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pikalov3r (EUW)
: can we talk about attitude towards junglers
Ok now here´s something from a guy who hate you junglers from bottom of my hearth. Reason? You are dumber than a brick. Here´s one of examples I face in diamond games but you can see it everywhere, I´m renekton playing against morde, I have 30% hp, 60 fury, and ult, he doesn´t have flash and is on my side of lane sitting around 70% hp, so what does my jungler do? He says "Sorry I can´t gank he has ward." I´M SORRY WHAT? YOU MEAN YOU CAN´T GANK THRU LANE, BEHIND HIM? HELL RUN AT HIM FROM RIVER. Ok but let´s look at another example, so I´m being camped there´s nothing he can do to help me, but it´s ok while enemy jungler is top he can take his jungle, take dragon, make bot fed, make mid fed, and what does he do? He does none of those, he fails ganking bot 2 times, or by some miracle he succseds and just sits there taking farm, trying to shove lane with adc instead of taking dragon, or he runs around like a silver scrub under preassure like some LCS player told him he will be in lcs team if he wins this game, doing absolutly nothing. So yea we don´t just hate you because you don´t gank we hate you because you are useless in most of cases. I mean I lost any hope in my jungler long ago in s6, but at this point I´m seriously thinking droping top lane, because of you people.
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Gatzurion (EUNE)
: Thoughts on Zoe and her recent changes.
How to make {{champion:142}} balanced? Redo 2 things from her kit. First redo her E, make it so that if she misses, that´s it, no safety mechanism or bullshit aoe if you miss (they can boost it travel speed by 50 to counter this), and lower the time for the slow from 2.2 to 1-1.5 sec, this will make her actually take some bloody skill to set up her skills since she will need to think before throwing shit all around the place and come on do you really need 4.2 sec CC? And for second change, make her W cant get the more powerful items like {{item:3146}} or {{item:3107}} until level 9 (same shit they did with {{champion:516}} passive), and that´s it congrats you made champion less annoying to play and she will still be useful as %%%% in late game if she survives early game. Plus even after all these changes she has ton of damage just from her q, so she won´t be that weak but will be unable to one shot stuff so easily.
True Sight (EUNE)
: Nasus was built to be a lategame tank/fighter. He has a shitton of counterpicks and a non-existent early game. His Q and ult are literally his entire kit, if you don't play him AP that is. Veigar is an immobile, squishy mage that can't burst a target without a good event horizon or a good hard cc from your teammates. He gets %%%%ed by assassins like zed/talon/kayn and mages like syndra/malzahar Any champ that gets fed is hard to deal with. Not only champs that have infinte scaling :)
Well you see there is difference, Nasus doesn´t need to get fed to do shit done. I had nasus that kept suciding and won the game because each run he got 20-30 stacks, his end game score was 3 13 and worst thing is you cant even send one man to deal with him since he will just kill that guy, a champ that is 1 8 can solo a 13 2 champ shouldn´t supposed to be possible. So you have a champ that even if you camp (If by some %%%%ing miracle you don´t get camped by enemy jungler) will still be useful. And I don´t want to point out that you need to ignore all the other champions, who will probably fed (I mean at least one of them) since I really doubt all 3 lanes and jng will win, and than win a game 3 vs 4, or ignore nasus that is probably attacking the nexsus by the time you finish the team fight, and don´t tell me "well just kite him duh...", how am I supposed to kite something that has 20% life steal on passive that heals for 300 hp each q that has 2 sec cd and slow that doesn´t slow just my MS, oh no it also slows down your attack speed down to 99%, and with these new runes only make him stronger. At least Veigar is useless if behind and can´t splitpush like madman not caring about a single thing or death he accumulate.
YHWH Adonai (EUNE)
: I think so too. People tend to choose characters with favorite skins more often than others. When Pulsfire Caitlin was released, she was present in every second game.
If that was the case, I would just brush it off. But the thing is every 3rd vayne or so has the Project skin, all the others have classic or some random skin (classic in most cases).
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Praes (EUNE)
: Win rates mean everything, not that you can't Ivern work it's just harder than making Amumu work. It doesn't mean the champion if it's win-rate is bad it's bad on the average player. Lcs and things like that are way different from soloQ and are the reason a lot of champions get nerfed. Let's be honest here, I'm most likely the highest division in this chat room, looking statistically, and I don't think that the Vladimir's or Yasuo's are that good at my elo.
Rember the old 5.0 attack speed kog? 46.18 win rate when they reworked him, and they should that thing was broken AF I played him and bursted down lb in mid of her w, well yasuo is sitting 50.52, does riot care? No they don´t they just gave him a little push to change a build a little, Armor pen only on crit oh no what he will do now, oh yea change one tank item for something with crit and viola 40-60% crt, back at criting people for 300-400 damage with over 3k hp. What they need to do is lock away some of his power, first of all remove his e+q combo, that shit is broken and needs to be removed if you can´t land one skill in point blank range while you can´t even press r to waste it like some champions can you know like shyvana, rumble and etc. that really need it, than you don´t even deserve it, why would yasuo need to have a privlage of being extra safe type. Second lower his damage output, either be squshy and do tons of damage or be tanky and deal some damage(same as renekton my main, he needs to be nerfed in this departent too), not both, and third wind wall need to have a hp bar, braum at least takes damage after first shot, and that damage can get incressingly more painful if the enemy is syndra or mf, but again, yasuo gets a free ticket and goes away without losing much with just pressing w, that takes the size of half the lane and blocks everything. Overall he´s too tanky with too much utility and damage needs to be nerfed and this incoming nerf is not chaning anything.
: yes, you missed the yasuo is broken party, nobody talks about him anymore
Sooooo, all these treads are just invisible or do they vanish overnight when rito just delet them and proceeds to nerf something irelevant?
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