Coxis (EUNE)
: Well, it's because your overall teams MMR matches. Unranked account start at an MMR of 1200, which is an average between silver and bronze. After that, their MMR either rises or goes downhill, depending on how good they are at the game (teamwork and all). :) That's why, your Gold V can get matched with unranked players since it's really close to that MMR. More info can be found [here]( :)
TLDR; Riot's match making wants 50/50 balance and doesn't mind competely fucking everyones games up for enemy team or some boosted monkey to get their win ratio increased. Basically Riot's match making is already a boosting system.
: Is it possible that you receive the 14 day ban twice? I received it twice on my 5 year old account.
yes it is, just have to not get punished and be nice for a while. Basically there's a heat bar like in RuneScape or GTA. Your heat bar goes up for every offense and down slowly when you make none for a while.
Vionicesca (EUNE)
: My experience is exactly the opposite, minus people playing weird builds, I rarely see that at all. Blind pick normals? Yeah, those are awful. But draft has been very fun and enjoyable for me, while ranked is much more toxic. Not to mention I'm Gold III and I swear I had better players on my team in Silver II.
team builder was only reasonable normals mode for leveling up accounts, literally blind pick wants to make you uninstall and chop the dickheads' heads off.
: Dear smurfs! If you can't reach higher level than you actually are, don't ruin lower people's game
I would appreciate if every bronze, silver and boosted player didn't create new accounts every time they got "trash team, no help" when they're 40 cs in 20 minutes and 0-10-2 score. I'm quite literally sick seeing those abominations flame at new players and ruin games for every one else that are just trying to level their account.
: I wouldnt say Winratio=MMR because in that case everyone with the same winrate would play against eachother. which is clearly not the case as in that case i would face silver/gold/plat players even tho i am diamond 3 with a 55% winrate. I would however say that >However there can be slight differences when u lose and when u win or rather against who you lose and against who you win. Winning against someone with lower MMR will have less effect on your MMR than winning against someone with much higher MMR. is true.
MMR == basically your win ratio, but System is designed to make people have 50% win ratio. This means, system PURPOSELY matches people with high MMR and low MMR to have same team MMR. This is why games end up being absolute mission impossible. System tries to get low MMR (low win rate) players to get higher MMR (win rate) by putting them into team with high MMR (high win ratio) players. Then finds enemies that have same average MMR over all players and same team MMR as yours. This also means why some games are stomps. But sadly, higher your win ratio, the higher chances for you to get absolute horrible feeders into team.
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: matchmaking dosnt go by winrate but by MMR. which is hidden from everyone except riot
but MMR is based on your wins. Win ratio literally is MMR... -> High win ratio -> high MMR. System is designed to keep 50% "balanced" win ratio. Thing is, this keeps boosting idiots and keeping down people who are better.
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: Season 7 - Best Route For Jungle Changed
Think {{champion:102}} will {{champion:13}} again.
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi House x33, Having 200+FPS does not improve your game at all and will generally cause visual artifacts (most common - screen tearing) Is there a reason why you're trying to get your FPS so high? Having it capped to your screen's refresh rate (IE: 60FPS for a 60Hz monitor, 144FPS for a 144Hz monitor) is generally the optimal performance.
What if your game gets screen tearing (weird morphed line running from bottom of screen to top of the screen periodically) only when locked to 60FPS? What if other FPS capping options cause other bugs and glitches? What if unlocked @300-400 FPS (before minions, etc spawn) causes epic glitches where your champion teleports instead of moves forward? What if 'vsync' option just makes everything slow motion?
: those lines may be an unrelated problem it may be screen tearing depending on the refresh rate of your monitor
it's a 60Hz monitor and it only has happened in League and Farming Sim 15. Both games are spaghetti code basically. Also only happens when locked to 60Hz without Vsync. but Vsync makes everything slow motion and pretty much a useless feature in League. It doesn't happen at higher FPS. But as I said other FPS locks give other issues.
Ozeantj (EUW)
: A fix for that would be to set the game from full screen to boder less and ofc cap the fps (the problem is if you pc can't effort a stable fps rate by just staying around and going into a high action 5v5 team fight with much particles. Most of the pc's can't effort this bc it's a different around 50-100 fps)
what are you even trying to say?
: movement prediction
I know this happens, has happened for years. Also if I cap my FPS to 60, I get weird as fuck lines on my screen (game starts getting some jittery line running from bottom to top). When I rise the cap to 80, game just is slow motion-like. When I rise it to 120 it worked fine a few patches ago, now it's all "not-smooth". On 144 and unlimited cap it works the best, but sadly at 300+ FPS when moving suddenly, your champion just teleports the distances.
Rismosch (EUW)
: It happens with everything that is popular. As soon as something gets big people hate it. Take Justin Bieber for example. No matter if his music is good or not, but people hated him because he was so big.
every one hates him for what he does and who he is as a person, not because he's famous. Not to mention 95% of his music sucks.
: Well i think the new ryze is worse then any champion, he is really bad now...
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Spell spamming is not the issue. Spell spamming is his identity. Hence spell spamming is something consistent. He might need a longer CD on his E because using that spell to empower a spell is almost non consequential late game.
what I find EXTREMELY stupid is that E and W reset his Q... his MAIN damage source. I would understand if E had at least 5 seconds cool down, but it's more like 1,5, and it deals A LOT of damage as well!
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Standance (EUW)
: Match history not loading
lol, so when EUNE one gets fixed and works, EUW one breaks?
lieten (EUW)
: Katarina ignores Shen taunt?
she got taunted, just didn't follow shen's path...
: Thats... your answer? Eww.. Feeling a bit sorry here. Asking Riot for IPs shows he got no idea about this matter. But says nothing abou intelligence. Thats a completly diffrent thing. Google it and you will see.
that shows exactly that he has no intelligence. Instead of doing obvious and change the password, the went to basically tell Riot that his account might be compromised AND asked for IP log...
Xêm (EUW)
: Maybe he moved or bought it when he was in another country?
why wouldn't it be converted to one currency though?
: If you want to join the discussion, dont come unprepared. Makes you look stupid. As a start try to google intelligence.
: Jayce Bug
there's no such bug. I've played him quite a bit lately and when you die or get cc'ed middle of Q, you deal no damage. I was top vs a Tryndamere. Both of us had about 50 health and as he used spin towards me, I jumped at him, guessing his spin will end, before I hit him. Sadly what happened was that even though my Q animation practically finished, I died and he walked with no damage taken.
Genielda (EUW)
: If your annoyed with league watch this :)
: Jungle AFK farming too strong currently brainless role
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: How much have you spent on League of Legends????????????
I don't get the different currencies... Who pays in euro for one thing, pound in another and dollar for third?
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Big Paps (EUW)
: People who report others for NO reason.
I report people for intentionally feeding when they intentionally feed. I report people for unsportsmanlike behavior when they: * do not teamwork at all and do nothing towards victory. * Let enemies kill allies/do not assist allies in fights. * are salty. I report people for leaving he game, if they are AFK. I report people for verbal abuse if they are toxic and flame a lot.

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