: Avarice Blade? Utility masteries?
No gold income items or masteries
Prey Mantis (EUNE)
: Buff up thornmail!!
Man, build up at least 2 armor items, get some hp and thornmail getting even more powerfull Thornmail grants you 100 armor, get another 100, +champion`s own armor, +masteries/runes and you got about 270 armor 270 armor is almost 73% damage reduction If someone crits you for 1k damage (without penetration, ok?) you suffer 270 damage. Attacker suffers 50+150 damage. For basic And you want to buff? Thornmail-meta instead of cinderhulk?
Dixi Pixi (EUW)
: That feel when you get bullied by two premades...
> Thank you AP {{champion:12}} you did it again. Midlane AP {{champion:12}} As they all say: >Don`t worry, mate, I`m not trolling And getting rekt with 0-13 score
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