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: They just improved it a couple of months ago, I wouldn't hold my breath since it took them 8 years to change the tutorial where it told you to buy thornmail on ashe
They've changed the Tutorial starting with Level 13 Master Yi vs Level 9 Ashe,what can you learn from it ?
: I agree with you in terms of being in need of more complex tutorials in the game. As a new player, I hardly got into the theory and concepts of how this game works at all. All I knew was "get into a lane and fight whoever is on the other side". BUUT I think it's somewhat necessary to *not shove it in their faces*. Some people, same as I wanted it to be, just want to get to know every single detail by themselves. The learning curve is something individual to every player. I've learned to actually last hit minions when I started playing ranked after like 500 wins. (Talon worked pretty well in terms of income even without cs in lower levels) So.. what I'd like to give the players, is a tutorial series, in-game of course, with scripted scenes, that players can take if they want to pick up a specific lane or champion. You don't learn how to Jungle in this game at all, without watching a YT video or looking at a guide. (Does MobaFire still exist? Lel) Riot has the resources to do this, and it would boost the accessibility for new players a lot.
Thank you very much for your message and support ! A player would learn by playing,i did not know how to jungle for 2-3 years maybe,when I started Blue with Ammu all the teammamtes said :"NOOB !",that's not a good feeling and a start,i guess.That's why i think a good tutorial would be great even about 5 minutes with Indicators or Possibilities. I've played in all division from Bronze to Platinum,and the players of low elo Don't Know What To Do,Don't Make Objectives,Teamfights when somebody is farming on Top lane,because they lack of knowledge,nothing to teach them.
: The idea is pretty good. But it will be so long to complete the tutorial. That some folks take an entire season to complete it. So it will be no good to add this i guess.
It is not necessary to be strictly as i said,but a minimal knowledge and terms explained in the tutorial would be great,about the gameplay and the rules of course. Gank: When the jungler or another team member gang up on an enemy champion in lane Babysit: When the jungler stays in a lane to help babysit it. Zoning: Keeping players out of lane to stop them from getting last hits and gold. UIt: Information regarding a team members ultimate ability, most likely telling someone to use it. SS: Missing in lane - alerts teammates an enemy champion has disappeared and might be trying to gank. Peel / Peeling: To protect another champion on your team. Diving: Attacking an enemy under their tower. Kiting: Moving while auto-attacking a champion / monster so they can’t attack you back. Video tutorial for this would be awesome.
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: Hard for them . I can't even get all cs in 5 waves .
Of course we don't want to teach :"Become a Challanger in 5 days",because it's impossbile. It can be something like 2 waves but with HP shining or changed colour when the minion can be last hitted. I don't want to be something really hard,just a way to improve and make the player know the gameplay with a tutorial.
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: ***
Last night i've finished the tutorial after a 6 years experience and i conclude that it does not learn a new player much things about this game,it shoudl be more complex. The rules and the game knowledge ideed,how many players Respect and Know the The Summoner's Code ? Most of them don't know it,the game knowledge requires experience and yrs of playing this game,but it could be more usefull for new players with a good tutorial. From what i know and what i've seen the most players become a trollers or feeders because they don't care ! So they already broke the The Summoner's Code,most of them are sad about last games or just want to be a macho-man(for nothing). It would be wonderfull to make a sync about enemy lane Champion for example: Champ vs AP,Recommanded Magic Resist. About meta and counterpicks,this can determine the players wich champions they like and were it goes well,i don't think new players should focus to play something out of meta in the jungle and later canno't explain why they canno't climb the Elo.
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