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: The fact you take Caitlyn as an example I'm already sure you have no idea how to play Zyra. The problem isn't Zyra, the problem is you for not learning how to play against her: * Zyra is one of the most squishy & partly immobile supports in the entire game * Zyra is extreemly depended on snowballing the early game with a typical 55% winrate if games end after 20 minutes. It's actually drops with 10% in the average game if the game last any longer. * Zyra is an extreem meta depended champion. Useally when utility marksmen dropping out of flavor like {{champion:202}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:22}} her winrate drops as well. How Zyra is right now I would even say she's rather weak add this point in time. Many enchanters can outsustain her in lane while any tank support outscales her in the midgame. Now with tank itematsation addressed she has one of the most underwhelming itematisation options in the entire game. Additionally the times she's nerfed or indirectly nerfed all effected her lategame way to much. Currently she running arround the rift with a 49-50% winrate. That's actually low if you think about it. We came from a meta she was played all time and many players are still able to play her on a decent level. Her winrate will probally drop even more in the long run. ---- ##Here's an 101 how to counter earlygame champions: You don't kill them, you outscale them It's the exact same reason why : * You don't push in a {{champion:119}} * You push in a {{champion:51}} * You don't all-in a {{champion:201}} on level 1 * You watch out for a {{champion:53}} invade Knowledge is power
Thanks for the info
Skyè (EUW)
: do you even know how satisfying it is to get a solo kill as support zyra at level 3 with 1 combo? it is quite satisfying. not for the victim, tho..
The problem isn't her damage, I mean she isn't the only support with dmg (like Brand, Karma, Morgana). The problem is that her flowers have too big attack range.
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