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Bleach204 (EUNE)
: Does Mobile Payment Work for You?
I wouldn't recommend mobile payment because it takes a lot of money for a small amount of RP. I used either paysafe or prepaid cards
lalalagirl (EUNE)
: Rate this cosplay
If I had at least 1/10 of that money I'd be the happiest person on earth. For real lol
: yep, i miss it too, simple QWER skills and not to read them like im in library.
I know right!? I really want a champion like this!
: nunu rework and the mighty guys behind it deserve to be honored
Lmao you should watch the special interactions
Febos (EUW)
: Get in line. Heimerdinger has been waiting for 1494 days.
Why would Heimer wait for one if he already has a lot of them? Look at Aurelion Sol, Kayn, ~~Lux~~, Kled. Those are the ones who need a new skin
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Pyrosen (EUW)
: Riot does not use Viruses, no You probably downloaded something else along the lines of league and it masked its self as Riot or whatever, that or Avira is being bad which wouldn't suprise me lol
Nah I didn't download anything. It was 100% a Riot file from the patch that just had happened. Anyways, Avira can suck sometimes I agree
: Could be a false positive, Zip the named file, note the version, contact support and ask them if it's legit,
I scanned my whole computer with the antivirus, and every single suspicious file that existed I erased it. If I come across it again I will. Thanks a lot
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: its something else do you remember back in the days when we had 40-50 mins average game and now average game is 20-30? everything is just... ducked up to get that and, well i cant speak for everyone but i dont like it for sure
I agree. It's so %%%%ing frustrating to lose a game at 20 minutes because your jungle was inactive or your midlaner fed
Hydnoras (EUW)
: They are already buffing the adcs by reducing the cost on ie and zeal items. they also reduce the amount of crit they give to allow this price change and to make it so that you don't exceed 100% crit with 2 zeal items anymore. >The new one is very bad because you need a lot of items before buying the IE to get 100% crit chance. You need less than before. Before you needed IE, 2 zeal items and an ER. That's 4 items and 2 of them were expensive. Now it's enough to buy ie and 2 zeal items and you will got over 100%. After the changes you will get to exactly 100%. I will be playing my corki mid again after these changes. >-Nerf A LITTLE BIT the tank items Damage. Tank items don't give you damage. Bruiser items give you damage and they are supposed to give you damage. >The point of tanks is to absorb a lot of damage, CC, and tank. Not dealing more damage than the ADCs. This argument is always invalid. Bruisers don't deal more damage than adcs. Adc is squishier but deals more damage. Just because a bruiser can 1v1 you, it doesn't mean they deal more damage than you. They just take more damage.
I agree with you except for the last part. I had several games, several I repeat, where Mundo with tank items and as u call them bruiser items, dealt 20K more damage than the adcs
: You get 100xp for the missions of which you already own the icon.
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: Actually PBE became much more toxic than my EUNE server.
I agree. I am from EUNE as well and I agree. PBE is garbage right now
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Maybe its good idea to start creating some more toxicity reports and toxicity controls there...remove the naming and shaming rule in pbe, you know? But heh, riot wont accept that suggestion anyway
Naming and shaming should be 100% allowed as long as the person named is either: -Trolling -Griefing -Intentionally feeding -Being racist/homophobic -Slightly intentionally feeding (example wintrading) There should be a new sub-board named something like Penalty Assist. Photos of people doing the above things should be posted and every day Riot should check them and decide. That way, Riot could easily see and judge someone manually. Not some stupid a*s AI. Also what I really hate is when someone says "ez" or "u r so fcking bad".
