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Yeah crap is saying that every now and then for past few days
qko pate (EUNE)
: if it comes to the community you can buy skins of a specific champion to get them buffed but personally asking Riot to change something that is so obviolsy broken like {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:55}} ETC Will not help since these champions have "COUNTERPLAY" Which is play a lanebully and act like lane is the only thing that exists and that the game is balanced.. But if you are an Riot emploYEE maybe?
I'am talking about all of the issues that Riot mad since S3 with 'patching' As far as the balance goes balance is ok-ish new runes make good balancing and game-play impossible. On community I don't rly care if someone flames or feeds etc. match making makes game random anyway. Eh wish someone ran legacy server.
GLurch (EUW)
: :(
I did not say everyone is but at least could name 5 guys before and after from old boards to mode status afterwards.
: It’s not too hard to change a kit without a VGU... riot do it all the time, there’s at least 3 of them on the pbe. Also remember that Diana had large scale changes on the pbe as well but the reception for them was poor hence why they where dropped, this doesn’t mean riot has given up they have just gone back to the drawing board. So riot are currently working on Diana, but if you want that job to be done right you gotta have patience
They changed Ryze 7 times and who knows how many times on kassadin what are you even saying?
: why do people just downvote with no reason
I don't know I read you previous post and up-voted from my previous experience (since season 2 or so) everyone who down votes like a bot on everything magically ends up beeing a moderator wrechman or w/e.
Shamose (EUW)
: > he's as gosh darn Space Dragon >:U no lowly minion should be able to block his way darn it! Isn't the whole point of Summoners Rift(Lore wise) that these beings can battle it out on a level playing field. Like Malphite is a literal mountain, but on the rift Alistar, a cow, is bigger.
is not ahri supposed to charm/seduce others but morgana can 'cuck block' that even for others.
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: riot stole my ideas but not for the right champs
I want diana to be changed as well she is assassin but not assassin bruiser but not that either suggested many changes as well but nothing.
Łux Fetish (EUNE)
Vladislave ti si dečko oboleo ladno daješ pare na ovo govno od igrice.
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mcheema4302 (EUNE)
: Permanent Bans
My issues is that honor and 'ban' systems are not in conjunction with one another as it should be. 15 tiers of honor or so. basically you drop ex. 5-4 instead of bann as idk you worked towards that and hm you got tilted or smth (for like flame int) leaving game ex. 5 - 4 tier 2 when you get under lv3 honor you can't get key fragments for a week and get softer chat restrict when you flame at honor lv1 or sub you get 14 days bann into permanent ban unless you reach honor lv2 once reached honor lv1 or less next time you flame and hard int you lose 2 tiers for the rest of the season.
Jcmana (EUW)
: Opt-in for longer queue with more narrow skill-level matchmaking
Mártir (EUW)
: So Lux gets another Skin, while there are Champs that dont for like 4 years... :-D
That is why they are selling lux out on yt crap that promotes how op cc and aftershock is
: So Riot can ban people for spoiling a movie but cant ban People trolling and intentionally feeding
What kind of bs company banns ppl for saying what happens in the movie ? disruptive behavior my azz. Dipshit company.
: advantages matter only if you use them if you throw your advantage that is on you I don't want to play a game where i have to perfect ace the enemy team 4 times to be on even footing just because they got first blood and drake at min 5
: i don't understand hecarim
Bcs taking 2/3 of someones hp from a combo without procing conqueror on a tank with multiple cc's built in sustain and aoe fear with easy dive is ok. Hecarim is broken beyond broken there is no clear weakness to his kit/play style. Clears jungle like a god Does dmg like a god Sustains like a god Tanks like a god Engage/disengage like a god Easy to play as fck.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PRoxy oQ,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=umK8XWWN,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-30T01:13:50.238+0000) > > elo hell is all the way up to diamond 1 boi I've seen many bad players in Master, so... untill you hit challenger and get a balanced matchup you won't have a really good time.
They are not bad far from that, mechanically maybe depends you probably watched NA streamers they don't have good players aside from double lift i have not seen a good mechanical player on NA. Game knowledge they are good that is why they are there for most part same in challenger. Dont think that mechanics are all in this game (that is why it's so dull atm for yolo q) D1 is around break point for ''elo hell'' as match making will rarely give you boosted players from D4. Or players that got there from bad LP gains that Riot introduced.
