: Got 14-day suspension
i sent a ticket and they rejected me Hey there, Avadastro here to answer your call! I checked the case and I'm sorry but the suspension will need to stand. You went way too far threatening to kill anyone's son for whatever reason. You never clarified why you said such a thing and kept going even when, as per your own admission, the other player asked you to stop even threatening you with a ban. I'm sorry but even if you were just roleplaying, you shouldn't ever say something like that as it's easy to misunderstand for anyone who's not in on the joke. Since you never clarified, that other player never had a chance of understanding your threat, real or not, as anything other than a threat. To clarify: Please do not do this again even if you tell the other player that you're just roleplaying - this is not okay! Keep things friendly and make jokes but stop when it comes to serious topics like this! The suspension was correctly applied. This exactly one of those cases where we can skip the regular penalty path - wishing/threatening harm on another player or their loved ones is completely forbidden in League, for any reason. Hope this helps but please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! Wish you all the best and I hope you'll have a great day. Kind regards, Avadastro Player Support Specialist
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: Did you send a ticket to Riot? It indeed seems like a kind of misunderstanding, it's like saying "Kill yourself" in ARAM when someone in your team has 6k gold. The automated system doesn't detect that the reason you said it is that you want them to shop so they'll be way stronger.
i just sent a ticket to riot, i just want to hear your opinion while i sending the ticket :)
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