: What happens when you talk to an intentional feeder
What you say is crap. Had he done what you said all that would happen is that his adc who is apparentlly losing will lose the lane, blame it ALL on Soraka, and then the rest of the idiots will join in blaming Soraka for losing the game. I have seen it happen so many times it is not even original anymore. Supports are the firs to be blamed for everything. Also to add here that anyone on the team that does NOT support (in this game I mean) Soraka over the flaming ADC is as bad as flaming themselves. so no, I don't disagree that he fed...if they just let Vayne flame him and said nothing they deserved what they got. especially if we r talking about bronze....these things happen in every game. I main supports...I get blamed for everything...top laner dies and it is my fault for feeding his enemy even though I have 2 deaths and never been near his opponent and the reaction from the rest of the team is "yeah feeder gj feeding" "ruined the game, reported".
: i got banned on my account without any reason. i think admins doesnt look at players chat and ban from them empty heads. go put glases on admins and ban the real toxic players not aplayer that call another "noob" and u ban it. sh.itless system
I believe the same thing...they punish at random nowdays cause there are too many people for them to handlle
: You dont get a chat restrict from _one moment using a bad word_ cmon.... What flamers want is that you jump onto the flame. Your and their reports coming out of that will be valid. **Don't feed the troll**. Mute them. Then it gets boring for them.
says who? How the hell are you so sure? You really trust Riot so much? cause I don't and I am pretty sure most people don't either...Let's face it...too many people play the game, most of them are really young, flaming, yelling and cursing are a given since they think they are God and the rest are just supports on their team, so I believe that all kinds of punishments, from chat restrictions to permanent bans, are completelly computer based or even random...I also don't believe that they even care to check the reports from anyone under gold or even under platinum...if they took seriouslly every report in bronze there would be noone left playing the game...The game is made for the high categories, Diamond, master, the rest of us are here to buy sking and crap from the store and giving them free publicity, we could be feeding everygame and they couldn't care less...Also one thing I have noticed is that if you don't have a regular group to play with there is no way to get out of Bronze simply because 9 out of 10 game there will be at least 1 if not more idiots that will troll pick, troll, feed on purpose because he didn't get what he wanted or just go AFK...so thank you all you teenagers for ruining a game I use to love and yes I do blame the teenagers for everything.
Skere (EUW)
: Being a jungler doesn't mean you have to gank top, especially not when its losing and if its kayle
Riiiight...junglers are the to make the terain look better...OFCOURCE they are there to gank! ALL lanes...AND they are supposed to place wards too something that NONE of them does
: Janna needs a passive buff
her passive is a joke....really needs an upgrade...
: > mostly thanks to Amumu's Q and a retard Jungler I stopped reading here, downvoted instantly
Did I offend your kind?
Proppa (EUNE)
: What build do you go? Kayle is one of the champs you don't want to be the first to engage, let the enemy group then go to down with your empowered auto's. Guinsoo, Runaan's and Wits End will give you insane AE Dps, but you need to just keep at full auto range. That's how I play her anyway. Was better when you could go 30 in the offensive tree and go full on glass hammer lol.
Well I looked at many builds and most were pretty much the same...a lot of attack speed...wit's end, nashor tooth, Ruined king...etc...
Skere (EUW)
: Calling your jungler a retard because he doesn't gank your lane? Sad.
The sad is that he thinks he is a jungler...plus the retard is not just for not ganking...is for not helping ever...never set foot on top lane...even when I begged him cause we were about to lose the tower he was just hanging out right next to me killing the frog...THAT is why he is a retard
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: Furious about these games...
Dude I sympathize so much...I am a support player...I can only play decent a few heroes that are not supports but I don't mind cause I really like it...I cannot tell you how many times I muted players cause I couldn't hear them anymore or just left the lane and went on a different one simply because the ADC could not even C himself...my latest was a Sivir who after I saved time after time after time from the edge of dying(so much so that after the game the enemy Janna gave me congrats and pitty me for my adc) she dumped me in the midlle of an ,almost no life, Ezreal because she felt like going after Akali that was in the jungle killing a neutral...Janna came ulti EZ and shield him while he stunned me and killed me easy...When I started yelling furious about what she did(was the 4rt time she did the same thing) all she answered was "oh, don't cry and play"...at that point I went AFK...and it was too good for her...she ended up feeding the enemy silly..
