SayDaddy (EUW)
: i want neeko icon
Tough luck. :(
Forsan (EUW)
: disable all non microsoft services also
That's done long ago. All non-Microsoft services I got running is my Acronis backup software services, Nvidia Display container, Intel XTU (OC service) and my UPS software service. ...But it was interesting to notice the Adobe Updater and Teamviewer service had started itself again, despite me having set those to _Manual_. Though practically, it shouldn't really matter. I got plenty of RAM to handle it. I shouldn't have lagspikes either with the system I got, but that's another matter.
Forsan (EUW)
: yes, but at the moment I solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling with hextech repair tool also disabled all non-microsoft services and uninstalled nvidia geforce panel
"At the moment" sounds about right. I also uninstalled everything - the game itself, Tencent client, everything - and reinstalled. However, for me, I got 1 game - just a single one - without issues afterwards before the problem returned. But it's a long-known problem by now.
Forsan (EUW)
That's the exact same thing I have. 5-10 seconds, 0 FPS full screen freeze. Do you have the same spike when opening the ingame shop for the first time during a match as well?
EnidjXcMf (EUW)
: How are you supposed to stay cool
>How are you supposed to stay cool Grow up, gain experience and find inner peace.
: Randomly tabbed into windows
It's apparently occuring when pressing Mouse 4 or Mouse 5 for some reason. Causes the game window to lose focus (effectively Alt+Tab when not playing in windowed mode).
:'s aram
Personally, I feel the fun of ARAM took a real knee shot the moment they began to "balance" it. ARAM shouldn't be specifically balanced - the random chaos of the mode is what gave it its charm. _And I say that as an ARAM OTP, with over 10.000 games played on that map._ However, regardless of mode - I know people say the same about Flex: "lol its not ranked" - inting shouldn't happen. But who are we fooling? The Boards serve no purpose anymore, when not much happens from it.
: FPS Drops since Preseason
>Is it just me No. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Check out this one.
: this post makes no sense u talk about the cause of fps problem then at the end u say its random xD please delete this its embarrasing
Grammar, grammar... In case you are unaware, intermittent faults can occur on any system. The fault is the same, but doesn't happen all the time and not every system - even identical ones - have the fault. Hence "cause" and "random".
: I still have random ass fps drops. Since Patch 9.22. Mark Yetter aka Riot Scruffy on twitter 10 days ago or something - " We have ongoing work for loading screen crashes and FPS drops, I’ll keep you posted. " Nothing since then.
Since 9.19 in my case.
Kashiro (EUNE)
: well, 4 cores are 10 years old now, it's not exactly the newest thing.
I certainly remember my joy of upgrading to 4 physical cores when building my Intel 775-rig. Back in 2008.
: bring back aram bans
I'd trade the return of ARAM bans for the removal of Mark/Dash instantly.
Rioter Comments
: Question about Clash tickets
They are still available, or at least unless there has been made a change to it this time round. At the last test run of Crash™, I still had my 13 tickets intact. You can see the number of tickets in the Crash™ tab.
Critty92 (EUNE)
: Ability Delay / Keyboard lag
Check your CPU usage while playing. Since 9.19, at least in my case, it has almost doubled, going from 15-20 % while playing to 35-40 % (3770K @ 4,20 GHz). There are a "few" threads on the FPS matter: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Declined (EUNE)
: I'm sorry you feel that way. While I realize a lot of what we as Volunteers do aren't exactly obvious, forwarding important threads or highly problematic scenarios have been and still are one of our core roles. From my understanding, a lot of the Rioters do not wish to interact with the community on the Boards because of all the negativity and abuse they're subjected to. Because of this interaction, those individuals who leave Riot at some point never seem to come visit the Boards afterwards, Eambo being the prime example. While you may not see them, I know for a fact that Rioters do visit and pay attention as needed. I've read a lot of threads on this topic, and so far, none of them have by themselves stood out to the point where I could justify forwarding it to Riot.