Febos (EUW)
: \> be League Community \> complain about PBE being "exclusive" \> Riot allows joining by the thousands \> complain \> Riot makes PBE more "exclusive" and removes older accounts \> complain \> Riot opens PBE again, this time it's even easier to join \> complain again *** \> be Riot \> does what League Community wants \> community complains everytime
I have never complained about PBE. I am not triggered or something. You just have to agree with me that toxic people ruin the game :D Also, I just ended a game on PBE and we had our Riven top afk because she fed and our Mundo jungle was afk as well because he got executed 3 times to jg camps. If this doesn't ruin the whole experience of the game I don't know what does lol. That's all I wanted to say :D
: Lmao I'm not going to say anything to Riot. He literally said in his post that his friend was playing on his account which they don't allow and that admitting to it on the boards probably isn't the smartest thing to do... moron...
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: Did you just admit to account sharing on the boards? Well at least you won't have to worry about being Bronze V soon...
Go snitch that to Riot. Riot really sucks. They dont allow boosting but they allow smurfing and intentional feeders. And this is not account sharing. He didnt sshare his acc details.
jacktjong (EUW)
: It's hard for someone to lose if you help them. Just go roam (not too much, don't let yourself get behind) and give the laners the kills. No matter how mechanically bad they are, if they get ahead enough that they can win by basic attacking an enemy (or just hitting half their spells) then it's ok. Of course, sometimes this strat still won't work because the bad teammates are just REALLY impossible to help, but this strat will at least get you a positive winrate. It just comes down to that learning to roam is one of the best things you can do to learn to carry. It's how I have a 75% win-rate on Taliyah :) (p.s. plz disregard my OP.GG profile, I've been playing a lot of Zoe mid and support which kinda screwed my win-rate in the last 20 games xP)
you obviously dont understand me. 80% of the times I lose is because my teammates dont want to win. its not that theyre bad. they dont want to win. literally.
: Hi, this is my 1st ranked season and I started playing ranked once I got my level 30 and I didn't know almost anything about the game other than pressing buttons. I got placed in Bronze 3. I kept demoting until I reached Bronze v itself. I always thought that my feeding team and trollers held me down until one day my Plat 2 friend decided to prove me wrong. Taking my account and he played 2 games in front of my eyes. 1st one he played veigar and solo carried the game, ending 25/9/9 despite his rengar never ganked him and fed so hard ending like 3/18 and enemy Evelynn camped him and was so fed like she ended 20/7. The 2nd on he decided to play morgana mid. In case I ever though he carried cause he played an OP champ or anything he played a support in the mid. Again he carried so hard and ended 8/2/17 helping his team an carrying them. He reminded me that he almost don't play mid in ranked. He playes tanks top like ornn and nautilus. That't when I realized hoe bad I was and decided to improve myself. I'm now silver v 80 lp and I hope to end gold and I'll never do te same mistake again. However you have to accept that some games are unwinnable. if many lanes are behind and the enemy snowball proberly and take objectives, the game would likely end before you can do anything. It takes you just over 50% WR to climb. You don't need to win like 70% of the games. GL HF {{sticker:galio-happy}}
Your comment is awesome. First of all, for your own security, don't share your account with anyone because Riot gets angry with that. Second of all, your friend was a platinum player playing versus bronze5 players so yeah it was kinda easy for him. I am happy that you reached silver and you can easly reach gold. You have time until november (the season changes then)
jacktjong (EUW)
: There are a lot of ways to carry. One of the best ways (for a midlaner): Get ahead, then get your even lanes ahead. Losing lanes are usually a lost cause,it's better to throw a snowball down the hill than pushing one up till you can roll it down again.
Geat ahed - ok thats not that hard. Get your even lanes ahead - How when they dont want to win?
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Freez99 (EUNE)
: Please Mind about Master Yi Nerf Really Soon...