: >I would like to point at bad players that are playing in obvious higher ranks than what they belong to, im currently demoted from Gold 1 because of such players , It's a team game so if you want to climb get in a team. >Good Score in victory ( S- ,S , S+) would result in higher lp gains , not much but something rewarding like 2-4lp more Bad Score in victory (C , C- , D) would result in lower lp gains , same idead 2-4 lp less Scores mean nothing because it's not a single player game it's a team game, you can be bad as hell and still win because you had a good matcheup, but go ahead and tell us how you calculate S rank and such, if you mean the champion rank then I'll tell you why it's a bad idea. >this would make bad players drop faster and good players climb higher and make the overall feeling of winning a game with good score more rewarding I'm usually ranked silver but last season after promo I was ranked Bronz 5, as a main support I still played support and managed to climb back to Silver 3 (alone), so if a ranked solo support can escape "elo hell" and you can't climb up then that mean you are not as good as you think.
elo hell is all the way up to diamond 1 boi
: League community and players
Riot ''Everybody has a bad game'' Yet somehow some never have a good game. -------------------(n) A- ; A ..... +1 A+; S-..... +2 S ; S+..... +3 C+; C ..... -1 C- ; D+ .... -2 D ; D- .... -3 LP gain difference max -25 -/+ (n) -15 -/+ (n) +25 -/+ (n) +15 -/+ (n)
Zedant (EUW)
: I can understand cs diference. I just got the whole enemy red side by avoiding vision at lv 1,got all my camps afterward,thhe enemy get 1 gang successfull and now she's magically at my same level.
i'am talking about lane cs difference am not rly interested in jungle for a long time now. Jungle is heavy crab-gank-wraiths or w/e they call it now focused. Your better of going wraiths crab crab wraiths on junglers than picking up the buffs atm. At least none uses that strat ... Fixing lane cs gold/xp difference would mean separation between early mid and late game champions finally after like 3-6 years (not sure).
: this is half true The strong point in jungle gold/xp leads is if you counter jungle a gromp taken from the enemy jungler is worth double it's value a melee creep is worth 20~ gold for you 0 for the enemy laner a gromp is worth 80~? gold for you but it also means -80~ gold for the enemy jungler ie stealing a side of the jungle is as strong as denying a full wave from a laner this is why junglers can't be as strong as laners and farm can't be on it's own equal to a laners if you play properly and invade properly you will get ahead much faster than a laner playing properly and denying properly we also lived in an era where junglers were as strong as laners and graves could hit 3 items faster than a laner hitting 10cs/min and getting regular kills
I'am not even focusing (talking) about jungle this is mostly lane focused post (that fixes jungle along the way). It's about not being able to snowball early advantages enough as death is not penalized enough by lower cs gold xp ratios unless skill lv is far off but in that case your better of picking hard scaling champion that with early advantage are unstoppable .
: wtf is a wrong rune?
Wrong runes = garen with after shock etc. simple fact that you cant have use or enough use of the runes in match-up or in general.
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Scythe3 (EUW)
: Champion ballance
Diana is so fing telegraphed and trash tier if not over feed, and anyone who has played s3 should remember nid Q without ap or Riven with the stick thingy item etc. Fact is ppl gotten worse at the game and are used tho whining, as far as balance goes yes this game is shit balanced. Beyond shit balanced if they were actually trying to balance this (they are not) and made this patches i would call mental institution to send over few docs to check them out and hospitalize them. One of major issues is Riot not even trying to make game balanced or fair it's all about keeping it ''fresh'' and noob friendly. In S3 you could solo carry the game, game was about whose team had better carry. (as someone was bound to get feed) That is why during s3 this game got so popular and hyped which in terms ruined it. That is why we had faker outplays. I'am playing bcs my skills are just above average and there is money to be made. Back then i was try harding as f and hit Master as soon as they made that available. There was not a single positive patch note for this game since S3 nor will they ever make the game as good as it was bcs they introduced so many toxic mechanics. Abundance of mobility and CC and hp% and true dmg and free stuf everywhere make game impossible to balance as that is not property of niche kits anymore like elise got hp% dmg bcs she had no ult etc. As far as balance and match making even the best player this game ever had say it's shit on both ends so go figure.
