: Aram-Arama 6 missions luck of the draw completed but no chess
Riot answered > Riot Whiski (EUW) - 13 minutes ago 1 of 1 Rioter Comments > Hey guys, Whiski here, the project lead for the ARAM-arama event. > > We're aware of some technical issues with the granting of Missions rewards. We're working on a fix and all earned rewards will be granted after this is resolved. > > Thanks for letting us know. And if you have any other feedback on the event, we'd love to hear it so we can decide whether you'd like to see more content like this in the future. >
: Second chest reward is missing
: Aram-Arama 6 missions luck of the draw completed but no chess
Yep, "For any of you hardcore folks who manage to complete all 6, you’ll get a second Hextech Chest & Key." Just completed the 6th mission myself, no key & chest reward either, tried restarting the client as well. Bump.
Salamura89 (EUNE)
: Suck in game after game finished. DEFEAT LOOP MY LIFE IS OVER?
elomarjc (EUNE)
: Stuck on reconnect screen, after winning the game.
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IamShăno (EUNE)
: Log In / Client Problems .
same here, bump
: Missions are not there.
: That's actually easily explanable. Because Thresh is so close to the wall that there is no space for Vayne to land after taking the lantern, so she gets placed in the next closest spot along the lantern's path.
How does the next closest spot involve walking over the whole wall, while she visually landed on the other side..
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