: those ppl already had a 2nd chance warning and a 3rd chance 14 day ban so no they don't need to get unbanned
Instantly perma banned,
Aehry (EUW)
: The only reason why permabanned accounts should be unbanned is when it was done by mistake. Other than that, you already got a second chance, which was a chat restriction or 2-week ban etc. If you still don't behave after said punishments, it's a well-deserved permaban.
Instantly perma banned.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: > I think people that shared an account with a friend (that was using third-party programms), should have a second chance too Don't they already get a second chance? As far as I'm concerned, they only get a 14 day ban at first. Source: https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201751834-MMR-Elo-Boosting
Got instantly perma ban.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: So, toxic people should not be unbanned, but people using third-party programs (like bots, scripts etc.) should? Honestly speaking, toxicity is a less severe rule break than cheating.
But almost every singe player in league community is toxic. People that scripted are not that much.
: Have you tried swapping the sticks to different slots to determine whether one of your slots/sticks of ram has fried? Also may be worth getting compressed air and cleaning out the slots incase they have compiled dust in them, have you thought about just buying a higher stick of ram? I have some spare DDR4 ram if that's what your PC needs im more than happy to send it to you
Problem fixed, thank you (One of the RAMs was not installed correct, i am dumb).
: Your Windows is on 32 bit or 64? Can your motherboard handle more than 4GB RAM. You have the same frequensy at all 4 RAMs? Did you switch between them? Try 2-2-1-1, 2-1-2-1, 1-2-1-2, 1-1-2-2 and see each time how much RAM is detected. If a single time you will get 5 GB RAM then you have problems with a slot. If each time you get 4 GB RAM then your motherboard can't handle more than 4 GB. When you check how much RAM you have then your PC tell you that are 6 (sometimes), but when you go to see how much are used the it will show only 4. If you see somewhere 3.2 GB RAM used/in use/total then your Windows is on 32 bit and can't get above. You will need to reinstall the Windows and choose the 64 bit version.
Problem fixed, thank you (One of the RAMs was not installed correct, i am dumb).
: 1st thing is to check your Windows version if it's 32-bit or 64-bit. 32-bit will usually do this. 2nd thing is to check your motherboard maximum capability of rams. 3rd thing, try to reset bios by removing the mobo battery first and second changing the ram positions, use it like so : 2GB 1GB 2GB 1GB or 1GB 2GB 1GB 2GB before putting back the battery again. If after all of this your system doesn't report 6GB ram, i suggest you test them individually in different slots, might be a dead one inside too or a dead slot. Sometimes might be accumulated dust inside the slot so you might want to clean it thoroughly too.
Problem fixed, thank you (One of the RAMs was not installed correct, i am dumb).
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ˉˉIˉˉ (EUW)
: That's kinda the catch with the word "permanent". It's meant to be.. well.. permanent. Releasing old perma banned accounts would instantly shift every perma ban to a temp-ban. This rule would have to be applied to every ban ever issued and hell would break out on the servers. Instead, Riot chose the easier and way less destructive way of just allowing people to create new accounts in hope they wont get banned again for the same stuff they did before to receive their ban in the first place. Might be sad and all but honestly it's the best solution for the community to keep all those accounts locked away.
Not every account should be unbanned. For example, toxic people ( in my opinion ), should not be unbanned. Riot must forbid players to make new accounts also.
Ðafke (EUW)
: Thank you Riot
I was banned too 3 years ago, because a "friend" of my, used third-party programms. I am really dissapointed with this company. They don't care about people who have changed, or trying to. They don't even ban smurfs, trollers, inters, flamers. This company is just S A D.
Bombard1r (EUNE)
: how to have fun playing league nowdays
i agree with this guy. riot bans only innoncent people but never trollers or the real toxic guys/girls out there.
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