: Feels like advertising but I just had to share this
Doran's Ring, Doran's Shield, Doran's Sword, Doran's Shirt. Doran is love, Doran is life....Doran.
Axelney (EUW)
: Literally me when i logged in today
What in the world did I just watch...lol
: A message to Riot..
I never expected that there's another person who suffers with a disorder like that. Hope you control it well without flaming ;) EDIT: Heartwarming story..
Sayainji (EUW)
: Blue Buff Bug
You're too drunk.
Rioter Comments
: Bye league I will miss you
God damn it, how dare you trick us.
Rioter Comments
borikuna (EUNE)
: I serve Justice.
Justice is served. You my friend, deserve a snack. {{item:2009}} Here you are.
: OMG this is sooooo fcking true *u*
: I.. I'm sorry :(
Another player lost from League Of Legends. Hope your ban is lifted, mate. Useless kinds of reports always happen.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Amazing gentleman Azir concept
{{champion:268}} It took me so long to figure out the difference. I found out that the skin is white, has a moustache. Very gentleman-ish.
: Allow us to surrender 5/10 minutes sooner if we are down a player since the beginning of the game
: I Attract Noobs in Every Game.
TweetNooblord Oh God, someone made this as a thread. Brb tweeting.
: Hi Geoffrey (from Riot NA) sent me this Poppy poster on Facebook
Emillie (EUW)
: If there was no cdr cap, who would be the most op champion?
l3imbo (EUW)
They should've seen what they were doing. {{item:3340}} Can't buy wards, gg
Agidyne (EUW)
: What the poppy comic taught me.
My my ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Minions are FREEZING
That randomly happens, although maybe it's fixed now, as I don't experience it in the next 5 matches.


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