Without knowing the details, I presume there is a way for the Reds to make announcements without attaching a name to the thread? Point is, we are seriously lacking in official announcements regarding, well, pretty much everything. Most noticably in recent weeks, the FPS drops and increase in CPU usage. I'm not interested in Reddit or other sources - they got their own Boards and can use them or delete them. As big as this game is, or rather has become, there are always members who can't behave themselves, which is a pity, but it's a fact and they must be dealt with when they step out of line when addressing the officials. However, the people - the developers - must take that responsibility when they are at fault. If they can't handle the flak when screwing up, why bother making the change in the first place? I'm not looking for people to put in the gallows here - I just want an explanation as to WHY the problems occurs. Period. _The more technical, the better. Can perhaps help client-side trouble-shooting too._ The rise in CPU usage is undeniable, and if they insist it's always the user's fault for having a poor connection, trash PC or whatever, then they must provide the necessery evidence for that. If they won't speak up at all, where do you think we'll place the blame when the issue is solely occuring in this game and nowhere else and following the release of a certain patch (9.19 in my case)?
Fkyyy (EUNE)
: FPS cap and V sync dosent work
Even if you have a 60 Hz monitor, you can still benefit from over 60 FPS. Regardless of how it is long-since known the V-sync feature in this game is non-functional and otherwise completely broken, there is nothing wrong with playing at 270 FPS if that's what your GPU can provide.
Cosmic (EUW)
: Absolute moronic idiots. I didn't get an e-mail saying my name isn't unique. Why are some forced to change their name and other aren't? What factors are taken into account when some have to change and one doesn't? Longest account gets to keep it? Game time? Rank?
As far as I can tell, the deciding factor is whether or not someone else on a global scale also got your username. If your username is "Cosmic", someone else may have that as well on a different server and then you'd be stuffed. But if you have "CosmicDarkSkyOfGlobalInhertiance", it's highly unlikely anyone else got that and you'd be fine. This also goes for yourself, if you have the same username either on multiple accounts or, as I understand it, even on multiple servers - even PBE for some weird reason.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I suppose it's that password IT-joke at this point: Password: bmw >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters. Password: idriveabmw >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters and lower- and UPPERcase letters. Password: IdriveABMW >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters and lower- and UPPERcase letters and numbers. Password: 1drive4BMW >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters and lower- and UPPERcase letters and numbers and symbols. Password: 1drive4BMWF%rFu#ksAk4! >Sorry, the password is already taken.
> [{quoted}](name=Squirrel Bomb,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zttGlFA4,comment-id=00060000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-27T18:41:03.661+0000) >EDIT: Meh, the reply function bastardised your original post :( Yeah, these are _beta_ Boards, remember. Can't expect too much of it. They don't support quote-in-quote. So the quotes would have to be added manually. It's okay though - less clutter in the thread by not quoting the whole thing. :) Also, we're now so deep into the replies, the "go-to" feature doesn't even work. Even with a direct link, I was shown the top post and had to scroll down here manually. You want to know another joke? The client itself is also still beta. It officially entered the alpha stage, as we know, then left it and entered the beta stage...which it never officially left. There was never any public announcement of "the client is leaving beta!", which it got during the alpha stage. "Rito Gem - Eternally Beta!" _Also, it's Tencent Holding who owns this game now. Burrito sold out years ago._
: > [{quoted}](name=PaladinNO,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zttGlFA4,comment-id=00060000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-27T18:13:02.761+0000) > > If the login name is CASE-specific unique (which I expect it to be), then I doubt someone else has the same one. > _What else is the purpose of a login name, if not for it to be unique for security reasons._ > > I also don't have any other accounts, and my PBE login is deliberately different for obvious reason (again, security). I doubt it's case specific - I created mine with capitals but soon found out that the case didn't matter when logging in and - up till yesterday - always logged in in entirely lower-case. With that being the case, I'd be surprised if Riot considered that. EDIT: I'm also not sold on the available names either - many people have tried to create new usernames like oiefgsdhsfhngiosh7er and got the message that the username is already taken. I might be wrong there though - after all I'm sure a lot of people have just changed their login to someone random out of pure frustration.
I suppose it's that password IT-joke at this point: Password: bmw >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters. Password: idriveabmw >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters and lower- and UPPERcase letters. Password: IdriveABMW >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters and lower- and UPPERcase letters and numbers. Password: 1drive4BMW >Sorry, the password needs to have at least 8 letters and lower- and UPPERcase letters and numbers and symbols. Password: 1drive4BMWF%rFu#ksAk4! >Sorry, the password is already taken.
Amphysvena (EUNE)
: This is the dumbest shit ever. How the %%%% can the biggest game in video game history %%%% shit like this up this bad.
Because it's Tencent who's in control Rito Gem. A holding company with a long history of being the Chinese version of EA. As in "kills everything it touches like a plague".
