Shamose (EUW)
: They expire in feburary though.
: we only have 15 days to get prestige qiyana???
yes, this is really bullshit that Prestige Points expire... I have 75 and I wanted the Prestige Fizz Skin.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: If you ask about "Your Shop" then on 18th November. You can check it in client.
Not, not ''Your shop''. Go into the store and click on Sale. THAT champion and skin sale is what im talking about.
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Uraraka (EUNE)
: As a jungler what do you expect the laners to do?
: Most of the top 10-15 winrate champions for mid lane are actually Mages. Also pro play is either mages or AP Fighters mid, not assassin's.
Zedant (EUW)
: Lux is unfun to play against
It's not Lux that's unfun to play against, mages are :)) Mages are the most overpowered class in the game because mage items are overpowered AF. They give very good stats and are extremely cheap. Mages won't die to assassins because of an abomination of an item called Zhonya which should be removed if you ask me. They won't die to assassins since most mages are not squishy, because damage items also give them HP (totally fair, a squishy damage dealer that's not squishy). Imagine Infinity Edge giving 300 HP, or Bloodthirster also giving HP, oh oh, why not Blade of the Ruined King also giving HP ? Why not make all squishy damage dealers not squishy ? THAT WOULD BE FUN! Right ? RIGHT ?!?!?
: give qss a shot maybe
That's the problem. Having to delay your normal build by 1300 gold just because of one champion is not okay. Especially if you are AP, because you will sell that QSS later, cuz there is no AP item you can upgrade it into.
ExoFiddle (EUNE)
: I created a random skin selector
Simple and effective. Perfection. I can't wait to use this with Ornn.
: Kayn everything that makes him not picked in pro play.
500k Kayn OTP Although you gave nice arguments and i can see you thought about it, I really, really must disagree. Kayn is not weak at all but indeed not strong enough to be picked in worlds. Riot nerfs anything that's picked in worlds anyway, so you want him picked in worlds and then nerfed ? Neither do I. He was picked once last year, I can't remember who picked him tho, all i know is that they went Rhaast and they didn't pop off (thank god they didn't pop off, Kayn dodged the nerf bullet there). Kayn doesn't have mana problems in the jungle thanks to Hunter's Talisman. Honestly even without blue buff I never suffer mana issues. Kayn has unique ganking patherns so warding the river bushes is USELESS. Kayn's entire kit is ment to do damage, so if you don't do damage you are useless. He is a snowball champion, he can either be useless or stomp everyone, there is no in-between. That's how you counter snowballing champions, by making them behind in the early game, so his weak early and suffering from invades from early duelists is what makes the champion balanced. He trades being the weakest early game jungler into being a powerfull snowballer later on. And the real reason why he is not picked in worlds is because of how easy it is to counter him, seriously, I love popping off and then being called a smurf or Kayn be called broken just because people really don't know how to deal with him. Ok this is for all of you low elo fellas that b(meow)itch about Kayn: Countering Kayn: Early invades. Countering Shadow Assassin: Stay the F away from walls, don't go alone, ward, Lulu. Countering Rhaast: Grevious Wounds (seriously, no one buys them) or even ignite him for God's sake, IGNITE HIM! And CC him when he is half hp so he can't R. Anyway back to your post. Don't buff Kayn, he doesn't need it. I don't want Kayn picked in worlds because I don't want him to get the Aatrox treatment. Edit: Riot is already buffing champions who don't need it (looking at you Riven which you are already god tier in grandmaster+ and Fiora). Kayn would be just another champion who gets an unnecessary buff, when there are other champions who actually need buffs, like Kalista and Tahm Kench (seriously, they gutted him, getting Tahm Kench is the equivalent of trolling right now). Actually Tahm doesn't need a buff, he needs a rework. Buffing him would just bring back toplane Tahm Kench.
: Looking at the match stats it looks like you were laning against Jinx who went 0/8/1 with half your CS (so you basically had free farm). So you essentially won your lane a lot harder than any of your teammates lost theirs (although looks like your mid won theirs as well, at least based on k/d/a) and you were a higher level than anyone on their team. Plus they built barely any mres (only two built the boots) and you built AP, so what do you expect? Doing well with a champ in one single match does not mean they are OP or broken.