: > [{quoted}](name=Omfg a Potato,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=mTEqjMxr,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-08-15T13:09:21.686+0000) > > What's with all the people in normals lately playing really bad for the $@&! of it, running into a 1v5 saying "I'm playing for kills so it doesn't matter if I have 24 deaths", then using the excuse of "It's not ranked it doesn't matter". > > As a player who doesn't play ranked this is annoying as hell and it's been happening a lot in my past 50~ games. I play normals because I'm a casual player and I don't have a lot of time to play the game because of work commitments, but the odd game I do play is normally ruined by someone just trolling the hell out of it. I know riot can't really do anything about this, or anyone for that matter. Just feel like I need to rant about it. Easy, just report them in the relevent category and move on.
that is just stupid and not a solution...his game and ,if we are talking about more than a couple games, gaming day is ruined, he got frustrated because of some dipshit 12yo that is trying to show the world how big his balls are....I AM SICK AND TIRED OF LOSING GAMES ON PEOPLE GOING FOR THE FUCKING KILL AND IGNORE MINIONS AND TOWERS.....had 2 game lately, we lost at both ofcource, one guy had 31 kills at the other game he had 41 kills...and??? they fed so much the enemy it didn't matter...didn't bring down a single tower...not even try...what good is to me his 41 kills if we lose the game? he can take them and shove them...I brought down 4 towers and an ihibitor with fuckin Taric support built...My God I wish I can find the strength to stop playing this game cause it is starting to REALLY SUCK!!!!!!!
Broodpaal (EUW)
: Leaverbuster...
Well if you have bad internet and you know that you are propablly gonna DC you should not queue or play at all...or at least stop complaining about it...if I were playing with you in one of those game I would make sure to report you...I don't care why you dc...if your internet provider sucks get a better one...I don't dc and I expect the same from the rest...as I accept the report if I ever do dc..
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HV Cable (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=hZcfIxz7,comment-id=0005000100000000,timestamp=2015-08-14T11:08:02.104+0000) > > then what you´re saying is that the ADC role is the problem, not the support role. "support is great but if the adc is an idlot...". > > We found one of the problems. > > When people play solo lanes they tend to do better ( firstly if they how to duel) because you only depend on yourself. Plus you got a support main mentaility. No matter what lane you play, you will ward the map so much it looks like the 4th of July. So even if you´re not doing great, you´re still proving lots of vision, which in the long run will make your junglers job easier for ganks. And make good teleports come from your toplaner. I'm not saying the ADCs are always idiots. I'm saying that IF the ADC is one, you are TOO RELIANT on him. Same in TFs, I can land a 3-4 man Leona stun but who cares if team wants to run. There's no role that depends on others performing well as much as support. Also, there's no point in vision if team can't use it (BTW you can only place 4 wards so it's not 4th of July, especially since other roles hardly ever use trinkets let alone OH MY GOD buying a ward). And warding vs not warding is the bronze problem, you climb a bit above, you will see that just like you, the enemy support will ward as well making it 1-1 in terms of usefulness. Cause both teams tend to have towel boys and towels ready. Still, pretty much only the sportsmen decide the match.
I am sorry but I disagree with what you said...as a Sona main I have saved my team many many many times from giving that one more kill to the enemy...and when the ADC is an idiot as you say I sell my support itemn, buy ability and kick ass cause a couple heavy ability items plus ulti plus Q make a kill...as for the wards...I think it is EVERYONE's job to get a freaking 800g sightstone and put a few wards...saves lives, gives the enemy less kills meaning less money meaning less items meaning less power...I don't understand why noone knows that...You say the support is the towel boy...I tell you he is the coach...he can make a game and he can ruin it if he sucks and let the adc feed the btm lane at the start so at 6 minute the enemy allready has 7 kills(true story) leading to a snowball of epic proportions and ofcource defeat...it is not the support role that needs fixing..it is the "killhunter" mentality that needs fixing...thank you.
Jökër (EUW)
: Stop with the abuse.