"This champ is the reason one day I will commit suicide" Lmao, edgy 16yo teen. There are real people who commit suicides every day for serious reasons like not getting loved, having problems and stuff and you're crying on the boards just because a non-existing thing makes you tilt. Grow up. This post is not serious
Coxis (EUNE)
: Pssssst. Come in here. I gotta tell you something
I got so fc*ing scared when my name was displayed. I thought I was getting publicly perma banned or something
Walcko0 (EUNE)
: 1st of all, i really don't know how to take screenshots.. :D Second i dont find the need to blur out the names of my friendsor mine... that is why you can accept new friends if u want to.. Third i didnt know your post can get downvoted and i posted it here cause i didnt know where else to post it... Have a good day! :D
Have a good day too man. Sorry if my comment made you feel bad, I had some problems when posting it
: Judging by your tone, how pissed you are and the fact that you called me ''kid'', I can say that you are under 18 years old xD
call me Bond. Only if I can see my kids! Becky did it again smh white people
: > [{quoted}](name=NickosAvgeris,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=TWMEcYAf,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-07-19T14:38:01.794+0000) > > Should we expect it in the next patch? Unfortunately I wouldn't hold my breath. But do think its a great idea to forward to the team.
CJXander (EUNE)
: It's even more funny you cannot use prinscreen button.
Even more funny he didn't blur out the names of his friends and that's naming
CJXander (EUNE)
: It's even more funny you cannot use prinscreen button.
Even more funny he posted that in the bug reports so he won't get downvoted
: That't a pretty neat idea.
Should we expect it in the next patch?
: So you built {{item:3036}} instead of {{item:3033}} vs a Mundo and you're complaing? Also, your LB with 172 CS after 41 minutes was probably the cracking point. I doubt she managed to do her job by taking out one of the squishies any time in late. And a small advice: Consider taking Lethal Tempo or Press the Attack vs all-in lanes. Your opponent won't trade much and afther the nerfs to Fleet Footwork that dulled-down sustain might help you against poke lanes but not that lane. Bonus Attack Speed or Damage would have helped you a lot more in lategame.
Thanks a lot for the tips. I will keep that in mind and yes LB didn't perform well in that game
stefanos (EUW)
: get exe culling and dont stay behind in farm if he is levels ahead of you its logical he will do more dmg than u
No it's not logical. He was only one level above me and just 200 gold above me as well
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: It's google trends
: 1) Haters gonna hate (kappa) 2) Morde also needs a new skin! The number of skins a champion has isn't the only important thing! When was the last time Morde got a skin...2-3 years ago! If a champion didn't get any skins in a long time, then they certainly deserve one 3) I know you didn't have a third argument, but you don't understand what ''humour'' is...don't be that guy...
You only had one argument and it was the 2).
: League is dying...?
By the way, what's the site that u used to get that info? It looks awesome
: Mordekaiser needs a new skin!
No. First of all what you did with the poll was very bad. Second of all, champions who need a new skin are Aurelion Sol, Kled, Kaisa, Taliyah (she got a new skin recently though), Lux (Kappa I don't mean that), and other champs who have less than 3 skins
: Just like Overwatch, which also overtook League on Twitch for a pretty long time but balanced out and League took the lead again. Hype trains are an interesting but weird phenomenon.
Overwatch had so many opportunities but didn't take any of them. They are at the bottom now and League is going to be too soon unless Riot brings something new in the S9. I play League every day and I hate it.
Atlas (EUNE)
: I get honored every game, most of the time the most honorable player, everytime i log in i get 1-2 key fragments with a message that I'm getting 500% more honor than other players but my level is stuck at 3 2/3 for some reason... Being friendly just doesn't pay off...
: Wow thats pretty amazing, im level 3 1st checkpoint.
I am level 2 1st checkpoint. I get honored VERY often but I'm not leveling up. Congrats tho
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Declined (EUNE)
: That is correct, I was trying to highlight the fact that what he's talking about is sensitive material, so it's best to let everything happen through support. You're right though, I could've probably gone into more detail on the matter. Seeing as he's already created 2 tickets the best thing he can currently do is sit tight and wait for them to get back to him, as for all the other details he's worried about, Support will guide him through it.