Malphite is in fact OP and pretty close to broken. Not when building AP, but when building tank. He scales so well with armor, does a ton of damage that you can't ignore while also being unkillable. Also Grasp of the Undying makes him win all trades.
Oznasur (EUW)
: Assasin meta and nerves made around pro play
WTF Assassins are one of if not the worst class in the game. They are useless late game (except AP assassins cuz AP items are broken). Mages are the most overpowered class in the game and it has been for a while.
: Why are cuss words punishable when not aimed at anyone?
I just use F instead of ''f(meow)ck''. You never get punished. Oh and ''we f(meow)cking lost this game'' can actually be understood as an insult.
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: nerf qiyana
She just got nerfed tho. Do your best to try to avoid fighting her in the jungle or near walls.
: I'm looking for a main champion who can go mid and top
For Mid, I encourage you to always pick an AP champion, unless your jungler is AP. The champions I recommend for midlane are {{champion:245}} if you want an assassin/fighter and {{champion:142}} if you want a mage. Both of them are fun and unique, and when you get bored of one, you can play the other. As for Top, i recommend {{champion:516}} when you need a tank (in my opinion he is the most fun to play tank in the game, i never get bored of him) and {{champion:240}} if you want a bruiser. {{champion:240}} is really, really, REALLY good right now, you should abuse him before Riot nerfs him. I could also recommend {{champion:80}} as he is curently one of my favorite picks and he is really good if you figure out how to play him properly. People might say {{champion:80}} is bad, and to be honest he is, but not if you know what you are doing.
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: akali
I agree she is extremely not fun to play against. Her kit is made so that she is impossible to be outplayed, and she will always outplay her enemy. However I must say that her W does not protect her from tower shots anymore, she will get hit by turrets in her shroud now. They nerfed her like this quite a while ago. Akali will always be annoying, no matter how much they nerf her numbers, because not the numbers are the problem, but her kit is the problem, the kit is just impossible to defeat. I think only 1 or maybe 2 champions in the entire game can beat her, and that's it. I think they should not revert her, old Akali was WAY MORE CANCEROUS, there was no way to get rid of her, once she was on top of you, you had 2 options, either accept your faith and die right away or flash and die 2 meters further. What they should do to current Akali is: 1) Remove the movement speed when running toward champions on her passive so you actually have a chance to escape her. 2) Increase the cooldown of her W so you have a bigger window to jump on her after she uses it. 3) Remove the stun on her first R dash, it's unnecesary. 4) Remove her movement speed while she is in her shroud, it's so annoying how she runs like a madman and you can't hit her even with AoE abilities. And that's pretty much it, Akali would be so much healthier to the game like this. When they reworked her they just freaking overloaded her kit for no reason.
: People abused of it, to be fair i still don't know what report for unskilled would do on player account. Reduce mmr or place vs low people.
Literally nothing, it was more of a joke report. You know when ppl get frustrated they report allies for intentional feeding even when it's not intentional, so riot gave them something to report them for, being unskilled, even tho it did nothing, it would reduce one's frustration by geting his ''revenge'' on someone with a report.
: It's not braindead as before, which of course means that for many players is now impossible to play and of course they blame the champ and call it trash.
