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: > [{quoted}](name=Kitty Girl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=c6pA8XTB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-17T12:40:27.418+0000) > > tell how to stop smurfs? and riot may fix it Well for starters they at least could make smurfing punisheable. Obviously usually there is no way to detect it (unless someone openly says they are), but forcing smurf players (or at least mentions) out of official forum and subreddit would be nice. Also, smurfs are only part of the problem. Matchmaking in general is pretty bad, it assumes that MMR scores 10 + 100 + 100 + 100 + 100 = 82 + 82 + 82 + 82 + 82. As a result, a lot of games (at least in my experience) are basically 4v5. There should be a limit - a maxium difference between players MMR scores. I don't think that it will increase matchmaking time that much. And the rest of the time matchmaking system doesn't even try to assemble equal teams - one has average Diamond 4, the other Silver 4.
They should just make it elo based so when idk someone is fing silver cant be matched with plat player etc. you play with ppl same +/-1 elo example plat 2 can only play with plat 1 plat 2 and plat 3 if your no good you drop if your better you go up if you are 50% your where you should be climb is forced Diamond feels like Gold in s3 Gold now is like bronze from S3 etc. But you might never know best way to deal with games is gank bang who ever is down as they are probably lowest MMR member.
yesdsds (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
It's same crap all around
Kpuc (EUW)
: rip euw
same on eune just 'dogged' game as i could not lock in and before that https://youtu.be/S3Ud5VQr3Ns also some times what you see at the end of the video happens also some times I get into the game but cant quick cast making it unplayable. but it's ok I go on loose streaking till Riot decides to ban me for 'inting' aka can't cast crap or pick etc.
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HideSide (EUNE)
: Actually, he is more healthy to the game after rework, whats left right now is scaling and proper counterplay frame ( not counterpick, but like shoving wave under your tower when against Nasus or all in Yasuo early, quick trades against Darius, moving from Fiora to the side of vital when against Fiora, etc.), to make his unique weakness around which he would be played. Right now only way of fighting ryze is to statcheck him or do with your champ he cant do (thanks god for that rework, since he was unstatcheckable before).
Scaling his W without dmg item deals 100 dmg lv1 that is more then any melee aa in game lv1 and his Q crits for some reason.
MinchSko (EUW)
: Nerf ryze already
problem with ryze is his base dmg and lack of proper Magic resist items
: Duo players of Hell, pls Rito save me from these people
It is so they don't have to fix bad match making and so they can keep shity players up in every elo to force try to force their 50% WR logic
: Sanguine Blade Nerf Suggestion
I agree item is busted but whole attack speed is the reason for it that part should be removed as it gives to much push/wave-clear power. Item would be a solid sustain/burst (assassin) option otherwise. Or just bump the cost by adding {{item:1043}} as a component to justify the passive. U can get it after second base easy and be a dumbfck. But as someone once said they removed {{item:3161}} so they have to keep at least one unhealthy abuse item in the game to explain why they don't balance champions in the first place! {{item:3181}}
: Is the support item change a nerf or a buff? - Analysis -
I actually think it solves a lot of problems they have ''better'' stats not higher but more diverse. Gives your your first actual sportive item sooner so you can go over xp changes and help out. Pink wards are not that much of a rush you usually need 1-3 on team to secure vision! Finally supports (from an ex supp main) were over loaded i was trashing adcs with Syndra and Kata supp in plat-diamond elo I was not any squishier than adc and hard more stats and dmg. Same goes for Leona Nautilus Gragas etc. Should they leave 2 gold per what ever no, make it 3 4 or 5 w/e is more than now. Award those supports that get those plays from assist money and not passive dude poking every 120 seconds from 1000 range to proc some gold gain and stay above curve. This should force more of supports to be played down bot then mages etc. All supports have good base and item scaling that is why we had to watch lulu min from FAKER....
: Ye i'm having the same issue recently, and i believe it started when preseason dropped Like my league of legends was running totally fine with 30-40 ms But here these last couple of games i've had a really high ping, like we're talking 150-175 ms And its really unbearable to play, i have no clue if this is something others are also issuing Hopefully someone or riot could actually help with this issue cause i've seen on other recent threads that this has occurred to other players, jumping from 10-20 ms to 70-100 ms after riot's big changes
I had higher ping whole S9... now it's same for me idk
DeathexXx (EUNE)
Actually xp denial/ bot lane carry is now broken also if you get ahead your supp should roam. ADC's and bot lane mages should be pushed back anyway as you get safety of farming a lane and someone holding your hand adcs should be late game thing anyway.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: Didnt the patch notes state you can't get keystones that you can't proc/use ? Kleptomany showering people with gold was not perfectly fine.
Yup yup but new one is crap as well.