Question: Can't Riot record the IP of the "hacker"? For example with this guy. Why don't they just check the IP of the person who played those recent games and ban that IP if it is actually a hacker? Scanning IP's is easy but I don't know if it is legal duo to privacy laws and stuff
DutchPro (EUW)
: Used to have a strong mentality, pretty tilt-proof against toxic teams and stuff. But lately it doesnt work anymore. I stopped playing ranked for like a month now, only playing 1 game per 2 weeks to keep lp from decaying. Played urf like 60 games, but also quit since it would tilt me even harder than ranked
ikr. I was enjoying the game until the past year changes. Maybe it's the elo that changed. Everybody is flaming and shit and I am uncontrollable with my emotions. I had a goal to reach Plat but I highly doubt that that will ever happen due to the teams attitude. Had a Lee in my last game who made bad calls and his excuse was: "Well, we lose anyways". Man thats sad
Smerk (EUW)
: Wait a moment, you said you had MF in your game and she was fed, now you say it was Kog and he was feeding. Also you said Mundo dealt 46k and now it a bit more than half of that amount. This is different game or what?
I think I messed up the champions in my brain but these are the stats of the game we are talking about. I think that I had another one game where Mundo was fed again as well as our MF that I mentioned earlier. I am not lying, there's no point of doing that
Smerk (EUW)
: Mundo is not a tank though, he's a juggernaut, so he's supposed to deal damage. Also can you give a me direct link to the match, I'd like to see detailed stats
Here are the details which you're asking for (I want to keep my profile private, sorry) and don't worry I am not lying. Our ADC Score: 1/11 as KogMaw (yeah league is fun) Our ADC Items: Essense Reaver, Blade of the Ruined King, Berserker's, Dagger, Doran's Blade Our ADC Gold: 8.7K Our ADC Total Damage: 11.7K Enemy ADC Score as Jhin: 12/6 Enemy ADC Items: Stormrazor, Fire cannon, Lord Dominik's, Infinity Edge, Boots of Swiftness Enemy ADC Gold: 15.9K Enemy ADC Total Damage: 27K Those were the stats for the 2 ADC from both teams. Now Mundo, a tank or juggernaut. Even if he's a juggernaut he shouldn't deal SO much damage. Enemy Mundo Score: 6/5 (Yeap. He wasn't even fed) Enemy Mundo Items: Spirit Visage, Ninja Tabi's, Titanic Hydra, Giant Belt, Kindlegem. Enemy Mundo Gold: 12.2K Enemy Mundo Total Damage: 29K Yeah, I miscalculated and said that both of the ADC damage wasn't close to Mundo's total damage. That was a lie from me. But as you can see he still dealt more damage than their "fed" Jhin. All of Mundo's items were tank items (Hydra is a tank item which gives you some AD. At least that's my opinion, sorry if I am wrong)
iSneez (EUNE)
: Those numbers are not really what happened in game other things can give that number like: - I am sure Mundo had some tank item that did damage, like thormail that give damage back, or sunfire which burn the enemy, or deadman plate, etc - Because he is tanky mundo stay more in teamfight and do constant damage (as low or high as he is) - Because adc are very squishy many time full build and feed adc do low damage in teamfight not because lack of damage but because they don't knwo to team fight a) they instant die without doing damage b) they stay so far from fight without doing damage Not the items do the damage but hitting the enemy with those items on, if the adc don't hit the enemy from various reasons they do no damage no matter what build they have, simply their presence in team fight with full build means nothing if they do not attack or if they die in 0.1 seconds. That's why so many times tanks have more damage than others. It is even more like this for top tanks which fight other top tanks for the entire duration of lane (with no kills) and adc farm and avoid fighting, so damage dealt to champion its register in favor of tanks for 10-15 min then it's hard for adc to recover especially in the situations I mentioned above when they don't attack in fights.
All of the tank items that you said are tank items. All tank items give you damage (except for some). We were teamfghting and even 3v1 him but he still survived with his balanced R
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