Takumaron (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PRoxy oQ,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=UagTPjaw,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-04-02T23:49:46.075+0000) > > Role based thing is toxic especially if you play multiple roles. Make NA acc try it it's toxic as f 90LP had to play 6 games before promos bcs i was not playing X position or wanted to change my role. Alright since it's hard to understand what you wrote I am gonna guess what you mean: Positional ranking is bad. If you meant that then i must say they they already canceled that.
yup role position what ever you call it is sh-it, i know they canceled that crap. But it was still up on NA is proly now as well. there should be honestly 2 ques for ranked SOLO (ofc solo only) and Team 5v5 simple stuff but if you are not posting or reddit your wasting your time on any ideas that you might have .
: The ADC, are they too strong at the moment ?
yes adc's are to strong and will be broken as long as there is CRIT not beacuse you can CRIT but beacuse it's RNG mechanic meaning you can have 2 same adcs X vs X and they both have 50% CRIT CHANCE if one crits one auto more they win. Also way to many of them just rely on Attack speed and built in broko so essentially ADCs will never be about mechanics they will allways be STAT check champions same as Jax Kyle Veigar Nasus Urgot etc.
: difference between feeding and dying
feeding you died bcs of your BS not warding not respecting power spikes not playing safe when behind not using your summoners and running down mid walking around fow face checking etc. dying late game is as bad as dying early game bcs death timers are longer and tanks/engage can force on your team and end.
: yeah it make sence
Role based thing is toxic especially if you play multiple roles. Make NA acc try it it's toxic as f 90LP had to play 6 games before promos bcs i was not playing X position or wanted to change my role.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: How reliable are ranked stats?
according to ''stats'' my Morgana is better than average challenger player. So no every elo is %%%%let atm. Also comment from guy bellow is invalid they play everything in challenger. LLstylish (zed main) plays velkoz when ever zed is banned so you can see how to abuse the f out of him there. Almost any champion can be played ofc ppl will default to common meta picks or what ever Riot fcked up on. Some are just dogohizle and should never be played. Velkoz has true dmg so he will allways be viable no mater the meta.
: Can we hope for a reforge of the queues for season 10 ? (vote and debate)
Solo Q should be idk SOLO only and mofo riot should stop matching low q imbeciles in higher games (even if smurffs) example your gold 2 you can only get gold 1 gold 2 gold 3 not silver or bronze had mofo silvers that reached gold 2 or so from retar-ded LP gains in my Diamond promos not to mention they inted their ass off and had 0 actual clue about what the fck to do, got me so tilted i had 53 (14 14 25) days banned for inting 40 games in a row just to say f u RIOT for your match making oh look you won 2 games in promos let uncle riot fix that for you. Started plat 4 from just placements (was in diamond promos in after season thing). But then when i see what they did to upper elo i don't want to be there i would rather have a bronze smurff and have fun teaching some random guy to play and get him to gold.
: I need some advice (soloq)
I'ts simple write ''chill we got this it's low elo they will throw no reason for us to do the same'' ''it's ok guys play for win condition they are not good enough to win'' and so on also don't play on multiple accs i lost skill and feeling to carry in clutch moments bcs of that if your using multiple accounts use to learn champions or roles.
Neekº (EUW)
: How long does it take to get a clean sheet?
doesn't mater it all depends on words you use i had 14 14 25 (days) you have to get ''your honor has been unlocked'' before you can bs ppl in order not to get perma
: His abilities defo shouldnt work vs turrets, which is disgusting. again, RIOT BALANCE FTW!
lmao yeah i completely forgot that he fcks turrets faster than jax ! not only champions
: Imo you can counter him in lots of ways. He cant win all match-ups and early game is not that good as you're describing.
early game 1-4 lv are ok but lv9 or so his w is permanently up, countering is not valid when all champions are not open.
