Maíko (EUW)
: > that the only reason you're here is that you Want to feel good about yourself Aren't you kinda doing the same thing? Just for the opposite site? >get all offended from a single word ARE the reason this community is considered to be one of the worst That's not true. No one says, "LoL has the worst community because they're so easy to offend" ...the problem here is that there are people who try to offend you...but you have that in every online LoL is nothing special in that regard. I see your point. Many poeple are here, to just make fun of those who got banned. But the OP asks why he got banned and he definitely said something, that was against the pointing that out is perfectly fine. I don't have a problem with people which are making fun of long as it is entertaining in some points. But when it's a pure assault, which is only meant to hurt someone, i want that guy to get punished. It has nothing to do with beeing butthurt...i just don't want to spend my time with someone who doesn't even has the ability to respect others.
That's part of the reason why am I here, but I do not hide it. I am not just saying that lol community is the considered to be one of the worst out of nowhere. I have frequented quite a number of online games and communities, and almost every time I mentioned playing lol, people were amazed at how anyone would subject themselves to a community so unpleasant to be in. Now, I can go on a long rant about how I think its Riot's fault, but I am not going to do that here. Now, I absolutely agree that insulting someone is a show of weak moral fiber. No argument here. But, the other part everyone seems to forget is that just like it is a person's _CHOICE_ to insult someone, it is also a _CHOICE_ _to be insulted_. And if you choose to be offended at some random guy you will never care about calling you trash or something, that's just shows that your moral fiber is weak, just as well. The OP might have offended someone with his singular insult and well, that's surely unpleasant. But lets speak the truth here, the guy who got offended and reported him didn't get his day ruined by that word. In all likelihood he forgot all about that by the middle of his next game and moved on, no real harm done. But the OP totally got his day ruined by finding out that he can never again play on his account. I'd also like to remind that if someone is actually harassing or annoying you, there is always mute. My point here being, that punishment should fit the crime, but it will never happen here, as Riot fosters the current atmosphere of never ending but suppressed _spite_, as it maximizes the revenue for them in the end. And that is all that matters.
Katslayer (EUW)
: Again, if you want people to treat you like an adult, learn to behave like one. That's all the advice I can give you and if you won't take it, well... that's your own doing. Enjoy your dystopian, draconian land of horror and sheer misery. Yeesh.
Nice answer. Thank you for giving me your invaluable "advice" and teaching me how to "behave like an adult". Ended the discussion like a real master too, very impressive. Guess I can't win an argument against this kind of ironclad logic and solid line of argumentation, so that makes yet another internet villain vanquished for you, eh? Well done.
Katslayer (EUW)
: Mad? I'm not the one crying to strangers on the internet because of the "dystopian" state of a freakin' video game that nobody is forcing you to play. Oh, what an unfair world it is, where insulting perfect strangers is not considered acceptable behaviour.
You called or insinuated that I am a kid 6 times in a single message. If that's adequate talking behaviour you're so eager to achieve, I fail to see it, sorry. All you did was to prove my point that the only reason you're here is that you Want to feel good about yourself. But doing something useful IRL is bothersome, so here you are, being a brave internet champion by trying to put "bad" people, as declared by the system, in their place. Can you genuinely tell me that I am wrong?
Katslayer (EUW)
: Oh, cry me a freakin' river and grow the hell up. If you want to be treated like an adult, then speak like an adult and not some cringey 12-year old edgelord that cries when he inevitably gets slapped on the fingers for having a potty mouth. If you spew remarks like these in the work place, your ass is going to get fired instantly and you are unlikely to get hired again. THAT's what happens in the real world, kiddo, and you will see that soon enough once you finish school and enter society. So, I suggest you take _your_ pink goggles off and stop acting like a kid who thinks the real world has no consequences.
Could you be any less butthurt over getting caught with your BS? Please, do call me "kid" more, as this is clearly the only thing you can do to get your "point" across. Unfortunately, my workplace doesn't have dystopian rules, so why would I "spew" remarks like these there? Sorry again for making you so mad by showing you the real state of things.
: I was banned for saying 1 word
Shouldn't even bother talking with these people, they aren't here to help anyone or to discuss anything, only to gloat. They are happy you got punished, infact. Not for the reason that community would be a better place (big spoiler, it won't be). But because they can see something worse than themselves in you, even if that's not the truth. Many people feel better about themselves by making others worse, and this post just made you an acceptable target in their eyes, as Riot is an absolute, dictatorial, dystopian authority here, and it's word is The Law.
Katslayer (EUW)
: You used an extremely hateful insult, thereby **breaking the Terms & Conditions** that **you** agreed to when you downloaded this game. You agreed from the start to never use that word and yet you broke your promise, thus bringing this upon yourself. Riot aren't the ones that need to get their "shiet" together when _you're_ the one acting like a princess from a Grimm's fairy tale.
Funny, coming from a guy that supports the dystopian ruleset riot got. You, and princessess that get all offended from a single word ARE the reason this community is considered to be one of the worst. IT IS sad that these forums and the game are populated by your ilk. Take your damn pink googles off for once. Hope nothing serious will actually happen to you IRL, but if it will, you will finally understand how insignificant words are. But for now, I guess people like you will just continue getting their kicks from standing on what they perceive as moral high ground, showing these "toxic" people what for with their witty (not) remarks. And that shows more than I care to say about you.
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