ChibiAngel (EUNE)
: Elder dragon soul is totally balanced
I'm here to complain about this broken buff from the Elder Dragon as well, because it's pointless doing outplays late game when a random proc from the buff can kill you when both players are on even low hp or within a range of the buff proc and the player without the buff will lose the fight because the enemy player has that buff and kills you instantly, even tho you could kill them. Please remove this stupid thing, because this is not how players will do a comeback and make the game more exciting to play.
Fathands (EUW)
: > Ever since the patch that was released few days ago The current patch was released 2 weeks ago. If you started having problems a few days ago the reason must be something else.
No, there was some update a few days ago, I know it required for me to download something more before being able to log in, I supposed it was a small patch, it was 1 or 2 days ago, maybe 3 days, don't remember exactly, but ever since then, I'm having issues with the fps. EDIT; After the mid-patch update, that was on the 5th of september, I started to have these issues.
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