That is not the reason. Do you really want me to state all the facts why he is a bad champion ? All right. - He has a better early game than before, this is great, but he falls off too hard and too quick, after first item you can get 1v1'd by literally any other toplaner if you are not insanely fed. (Once I was 5/0 and I got 1v1'd by the enemy 2/6 Fiora, I had Youmuu's and she had Tiamat and Vampiric Scepter). - Becomes useless extremely fast and late game he is just there bcs he has to so the game is not a 4v5. Seriously Pantheon in late game is probably the most useless champion in the game, his late game is WORSE THAN BEFORE! Old Pantheon also used to fall off late game but not this hard. - Throwing his Q is useless, damage is halved (inexistent really) to all enemies beyond the first, and the hitbox is so narrow and easy to sidestep. Not to mention you get to wait the full cooldown while if you just tap the Q to stab the enemy, the CD is halved, the damage is the same to all enemies and the range is still pretty decent. - This is probably the worst part of his rework and his biggest problem. His ultimate. That ult does literally NO DAMAGE. They kept the 100% AP scalling but... the fact that it takes such a long time for you to land and that they can see your ult hitbox so early, it gives them more than enough time to get out of the landing zone or at least get to the edges, where again, the damage is halved. Unless your enemies are busy fighting, you will never hit them for maximum damage, which is not so much anyway. The cooldown is insanely long, it's the same as Karthus' ultimate, but at least Karthus' ultimate is good and it deserves to have such a long cooldown. Pantheon's ult is supposed to be a roaming tool, but tell me, how is he supposed to use his ult as a roaming tool when he can only use it once or twice and then the laning phase is over ? Oh and wanna know what bothers me the most ? The fact that if you try to ult to catch one enemy, he can just walk out and by the time you land he will be way out of your W range, therefore the ultimate was wasted. Now it's time for my ideas to make Pantheon better: 1) Give him back the crits on enemies bellow 25% hp (they are doing this next patch but only on his Q, I want it back on everything, autos and E included). 2. No longer half the damage on his thrown Q for enemies beyond the first, they all take full damage. 3. His E has 2 parts curently, the spear attack while blocking and the finisher which is a shield bash. Make him deal back 50% of all damage taken during his E on the shield bash at the end. 4. Make him land faster when using his ult, right now he lands in 6 seconds, make that 5. 5. Enemies at the edge of the ult no longer take 50% damage, full damage in the entire area. 6. Shorten the CD of his ult by at least 20 seconds at each rank. Right now the CD is 180 / 165 / 150 WHICH IS A LOT! 7. Enemies hit by his ult are slowed. So they can't just walk out of your W range and escape after you ult, making you waste your ult like that. Slow them so you can catch them with your W. 8. Let him cancel his ult, puting it on a 30 seconds CD, like it used to. If he becomes overpowered due to constant buffs, like what happened to Aatrox, then they can start slowly taking stuff from him untill he becomes balanced, like they are doing with Aatrox right now. I understand that you said you played a lot of Toplane and you know the matchup very well but belive me, if you haven't played the champion yourself, you haven't lived the experience, you haven't been in his shoes, then you do not have the right to criticise the champion, and you cannot asume that you know everything about him. You must know him from your perspective and your enemies' as well.
: Kayn
{{champion:516}} I'm a {{champion:141}} main and I don't think he needs skins. I have both of his skins and will keep buying his skins if they do come out just for the sake of having them. But listen to my words, I have both of his skins, tho I never use them, because hear me out on this one, twitch chat, Kayn's base skin is better than both of his skins, including his legendary. It gives that true Shadow Reaper vibe and all, idk if it's just me but i feel like his base skin is the best.
Akkilan (EUW)
: Amazon Rain Forests!
Whoever downvotes this has no soul.
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DagOfBickss (EUNE)
: Pls fix kayns e bug ; And make Illaoi´s tentacles slap range and width visible
You mean you can't see Kayn's W if he is in a wall ? Nope, that is not a bug, Kayn's creator said that is intended for the element of surprise. Let me explain how it works. Kayn is an initiator (not the best but decent), both of his forms can initiate a fight, and to do that he must come from a wall. You can only see Kayn inside walls if you see him going in the wall or if he is in combat, if he goes in a wall without you seeing him doing so, you won't see him untill he comes close to you (you only see the dark ball that indicates he is in the wall, but you don't see Kayn himself in the wall). Since the dark ball is pretty obvious, it's very easy to notice Kayn is in a wall, so if he uses his W while inside the wall and you didn't see him going in the wall, the W hitbox will not be visible, to help him engage in a fight succesfully. You should keep your distance from a wall if you see the dark ball. The Illaoi one tho, yeah, that one is a bug.
