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Sinfinite (EUW)
: My boy {{champion:516}} , I have started playing him recently and he has been seen in worlds, but not in normal games.
Ohh Ornn i still remember my last game with him it was a disaster unfortunately
: Irelia, because I never met one!
: Ye I dunno man, I've heard rumors that he is one of the greatest late game tanks in the game, but idk
: Who is the champion that's played so rarely, that gets you surprised when you see him in-game ?
For me it's Riven, maybe because I'm only gold 2 and i play normal games only. Idk
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R5T Gavriel (EUNE)
: I do not deserve the perma bann
: am i safe until the end of the season?
Dude i'm Gold 2 0 lp probably more than 4 months. You're fine don't worry :)
LeSkunk (EUNE)
jorian999 (EUW)
: Ayrton Senna skin
Blitz or Rammus are more suitable for such skin
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: How much difference is there in skills between high bronze and low gold?
not 3bood (EUW)
: what do you think about a bloodmoon zed skin will be added to the game
If they make it an Epic skin ok.. I personally want to see some sort of a dark star skin or something darker/shadowy. But at the end we might get a star guardian who knows ...
: How well did you do in season 8?
I started from Silver 3 and took me about 4/5 days to get to gold 5, then i stopped climbing. I guess ill do the same procedure in the new season.
Moenky (EUW)
: Why are you guys on the Boards? :3
I'm here because i like to read articles made by players who were banned and try to explain how they don't deserve the ban and it was all Riot's fault and they never did nothing wrong and they don't really care about the band ( but they do ), while the rest of you ( yes You i rarely comment ) explain them that they do deserve the punishment that they got. I'll walk myself out :)
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Lari (EUNE)
: Can not find match!
Same here, after a remake i pressed skip. And now everything is stuck trying to connect to the game that is already over.. This happend a month or two ago.
KillDiger (EUNE)
: me 2 and its says my card video not updated
I've {{sticker:galio-happy}} got the same problem ;( at least i can watch the game between Portugal and Uruguay until they fix it
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: league of legends queue bug!!
I'm from Bulgaria the same problem occurred last night around 21:00, today i was able to play one blind pick game but then the same problem appeared.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Wow i disabled it upon starting a game and after the end everything was fast. Thank you so much i hope this will help to other with my problem. And i just want to say that there was no in-game fps drop after that.
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