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: The main problem that i have with Sonji is, is that i don't see his place. He would be terrible in jungle because his dmg is delayed (the q needs to proc on large minions), he seems to be to passive to be able to fit on toplane, in midlane he cant really punish mages nor assassins, and for support there are simply better options... why revive him for 6 seconds when you can pick Zilean...why blink when you can dash and stun with pyke ________________________________________________________________________________ It seems like you wanted to create a support... so let's try and push him into that role a little bit and give him a topic With a name like the corrupted the first thing that came into my mind is debuffs and a counter to heal supports Q: in addition to the dps on champs: when cast on minions a corruption will spread amongst nearby minions (without delay), which makes them vulnerable and let them take extra dmg (increasing the waveclear and the lane dominance) W: Sonji corrupts the enemy weapons and reduces their dmg by x% E: Sonji corrupts the ground so that enemy champions hit will sink into the ground (rooted or slowed (question of ballance)) R: Sonji starts a corrupting rainfall which will deny every enemy healing in it's range
I see what you are saying but the thing is it is hard to think of a new champ not be a copy of another thx for feedback also he is a little bit of supp and mage ik that he is not great but thx again
: The basic concept is there, just need to adjust numbers and make some small changes. Passive might be too strong, maybe he regains 1% of missing mana? Unless you mean every successful spell hit, in which case 3-4% seems good to me. Q is a damage check, but make the zoning part of it (the 5 seconds on the floor) more like a 2-3 second tool. W is number check, but can be very very strong since it's flash. Maybe if it costs 10-20% of his max/current hp would be better. E is damage check. Seems good to me. Maybe the flavour of it needs changing, since a pilar on someone is gonna look weird. Maybe just a circle aura thingy like Zeke's Convergence active. R is old yorick ult, but toned down pretty nicely. I really like it. I'd say put some numbers on it. It's actually very very nice and pretty cool. I'd imagine it feels fun to play with as well.
Thx for feed back
: You'd need to nerf the 5sec timer on the Q. 5 seconds for a zoning tool, is WAAAY to much (look at zoe's cancerous sleepy trouble bubble). Also, elaborate on the pillar's hitbox, how thick is the spell, how long is the duration, is it a buffered animation like brand W or instant like brand's E on main target ?
Like Brand's W .And how about 7 secs sound for the Q.?
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