Timarius (EUW)
: with the passing of years people got the misconception that you have to make lot of kills, die little, and don't give a %%%% about your team, call, because they are useless, and if you win it's because you are pro, and if you lose because your team suck, time ago you were with 4 other people trying to get a strategy to stomp that enemy zed with 21 kills, now if zed have 21 kills you surrender in 16 minu and someone get 4 report...sadly it's not the game, it's the people who play it :(
G2 Mati (EUNE)
: Is this a bug?
I had a teammate Katarina that played against a Mordekaiser midlane. She noticed the same thing. Could be a bug.
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Verburner (EUW)
: Xerath Q briefly freezing the game for everyone
Yooooo, I actually played Xerath today and noticed my game freezing for a frame after using Q. I thought I was seeing things or I may have a problem, looks like it's actually a bug. Glad im not the only one who experienced that.
RaccAttack (EUNE)
: How to have fun in League Of Legends(Even in ranked play)
What you just said may be fun for you, but it will most certainly not be fun for your teammates (and enemies, but who cares about enemies). You say F counterpicks, play whatever you want. Okay let me play that sweet sweet Soraka jungle and lose the game for my team, causing them to rage and flame me, yeeeey, I am having so much fun. Seriously now, some people maybe enjoy the suffering of others (weirdo) but I myself personally, I cannot enjoy myself if I know I am letting someone down, in this case my team.
Megaweed (EUW)
: Thoughts on Yasuo?
When it comes to Yasuo, I don't have a problem with his shield passive, I don't have a problem with his double crit but what I really have a problem with is his W. I don't feel like he should be allowed to negate so many abilities and even auto attacks from certain champions by simply pressing one button, for an ability that has no cost. Personally I think like they should make the windwall breakable, like after taking a certain ammount of damage, the wall breaks. This way he wouldn't be able to stop an entire MF or Lucian ultimate. Braum's shield works in a similar way except he can move around and the shield is not as big, but Braum's shield is balanced because it lasts only half the time that Yasuo's wall lasts, and Braum also takes damage but reduced, while everyone behind Yasuo's wall is safe and sound. Thats all I have to say about Yasuo, make his W breakable.
Pikaguif (EUW)
: All of them but Tryndamereare great ideas although most champs are missing origins. Bard looks good but I would give him 100 mana for ability and his passive every 2 seconds Illaoi might need some number changes but looks good atm Kayn needs changes there as not everyone can get items even less a spatula and as there are already problems with item rng this would bring in more Master Yi will have the same problem as in league which will be how easy can he carry but only some number changes and good Sylas looks good and I have already thought of this idea before For Tryndamere, he shouldnt get the extended duration per auto as if you put guinsoos on him he's unkillable as well as 5 secs on tft is a pretty long time This is concludes my analysis and great ideas you've got there
Hey, thank you for leaving your opinion! About Bard, I am giving him 125 mana instead of 100 because Sorcerers get double mana from auto attacking, and I feel that with 100 mana he would stun people too often. You are right, he shouldn't attack people in a cone all the time, maybe every 2 seconds is good. About Illaoi, for a tier 5 champion which will never be of 3 stars, in my opinion the numbers are good, but maybe some tweaks wouldn't hurt if she proves to be too good or too bad. About Kayn, you are totally right, I didn't think how hard it is to get items, maybe he would need some serious changes, or maybe some buffs in numbers to his Base Kayn form, so you wouldn't depend too much on his forms. About Master Yi, my thoughts exactly. I intended to make him either die right away, either carry the team, just like in Summoner's Rift. About Tryndamere, yeah maybe I shouldn't give him the extended duration on basic attacks, but since he doesn't get bonus health from items, he will be pretty squishy, and just like in Summoner's Rift, he needs time to deal his damage, but maybe 5 seconds would be too much for a TFT fight.
: When there are only bad options.