Well let's see if I can help here... When someone "asks you why" as you say 99.9% of the time it IS so he can make fun of you and totally being sarcastic... People don't like to be told what to do...at any time...even if they are walking towards a cliff and you tell them to stop...they will ignore you...so stop trying You play pugs so you play with people you don't know and they don't know you...don't tell them what to do, don't reply to whatever "comment" they make for your play, do your best, let them play as they feel, at the end report whoever you have to report and move on...no reason to get frustrated, no reason to write posts like this...it is ONLY a game...it is JUST a luxury in your life you could just as well, if not best, live without. Have a nice day/evening/life :)
B14ckout (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FoodMalfax,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=FuExgPqy,comment-id=000000000001000100000000,timestamp=2015-05-26T15:08:44.204+0000) > > I'm not teaching you anything, i'm merely stating that your comment was baseless and exagerated out of proportions. Adapt or lose, plain and simple. I wonder now how can you prove i'm bronze? Oh right, that's just you throwing more baseless acusation left and right to attempt to save face. And seriously, stay on the subject. Also at what point in the post did the poster say he built Frozen heart? Again, baseless. "Baseless" He did build frozen hearth+randuin+cutlass. Those were hes only items :D How I know it? Fucking magic. "Baseless" And about ur elo, it doesnt matter much, if its bronze silver or gold. Im sure not higher, and all those 3 are same bronze, just riot like to make illusion of progress :)
Man I would NOT want to meet you in a match...you are a big time flamer, full toxic and just plain know-it-all..
Emillie (EUW)
: So basically you want this game to be like real life, where if someone ever goes to jail, even just once, that person will never be able to make new friends, get a job, eat at a restaurant, sleep at a hotel, etc.?
If you go to jail you can't make new friends, eat at restaurants or sleep at hotels??? Lol...I think not
: ***
Today an Ashe went after a Lux at 5 minutes in the game, with me as Sona and almost no items and just let Twitch sshoot her while she was hunting Lux...was I supposed to heal all that? could I? Ofcource he dies and ofcource he says it is my fault and I suck as support... Just because you can ADC and get a gazzilion kills means nothing if you don't know how to play with others...I had a game with a Talon with 32 kills that did nothing to help us win and the support that was Taric brought down 4 towers and an inhibitor and had 2 kills and like 7 assist...would much rather play with him again
: Meanwhile, reality looks like this: http://i.imgur.com/AEjqetC.jpg
: Am i the only one always striving to help the supports? whatever i play i always try to save my support unless it's a 100% death for both. Becuz i know that when i play support people don't give a fuck about you it's all the adc even if the adc sucks and support player is playing the lane 1v2. Always show love to the support no matter what.
Coxis (EUNE)
: I actually say "sorry guys" to the enemy team in a stomp... but they usually take that as offensive as well >.<
eh....yeah? you didn't get why???
Trick2g (EUNE)
: What "GG" meant before × What "GG" means now
The worse is when you have someone yelling and screaming and reporting everyone and calling everyone a noob just when the Nexus is falling and then.....gg..... Seriously some people don't even know why we say gg and what it means...
: A chat restriction would be undeserved. A polite written apology from riot saying sorry for not instantly banning that tahm kench is more appropriate. It's moronic how someone can have their game ruined by some twat losing intentionally and they can't show any sign of annoyance or else they are punished for "verbal abuse".
There should be an in-game instant report....and be able to report for more than one categories
TeiX (EUW)
: if i may and htis might be just a possibly missinformed point: the EU is not keen on allowing Greece out of the euro because that would ruin the world's trust in the currency, having greece leave would be the beginning of the end for the Euro (it would send a really bad message for the international stock markets). also the german rulers have made some arguably shady choices forced into the rest of europe through the assembly :| i do agree the UK was prolly the smarter party in staying well clear of the Euro, their economy was stronger to begin with and they didnt feel they hsould shackle themselves(they are not free of flaw tho)
It was not their choice to make..there was a referendum..the people spoke...we were threatened with a Grexit...we accepted what was apparently a bluff...and in case anyone thinks that we party day and night with your money 1)most of the money never make it to the country anyway 2)we have HUGE unemployment 3)the salaries start at 190 euro PER MONTH for a part timer and if you get over 600 A MONTH (not a day or a week) you are considered to be of hight income 4)children at school are fainting from malnutrition at a point that the goverment and the church started giving free food 5) yes we still go out...yes we have a coffee once a week...yes we still party...you don't need money to party...only good friends 6)We are poor...not dead...but keep trying we will get there eventually 7)YES..I do hate Germany at this point..but not Germans..I can see the difference between politicians and civilians...same goes for Turkey...