: > [{quoted}](name=PaladinNO,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=zttGlFA4,comment-id=000600000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-11-27T18:05:34.522+0000) > > So I gather this forced username thing is rolled out in batches? > I haven't received such a notification ("demand") yet, but if I do...i'm done, because like you, I'm not changing my login name. Nah, it's only if your username is the same as another on a Riot account anywhere in existence. If yours is unique (which it probably is if you haven't had the prompt), then you'll be fortunate enough to avoid this problem.
If the login name is CASE-specific unique (which I expect it to be), then I doubt someone else has the same one. _What else is the purpose of a login name, if not for it to be unique for security reasons. So it's not the same as my summoner name._ But hey, passwords are still broken through brute-force methods, and done through many attempts. And similarily this game has many players still (presumably), so there could always be another one out there by sheer chance... I also don't have any other accounts, and my PBE login is deliberately different for obvious reason (again, security).
Declined (EUNE)
: That may be, but I choose to politely decline their request.
So I gather this forced username thing is rolled out in batches? I haven't received such a notification ("demand") yet, but if I do...i'm done, because like you, I'm not changing my login name.
psygene (EUNE)
: well %%%% this. tekken 6 it is. I actually bought my Playstation 3 way back when just to play Tekken 6. Still annoyed over not getting Angel and the other DLC characters in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 in an easy way, without a Sony Playstation Store subscription or account or whatever. Download the needed files (or file) onto a pendrive, connect the pendrive to the PS3 while having the Tekken game running, go into options and select "add DLC" or "bonus content", and select the file on the pendrive. <- That's the way I want things to work. If it doesn't come with an offline method, I blacklist the game. ...I also remember my embarrassment, after having struggled, but finally finished the campaign on the assumed difficulty to unlock all the characters, that I hadn't needed to do that or touch the campaign at all. I learned later it was a thing in Tekken 4 or so, but already a long since removed requirement to get more characters in Vs. mode.
: "The Game is Unavailable til 07:00 CET" - Riot at 07:36 CET
>We require a longer downtime period for our teams to complete their maintenance work, and we expect the game to remain unavailable until 10:00 Gotta love the little guys. It's okay though. I am having a blast of a time with CrossCode these days. _...Except me and the Zir'Vitar temple are NOT going to remain friends!_
: ! FPS drops and Freezing !
>Are any other players experiencing this problem? Yes. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
There are LOTS of threads on the matter: ...but sadly no solutions. Support are clueless's your fault for having a dual-core CPU - even if you have a quad-core CPU, it's still your fault. That's basically what they are saying.
Evoki11 (EUNE)
How did they even manage to do things that wrong? :/ >However, we still have another event that is the Night and Dawn\* event, which will be launched in December with 2 new skins for Soraka. Not only did they mess up the proverb or saying or whatever, as it is "night and day" OR "dusk and dawn", they are making 2 new skins for Soraka? Who got her Winter Wonder skin released last Christmas? So no Snowdown Showdown, no Return of The Poro King, no nothing? I get their Chinese overlords probably don't understand the concept of "winter", other than corporate golden snow, but daymn... \*Unless it is a reference to their additionally messed up time zone of the date for the next Blue essence store, which happens during the night in their world and in the following morning everywhere else.
: Hey! Thanks for the added links. This is more than enough for Riot to see that there is a major issue going on here!
They don't care though. Just look at the Red tracker. Basically a month since anything was posted. I get Worlds and all that, but...all of them suddenly going on a vacation? :/ And those who actaully do work on it don't post here. Pity no one is willing to take the flak for admitting something is messed up with the client.
: I've looked through the posts linked here and some more/newer ones. It seems that, if listed, the GPU is often from Nvidia (mostly 1080/2080). Anyone here having the same problem with an AMD card so we can work on problemsolving?
There was one guy who said he had the same issue. Some AMD RX-5700 card (performance equivalent of a 1080). Let me see if I can find that link. EDIT: Not the one I was looking for, but here is one:
: Game constantly freezing and FPS dropping
Let me take those links and supply some more of them: - - - - - - - - ------ - - - - - - - - - -
: freezes and fps drops
>So if any of you have the same problem ...Well, yeah, a few of us.
Hansiman (EUW)
: There is currently a known issue with dual core CPU's, so that would most likely be the problem in your case I'm afraid.
