kited somewhat easily by certain champions, and is rather susceptible to cc (stuns will kill you pretty fast) {{champion:126}} - Jayce Pros: Good duelist Is partly ranged, so he can hold his lane against even the most annoying champions ( {{champion:133}} I see you ) Has a pretty good way to disengage if required Tons of damage mid-game Can snipe people dead from afar (really high range on his snipe) Built-in mana regen on his W passive Cons: Somewhat hard to teamfight with, falls off lategame (not as hard as Pantheon, but still, does) If you fall behind you're gonna be pretty useless for the rest of the game Hope this helped - all of these are really viable, suit your description of what you're looking for, and have pretty low banrates (Pantheon might change though). If you need any more help let me know. Regards, Luc
Thank you a lot mate! Appreciate it. I already figured out my main; Gnar, but I'll for sure play some of these, maybe Trynda I was thinking. Thanks, <3
Νami (EUW)
: AD Twisted fate. It's a legit thing as well, it's better than normal TF I think!
Yeah, thanks for the comment! I already tried that and it was kinda fun, but still not the kind of thing that I wanted to main. I finally chose my main; Gnar! Thanks for the reply though, love you, <3
: Try some champions. If you are looking for a toplaner I'd suggest starting with some common bruisers like {{champion:24}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:240}} etc.
I'll try these, thank you!
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