rjgtav (EUW)
: DJ Sona Player
She is my main and I love her but I got a bit tired of DJ....now I play Muse..and when I get bored of that I will try Arcade...unless something better comes along
: Which champions can be played support?
I can't even imagine how you play some of them as supports...but I think you might misusing the word "support"...Just because he has a stun does not make him a support...I just played a game with Xin Zhao as "support"...he was not...at all...I REALLY wish there was a restriction on who you can pick as support in game cause it really causes the game to be unbalanced and unfair when one team gets a real support character and the other a killer with a stun...
: Languages in LoL
I would support this idea ONLY if there was a separate server for it...It is hard enough dealing every game with people not speaking English if I can't even understand what they are writing what is the point of having the chat to begin with...Besides the arabic world is a big one...I am sure they deserve a server for themselves...
: Dont want to play league with arabic players, they will play ziggs and blow us all to kingdom come
I am not an Arab but this comment is SO racist you SHOULD get a ban for it
: SO MUTE THEM OR DONT GET PROVOCATED? If you know its you behaviour why are you trying to justify it? Carefull next time it's a permaban
Kouèn (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=sMuRFlucky7,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=KENTP2Ey,comment-id=000000000001000000010000,timestamp=2015-08-04T18:18:43.826+0000) > > i innocent bcz they provocated Okay, just listen here. If someone is being toxic, mute him, or say 'oh its my fault sorry' then don't think about flaming him. If you flame him then expect to not get banned, you're wrong m8.
You MUST live in a 70's TV show!!!!!! Say "oh, it's not my fault sorry"? Is this after or before he goes to join a monastery and find God? NOONE is that indifferent...noone alive at least
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Calling people "kid", telling players to shut up, accusing people of farm stealing, and accusing people of using hacks is rather toxic. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything.
please this is the LEAST toxic chat I have seen in 1000 games...the guy said almost nothing...omg? gj?1? these are words they chose as flaming??? I am starting to believe the tribunal is a random bot made to make us think it works so we act good...kinda how humans invented God and Hell.. The kid is innocent
: The - "Chat Restriction" - one and only
Why you do this? you are bad? more like "Get cancer and die" or "Your mom gets cancer and die after I fuck her last night"...I am willing to bet you wished death upon someone more than once...the point is: in order to get a CR you must have been a very toxic player..thus you deserve it...they said it best"higher than average" meaning they don't give it to all with flaming behaviour..you have to be "special"..so..sorry m8 but no sympathy...what I read in your post was"Players are saved from my annoying toxic personality for 3 whole years"
Machairas (EUW)
: Is really tribunal fair?
Retards are everywere...get used to it...
: > [{quoted}](name=Idaisa v2,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E1Mb18kv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-04T00:42:28.545+0000) > > While I agree with this, there is a solution to this problem. > Summer kids can't be in high elo, am I right? I like to play normals though, sigh.
: > [{quoted}](name=Idaisa v2,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E1Mb18kv,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-08-04T00:42:28.545+0000) > > While I agree with this, there is a solution to this problem. > Summer kids can't be in high elo, am I right? yes but for us newbies its a massive task... Think league needs a 16 year old age limit. to stop the young kids which are the worst flamers and toxic players as well
well it is not wise for a game to do something like that as daddy's credit card is very tempting...but they could have some age verification system and match you with others based on that...like underaged go together and over aged same..althought 16 and 18 are not all that different...
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Wishing cancer is not against the law...you can wish your heart out...it is against the law to actually threaten someone "I will kill you" or my favorite "they will find your body in a ditch somewere"...wishing is not a threat..it is just bad manners
Jikzy (EUW)
: True but, Do they really mean that they are death treathing the person or do they just say it? Most likely they just joke about it and the other person can take it seriously or take it as a joke, it depends. If a random person is death threating the other person then its mot likely a joke and the person can take the joke either seriously or as a joke. But I can agree there, Death Threathing should be a hard punnishment.