: Omnistone instead of Klepto is absolutely terrible
Honestly Klepto was tard rune in broken way as it meant that rito did not have to fix/balance few champs This one is tard rune as well as it has no use and/or it give more RNG. crit rng dragons rng rune rng match making/team rng and so on so on. No Klepto but no this crap as well. And no Saugnin blade crap or what ever SHIFT+DEL that crap.
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Ripped (EUW)
: Summoner's Rift element design [NEW]
I want to disable this patch
Morrhen (EUW)
: - Starts with calling Riot Employees dipshits - Rants about fixing literally everything - Doesn't even have an idea how much work it takes to make a single change without drastically tipping the scales of balance. - ''See, not that hard to change everything'' Man, this post is reeking with ignorance.
Arguing with ppl online is pointless but Rioters don't even read stuff from the boards so am just flocking around and they are dipshits thou. ''tipping the scales of balance'' another one bites dipshitdust BALANCE KEKW {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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: Can't reconect
same here dipshit game doesnt work
: @Mods so you delete a post
Same here, and it happened on many other ppl posts. They say its on wrong boards where ever you put it yet there is not ''balance'' board etc. Plus there is a fact that all discusion is on Reddit and that this board including even NA boards is useless. EU has 0 Rioters paying attention thus making BOARDS aka forum more or less completely useless.
: Ranked ARAM future of LOL
Aram ranked can be fixed by just every played having 2 rerolls 15 champions to chose from
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: Unpopular Opinion: I like One for All better than ARURF or URF.
I like both options better than urf all the same pick over and over again like am watching pro play.
: broken mechanics like what?
like mobility cc creep on shaco pyke etc.
: Master yi unbalanced in low elo
everything that requires team effort to stop is broken in lowq problem is that he is basically animated canceled yasuo that has no problems with tanks that has 80% crd empowered wind-wall on Q. also has no skill or skill-shoot requirements aside from maybe auto cancel with W and ability doge with Q but on second one you can even be lucky over 50% in ''so low q''.
: who are the permabans of urf?
{{champion:57}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:555}} are extremely annoying to play against , some of them you just cant kill some have %%%%%%ed dmg these have both or more basically every champ that has delayed action is useless or if it has stutter animation same case useless. Old urf was way better and champ design of some of new or reworked champions is showing it's broken state.
: just disable urf again, toxicity is crazy, mental breackdown
I agree it's disbalanced as f, tried for few games and quit old one was so fun this one is just bs if you don't own hard broken champs you cant do crap or if you just don't want to abuse broken game mechanics.
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: Error code 1B
Yeah crap is saying that every now and then for past few days
qko pate (EUNE)
: if it comes to the community you can buy skins of a specific champion to get them buffed but personally asking Riot to change something that is so obviolsy broken like {{champion:92}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:55}} ETC Will not help since these champions have "COUNTERPLAY" Which is play a lanebully and act like lane is the only thing that exists and that the game is balanced.. But if you are an Riot emploYEE maybe?
I'am talking about all of the issues that Riot mad since S3 with 'patching' As far as the balance goes balance is ok-ish new runes make good balancing and game-play impossible. On community I don't rly care if someone flames or feeds etc. match making makes game random anyway. Eh wish someone ran legacy server.
GLurch (EUW)
: :(
I did not say everyone is but at least could name 5 guys before and after from old boards to mode status afterwards.
: It’s not too hard to change a kit without a VGU... riot do it all the time, there’s at least 3 of them on the pbe. Also remember that Diana had large scale changes on the pbe as well but the reception for them was poor hence why they where dropped, this doesn’t mean riot has given up they have just gone back to the drawing board. So riot are currently working on Diana, but if you want that job to be done right you gotta have patience
They changed Ryze 7 times and who knows how many times on kassadin what are you even saying?
: why do people just downvote with no reason
I don't know I read you previous post and up-voted from my previous experience (since season 2 or so) everyone who down votes like a bot on everything magically ends up beeing a moderator wrechman or w/e.
Shamose (EUW)
: > he's as gosh darn Space Dragon >:U no lowly minion should be able to block his way darn it! Isn't the whole point of Summoners Rift(Lore wise) that these beings can battle it out on a level playing field. Like Malphite is a literal mountain, but on the rift Alistar, a cow, is bigger.
is not ahri supposed to charm/seduce others but morgana can 'cuck block' that even for others.
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: riot stole my ideas but not for the right champs
I want diana to be changed as well she is assassin but not assassin bruiser but not that either suggested many changes as well but nothing.
Vladislave ti si dečko oboleo ladno daješ pare na ovo govno od igrice.
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mcheema4302 (EUNE)
: Permanent Bans
My issues is that honor and 'ban' systems are not in conjunction with one another as it should be. 15 tiers of honor or so. basically you drop ex. 5-4 instead of bann as idk you worked towards that and hm you got tilted or smth (for like flame int) leaving game ex. 5 - 4 tier 2 when you get under lv3 honor you can't get key fragments for a week and get softer chat restrict when you flame at honor lv1 or sub you get 14 days bann into permanent ban unless you reach honor lv2 once reached honor lv1 or less next time you flame and hard int you lose 2 tiers for the rest of the season.