: But they have counters.
lmao counters tell that to Riot and my 30-40 champion poll 20 by the time am in ranked. 3-4 per position RNG based from shards {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's a reason she was nerfed this patch, and is up for another nerf.
how about urgot nasus jax irelia and other that do more or less the same cs+xp = win no reason to do anything
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: Obvious Susan...or Veigar bc they are basically super Saiyan at that point
I'am way more scared of Veigar late than susan little known fact he deals AD dmg and late game adc with pen can kite kill him easy but then Nasus is scariest around 400-600 stacks mark when he has two items and none has pen.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: I agree otherwise... But bruisers =/= tanks, (actually, I'm pretty sure that they refer to what used to be known as fighters, = intended for dueling.... So they should have high base damage -> low scaling -> medium/high def stats) But other than that, I agree. And it is all ass backwards, too.
nah for tanks is low base dmg low scaling /high defend stats/ and scaling of defense stats and for fighters is high base dmg medium/high scaling medium def stats and low defense stats scaling (like riven used to be) bruiser is darius renekton(bcs of ture dmg and hp ult)
: I don't get AD assassins anymore. Help.
riot doesn't know how to balance man, assassins should have medium base stats and medium high scaling /bad def stats/ mages should have low base stats and high scaling /horid def stats/ bruisers low base dmg high medium scaling /solid def stats/ etc. etc. ofcs there should be exceptions this game got it in reverse. 99% of champions are scaling champions hapended around S5 bcs after S3 S4 we got to many kids.
: Let me introduce you to my mother!
Yo dude you sound like you are from Balkans by you mothers speech patterns as that is common stuff here. First thing you should know is that women in general are highly mentally unstable and best thing to do is to ignore them, on the other hand i would suggest that you find a job after high school instead of going to college/faculty. That carp wont do any good for you and 99% of people who attend it. Your mom is probably under a lot of pressure you are not even aware of as your to young to understand and do trust me she knows better than you but she is a woman so she is can't be reasonable and will always over exaggerate things. Now from my stand point you should do what you want but i would advice to skip college/faculty find a job and try to live on your own, making food is easy just Google / YouTube it paying bills is a drag but summer is comming up so you can save up money for heating/electricity and work on your goal with a clear mind. Use couple of months to work save up money to go solo, and work on your future. Meeting people and making contacts will go a long way in your life. Cut out every negative mofo and preserve your mental is the way to go. Few side notes: - Plans fail - things never go as they should - always put your max towards reaching a goal and work every day for it - school doesn't help in the industry btw focus on making contacts and good portfolio is what will get you in and get you payed - Shity jobs and people who are forced to do them will teach you more about life and work ethics than anything else! - Never say I love you first. if you know how to make vector illustrations and animate them in after effects i can pass some work to you to see how you would do and pay you for it ofc.
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: Let's talk about Ohmwrecker
90 sec cd and 3.5 sec with 2250 gold value would make it plausible item, issues no reason to risk 5 man tower dive after which you could get a tower no reason to dive two people if you are not far ahead and cant get tower anyway. if let's say this item had ad+hp or ap+hp with some cdr that would make it worth it's counter intuitive atm dive with tank stats to kill lmfao
Entiloak (EUW)
: Thank you for looking at this for me! I'll take a look. Much appreciated :D
Np, just if you take assembly route let me know so if you need any help i can guide you step by step. I was scared as f when i first did it especially when i blew 5 average payments on parts and was ok how do i even assemble this firs time without breaking it or making it burn xD It's actually easy stuff. I'll also check if i can find you good 580 8GB over 1050ti as that would increase your performance and i've seen deals online for $170 USD if we can find you a deal like that your PC will run everything from 2018 on max settings 1080p.
Entiloak (EUW)
: It's around £600. I live in the UK. If you could do that it would be fantastic. Don't feel as though you need to though haha. Thank you!
Oh shoot saw this one late if there is not to much hurry I'll do it tomorrow. I'll keep this post up on browser to remind me x). Also as this will be parts build i need to know what do you require just the case or peripherals as well. For that kind of money you can get a real solid PC. - MOBO £44.89 - Processor £218.99 - Graphics £149.99 - HDD £38.87 - RAM £42.83 - PSU £34.99 - CASE first one is £22.99 other one if you have to get something fancy is £59.99 (RGB) THIS SHOULD SUM UP TO £553.55 if you cant assemble it I can skype or w/e help you if you need windows you can just download cracked one or non cracked one and use it forever without activating it btw if you need peripherals eh that will take a bit depending on what you want but i guess you have a monitor and a keyboard/mouse speakers. this will run lol and many other games in case you want to play smth else. EDIT I AM NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY TO THIS GUYS ON WEBSITE OR W/E check it out that is where i've seen best prices so far. thou it's still high on some parts. and pls double check i did this at 4am
Entiloak (EUW)
: A computer for league.