The law says you cannot threaten the life of another person...if they wait to see who mean it and who doesn't people will die
Jikzy (EUW)
: I would say, imagine those people who spent alot of money on this game and enjoy it overall, okay if they have a bad day and the 14 days of their temporary bann is gone and they make the same mistake and all because of just having a bad day, It happens all the time and getting perm banned for bad behavior is little bit over the line if I can say it with my own words, The only way I can see a perm ban should be used is when a person is doing something against the companies policy or trying to ruin the game for good or breaking the law.
You know man, I also spent a lot of money on this game, buy skins, unlock Champs...why do I have to play with guys like these? 2 days ago I had time for 1 game in the day...just 1...it was the only time I had to relax and enjoy myself after a full day of work...and I get in a team were 2 people wanted to jungle and the one that didn't get the part simply started running up to the enemy and die (feeding) gave them 9 kills at the start of the game...ofcource the enemy champ kicked our ass...ofcource we all got owned...ofcource we lost the game before we even had a chance to surrender at 20 minutes and ofcource I had to read all the nasty comments of the 2 wannabe junglers...and ofcource my game was ruined, I did not relax and wasted my time the only time I had to enjoy..so yeah...permaban their ass off..I play to relax and feel good and meet nice people and not get frustrated even more...it is a fucking game and people should act like it is a fucking game and not the end of the world so YES!!! BAN THEM ALL
Jikzy (EUW)
: I don't think you understand what my topic is about, It's based on spending money and getting a second chance and after a some time, the victum can be offensive and recieve his perm bann, Which I personally think is little bit over the line, everyone has their opinions about this issue with getting perm banned but hey, there is nothing wrong with having a bad day and accidently let your feelings controll the game and the feelings can do damage after the game.
But this is what you don't get..they had a second chance...and a third..forth..fifth...how many chances till you admit they are terminal? They don't ban you first try you know...and they do get warned a lot...A LOT!!! They know what is coming to them...I don't consider myself a flamer but as you said I had bad games and bad days..once even I got a warning..but that was it..To get a perma ban you must be a REAL JERK...no excuses
Jikzy (EUW)
: Toxic Behavior System.
They don't get perma banned for "a few games"...they get it for "99% of their games". This is how they play and yes they spent money and effort and that is why this works...the next game they join or if they make another account they will think better on how they act...plus...who would be friends and play with someone with such bad attitude???
: "Report for 0 ganks"
I usually play support(90% of the time), Usually Sona who at first at least has a minor heal...I have been blamed for deaths all around the map...Once even the guy in top lane blamed me for "Sona no help" when I was doing my thing at bottom lane...so really there is no logic in this...They beleive they are great players and when they screw up they need someone to blame...it's like MMORPG's were it is always the healer's fault for not healing and not the mage's fault for standing on the fire while getting hit bu 10 trolls and a dragon with no armor...Boys will be boys...someone yesterday even went as far as to insult my country and people cause as he said "ofcource you ruing game and not care, you ruin Europe and don't care"...he had 12 deaths btw...
: Racism in LoL
A) Greece did not fuck up as you say...there are so many things that the media in your countries are not telling you...The whole scandal with Siemens...The faulty army equipment, subs, tanks, etc the country was literally forced to buy, mainly from Germany, the loan that Germany took from Greece while she occupied the country in WW2 and never repaid...this is real money...millions and millions of it...yeah..we have corrupted politicians...it is true..but I doubt there is one not corrupted anywere on the face of the planet...also to answer Duk, the southern European countries are the reason the northern have any money to have industry...who do you think imports all the things you make? internal consumtion??? We recently had a referendum asking the Prime Minister to take us out of the euro and return to our own currency and guess what?? They wouldn't let us! They actually forbid it...And now I read there are more countries thinking to exit Euro and some even EU because it is no longer what it started out to be...an economical union..it is now Germany's playground and not even France is able to stand up to her anymore...and the only other country that could( UK ) was smart enough not to enter Euro....
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