If you lose an inhibitor, most probably the other team has the map control. If you don't have map control, you should not be looking for fights, you should try to avoid them. Tell this to your team, if they don't listen, they are plain dumb and there is nothing you can do, so accept defeat and next game, baby. Anyway, my advice is that when you have an inhibitor down, someone (usually the one who needs most farm) should permanently stay in the base and defend the lane, while the others should just farm wherever they can, without going too far from the base, while warding the allied jungle and the baron pit and dragon pit if they are up.
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Lari (EUNE)
: The phrase i am tired of hearing!
Basically like Paladins does. In Paladins you have more announcer options that are super funny, charismatic and sarcastic. I would LOVE to have that in League, and I want Phreak to be the sarcastic announcer. Great idea!
: Bye league hello dota 2
Actually I quit Dota 2 and started to play League because, belive me, LEAGUE IS MORE FUN THAN DOTA 2! Dota 2 is full of russians that will spam insults in their language on the voice chat for the smallest mistake you make. Not to mention that in Dota 2, if you die, you are puting ahead the whole enemy team, not just your killer. League is better in my opinion, easier to play, easier to understand. But i'd say both comunities are at the same level of toxicity.
: Teamfight tactics - Possible class Idea
I like everything except for a few things. Remove the bonus damage against enemies of a lower star because they would be too overloaded, and instead of having the Comet ability, how about a chance to summon a black hole that sucks nearby enemies in it and groups them while dealing 100 (for 3 cosmic champions), 200 (for 6 cosmic champions) damage per second for 3 seconds ? This would increase the number of enemies hit by Aurelion's ability, or Pyke's ability, or Gnar, or any other AoE ability. Now how about that ?
: What is your "I dont want that champion on my team"?
{{champion:10}} She is useless pre-full build, and even then she is not that great. If I see someone wants to pick Kayle, I try to talk them into changing their mind. If they lock in Kayle, I dodge most of the times.
: Kayle need adjust
To be honest, I agree 50%. Yes her early game is totally garbage, but in my opinion so is her late game. I tried playing several games with her, tried different builds, full crit builds, normal hybrid build, even full ap on-hit build, and I still felt like I was not doing any damage, not even in late game when she is supposed to shine. I wasn't very fed, had decent scores, decent farm etc. Hell, in one 35 minutes game, even my freaking Morgana support did more damage than me, which totally freaking astonished me. And Morgana did not have AP items besides Zhonya.
: Why i cant flame trollers,feeders and toxic guys ? they waste my time
Buddy I got chat restricted for calling my midlane Anivia an idiot (i only called her idiot ONCE) because she was literally trolling, running it down mid, inting and she ended up 1/23. She inted bcs i took 3 of her minions (I was jungle) while she was coming back from base, but those minions would have died from the turret anyway, so I didn't want the gold to be wasted. Worst part is that I lost my honor lvl 5 bcs of that and Anivia didn't get any sort of penalty. Sometimes life isn't fair, and neither is Riot.
: can i reduce or increase true dmg?
Nope, there is no way to reduce or increase true damage, except for leveling up. True damage ignores everything, armor, magic penetration, everything, that's why it's called true damage.
Usercore (EUW)
: Yuumi+Ornn?
Since you won't be focusing the tank, there is no reason to give him more survability than he already has. In my opinion Yuumi is best when paired with a bruiser like {{champion:24}}, {{champion:92}}, {{champion:157}}, {{champion:2}}, {{champion:11}}, {{champion:141}} (Darkin), {{champion:266}}, {{champion:39}}. Those are just a few exemples, since they do a lot of damage and of course you are going to focus them if they are a problem, and if you add Yuumi, they will almost never die while doing unignorable damage.
: freind i agree and i made something as same as you just now but tell me what about players who leaves the game without actually leaving yes i mean people who afk intentionally to ruin games like i had a game where someone just stayed in the fountain not doing anything but still moves and use abilities so he wont be detected as an afk person thats the probelm with leave buster that i see
This, my friend, is not afk-ing, this is griefing, and griefing is banable. If someone does this to you, report them for griefing, and maybe even screenshot the chat or record them as proof, it will help for them to get banned.
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