If you can tell me the budget i can give you the max configuration i can find for you, you would also need to tell me what country you live in so i could scan shops for discounts etc. If that is something you dont want to post just add my euw acc it's ''urlowelotrash'' and reply here so i would know to login
Senshi86 (EUW)
: Matchmaking and report system utterly broken
I had 2 silver players in diamond promos not to say they hard inted, just off int few games or wait out till the boosted trash and matchmaking gets fixed. I also find funny that soft inting and off inting can't be reported one is where you bait your team but just kite around doing no dmg and other one is like running down but you use your summoners and ''hide'' your inting. And don't mind my <50% wr that is bcs i had 20 games ''losing streak'' shall we call it after i got those silvers in diamond promos, already D1 on other acc so all fine and dandy. Things to abuse to climb: Rito matchmaking you idk if you noticed but Riot matchmaking is all about up's and downs so the climb feels like achievement etc. that is psychology thing that almost every company abuses but you can abuse that as any other set of rules. 1. Losing first or first two games means you should have 30 ish or so % win rate that day so best thing to do is to stop if you get 2 bad teams in a row and play some ARAM or on other acc 2. When on wining streak keep going for as much time as you can untill you drop the game dropped game = no more games for some time 3. Use to check team you can check on i think multi or smth to see if you have a guy on losing streak etc. ppl who are on losing streak especially from stomps or longer games are either inters to be or just tilted/flamers who wont perform. So doge and wait out few hours on ranked 4. Git gud on high impact roll: currently rolles to play are as following - Support ( as i decided to play it on this acc you can impact your carry getting feed or your self if your adc is bad) I win about 95% of the time in lane phase if other sides of the map go even game is won unless bad comp - MID ( roam don't win lane, push roam win game, tilt other lanes in your favor and tilt their players) - JUNGLE ( trash roll to play but highest map impact in the same time easiest and hardest roll to carry from remember that tanks with cc are way better than early game junglers as up until challenger you will not find anyone who knows how to trade with tanks or escape zac sejuani ramus ganks) - ADC (just a bad roll you need to pick abusive laner /high range + escape/ with ok scaling namely cait ez S+ tier from others maybe sivir jhin are ok but require more skill. - TOP ( don't play this roll to snowbally needs jungle assistance in most cases toxic picks unbalanced meta way to many broken matchups you can find your self in worst lane to play by far in any serious elo mid plat is where things start to get serious) 5. pick no skill cc burst brain dead champions by far the most toxic thing Riot has done over past few seasons is making cc braindead way to win a game tanky + cc + high base dmg + sustain means you win every trade vs everything you carry team fights and win the game. the more bs and braindead the champ the easier to win the game solo. other things in that category are hp% ,true and finally mixed dmg champions. bcs there is no effective way to itemize against them final note are stacking champions as Riot decided that there is no early game champions you can also abuse that or just use hyper range insane utility and dmg champions.
: kayle rework and beyond. Keep doing it.
Honestly every time they change something they fu▲ck up the game every rework makes champ utherlly broken bcs they invest money into reworking splash art 3d model and animations so they have to sell skins and earn money. and if it's not broken they will make it broken they know what they are doing in balance team it's all preplanned. Every champion i mained they fcked up fiora riven lee kata akali fizz vi now morganas look. that is why i just troll around. No fck given about the game since s4 mostly here to piss off ppl while i wait for new game
: Bull-%%%%ing-shit, send a link of the game or it didn't happen, Now here is my longest game played 54 minutes with an afk, that we lost because he was afk. Thats 1 hour that could have been ffed if we were allowed to surrender, he left at minute 3 which means we could no longer remake and my jgl and mid were premade and voting no, so I was trapped tried my best and we still lost.
it was like back in S3 i know we played riven and xin others were afk so idk i was holding base while he was spliting on mix build xin that could tank towers back then. Aside from that I can't recall much I know two of us decided to play on bcs we were ahead not even on chat you used to chat back then just for bm lul good old days.
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