Jcmana (EUW)
: Opt-in for longer queue with more narrow skill-level matchmaking
Mártir (EUW)
: So Lux gets another Skin, while there are Champs that dont for like 4 years... :-D
That is why they are selling lux out on yt crap that promotes how op cc and aftershock is
: So Riot can ban people for spoiling a movie but cant ban People trolling and intentionally feeding
What kind of bs company banns ppl for saying what happens in the movie ? disruptive behavior my azz. Dipshit company.
: advantages matter only if you use them if you throw your advantage that is on you I don't want to play a game where i have to perfect ace the enemy team 4 times to be on even footing just because they got first blood and drake at min 5
: i don't understand hecarim
Bcs taking 2/3 of someones hp from a combo without procing conqueror on a tank with multiple cc's built in sustain and aoe fear with easy dive is ok. Hecarim is broken beyond broken there is no clear weakness to his kit/play style. Clears jungle like a god Does dmg like a god Sustains like a god Tanks like a god Engage/disengage like a god Easy to play as fck.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=PRoxy oQ,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=umK8XWWN,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-30T01:13:50.238+0000) > > elo hell is all the way up to diamond 1 boi I've seen many bad players in Master, so... untill you hit challenger and get a balanced matchup you won't have a really good time.
They are not bad far from that, mechanically maybe depends you probably watched NA streamers they don't have good players aside from double lift i have not seen a good mechanical player on NA. Game knowledge they are good that is why they are there for most part same in challenger. Dont think that mechanics are all in this game (that is why it's so dull atm for yolo q) D1 is around break point for ''elo hell'' as match making will rarely give you boosted players from D4. Or players that got there from bad LP gains that Riot introduced.
: >I would like to point at bad players that are playing in obvious higher ranks than what they belong to, im currently demoted from Gold 1 because of such players , It's a team game so if you want to climb get in a team. >Good Score in victory ( S- ,S , S+) would result in higher lp gains , not much but something rewarding like 2-4lp more Bad Score in victory (C , C- , D) would result in lower lp gains , same idead 2-4 lp less Scores mean nothing because it's not a single player game it's a team game, you can be bad as hell and still win because you had a good matcheup, but go ahead and tell us how you calculate S rank and such, if you mean the champion rank then I'll tell you why it's a bad idea. >this would make bad players drop faster and good players climb higher and make the overall feeling of winning a game with good score more rewarding I'm usually ranked silver but last season after promo I was ranked Bronz 5, as a main support I still played support and managed to climb back to Silver 3 (alone), so if a ranked solo support can escape "elo hell" and you can't climb up then that mean you are not as good as you think.
elo hell is all the way up to diamond 1 boi
: League community and players
Riot ''Everybody has a bad game'' Yet somehow some never have a good game. -------------------(n) A- ; A ..... +1 A+; S-..... +2 S ; S+..... +3 C+; C ..... -1 C- ; D+ .... -2 D ; D- .... -3 LP gain difference max -25 -/+ (n) -15 -/+ (n) +25 -/+ (n) +15 -/+ (n)
Zedant (EUW)
: I can understand cs diference. I just got the whole enemy red side by avoiding vision at lv 1,got all my camps afterward,thhe enemy get 1 gang successfull and now she's magically at my same level.
i'am talking about lane cs difference am not rly interested in jungle for a long time now. Jungle is heavy crab-gank-wraiths or w/e they call it now focused. Your better of going wraiths crab crab wraiths on junglers than picking up the buffs atm. At least none uses that strat ... Fixing lane cs gold/xp difference would mean separation between early mid and late game champions finally after like 3-6 years (not sure).
: this is half true The strong point in jungle gold/xp leads is if you counter jungle a gromp taken from the enemy jungler is worth double it's value a melee creep is worth 20~ gold for you 0 for the enemy laner a gromp is worth 80~? gold for you but it also means -80~ gold for the enemy jungler ie stealing a side of the jungle is as strong as denying a full wave from a laner this is why junglers can't be as strong as laners and farm can't be on it's own equal to a laners if you play properly and invade properly you will get ahead much faster than a laner playing properly and denying properly we also lived in an era where junglers were as strong as laners and graves could hit 3 items faster than a laner hitting 10cs/min and getting regular kills
I'am not even focusing (talking) about jungle this is mostly lane focused post (that fixes jungle along the way). It's about not being able to snowball early advantages enough as death is not penalized enough by lower cs gold xp ratios unless skill lv is far off but in that case your better of picking hard scaling champion that with early advantage are unstoppable .
: wtf is a wrong rune?
Wrong runes = garen with after shock etc. simple fact that you cant have use or enough use of the runes in match-up or in general.
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