: Clash needs to be buried, and Team 5's needs to return. Clash _always _flops. Team Builder also needs to return.
Yes, I can't wait to see clash join the game.
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: The biggest problem is que time (too long it could take more than 30 min in high divisions), we had ranked teams for 5-6 years and very small group of players actually played it, so Riot decided to replace it with flex, and flex que will always try to put 5 premades team against 5 premades if possible, if you rank high enaugh i think there is higher chance of facing more 5 premades teams than solo players that play flex. Also there is problem with high elo players stomping on low elo teams since they will need to start from low ranks if they play as 5 premades team. The only good is that its kinda different experience to have, so i more disagree with you, i am not against it, but i am not supporting your idea.
Actually this comment helped. Thank you.
: I mean do you need to ? And why ?
I played some tournaments with my team and the game feels really different when you play 5vs5 full teams. But it's not only that, look what Kicherkeks said in the comments above.
: so if you go 5 premades as a team in flex you have bad experience compare with ranked teams why ? since you are matched almost every time with other 5 premades, so if you play flex only as a 5 premades and never solo its 100% ranked teams with the bonus that you can also do it as 2 or 3 premades.
I tried playing ranked flex with my team but most of the times we didn't face 5 people premade.
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