May I ask why the dual-core CPU issue became apparent just now? What changes has been done to warrant the increased CPU usage over the past ~3 patches? EDIT: And if this post is accurate, exactly what "recent CPU technology" have suddenly been implemented? If there is anything at all us users can do to fix it, we must first understand exatly what the issue is. And we can't do that without some sort of official response.
: You have to be pretty trash at the game lose vs 5 bots by yourself lol but I agree it hurts new players a lot.
Try it playing Nami, and you'll see what he/she means. Even full AP sushi, it's a numbers game not in your favour. ADC Nami, maybe, haven't tried that.
: Hi there, I don't know why they say that, but i can ensure we aren't us, this is just a big coincidence. This is like the hextech repair tool repair the client and there's people who didn't work for they, that's the same. I can say the FPS drops is since 3 or 4 patches before this and with the preseason, all the map changes and the dual core CPU problem with the game (remember, the problem is the game, no other 3rd party stuff).. That's all i can say, in Blitz we have the minimum usage to run and we aren't us. This problem is because of the game, and if you close Blitz 'solves' de problem, its just a big coincifence with it. Regards.
>I don't know why they say that, but i can ensure we aren't us, this is just a big coincidence. You phrase things like Blitz is a PR deer scared frozen in front of a pair of headlights right now. Please stop that, it's annoying, especially with poor grammar like "we aren't us". I DON'T have Blitz, I HAVE a quad-core Intel i7, and I HAVE FPS drops. Someone of us are sufficiently tech savvy to know this is TENCENT's fault (of Rito, if you will, before they sold out). And on my part, I can confirm this is an ongoing issue since patch 9.19, as I describe in the link above. Yes, I am confirming it isn't Blitz that's causing this, because I don't have or use Blitz because I don't even know what Blitz is. Nor do I care to know. So calm down.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If anyone is using 3rd party overlay apps, like Blitz, porofessor, overwolf, nvidia, etc., please remove them and try again. There's been multiple people reporting these applications to be the cause of these problem.
Excuse me, Nvidia-what? That game improvement recording app or something-its-name? I don't have anything from Nvidia except the graphics driver and PhysX (or however it is spelled). I haven't even heard of any of the other names you listed, and I still have the FPS drops. Exactly what happened in patch 9.19 or so? I can minimze the impact from what's effectively a CPU overload by closing my browser (Firefox) and anything else taking CPU (like Media Player Classic)...but as I didn't have to do that prior to these issues, it's not a client-side issue. No offense, but even if these applications that you listed were suddenly the cause for any FPS drops - as I presume they weren't before - we really should get an official statement on WHY this suddenly became a problem when playing this game.
Jemapel (EUNE)
: I took a quick look and overall all the components would be around 300 - 350 euros. For comparsion minimum wage in my country is 300 Euros .... Of course unofficial minimum is 400 ( get the difference of 100 euros in hand to avoi taxes ). But i dont wanna change my whole PC for my needs. I do only need a Quad Core Q9650, a R7-370-NITRO Gpu and 2 GB more memory to reach 8 GB. I build myself this PC and is stable, it can be overclocked, of course power supply is good enough + CPU cooler. I boosted mine with 600 Ghz ( from 2,9 to 3,5 ) with only 10 degrees difference ( in full load it reaches maximum 71, in idle 40-43 ). And it's stable as f***. No blue screens, no errors, Windows 7 boot in 36 seconds ( wich is quite nice for a HDD ). Indeed i had to tweak the OS in order to get this boot time. One more thing that i noticed. Most system requirments claimed to be "minimum" in order to play are fake informations. Theoretically i shouldn't be able to play Far Cry 4 on a CPU with 2 cores but with an injector that trick the game to belive there is 4 cores i did it and i finished the game just fine @ 1080p ( medium to low settings ). I don't wan't and ain't interested into playing PUBG, or i dunno what new games was launched. I only play 90% time LOL and CS:GO. Is true that for a little bit more FPS in cs:go i need the core i mentioned above and the GPU. Overall for my needs old components are cheap and more than great. Keep in mind that i have to stick to LGA775 ( because of motherboard ). Anyway, LOL should run fine but as i saw on steamcoumunity forums ( because cs;go have also fps problems now even on PC"s like your ), somebody said the same thing as my friend said. They messed with the code because as long as you don't change graphics, there is no reason for a game to run at a much lower FPS than it did before other than a messed up code and a bad optimized code. Anywy i apreciate and thanks for the advice over components buddy. All we have to do is to wait for them to optimize the game back again.
>All we have to do is to wait for them to optimize the game back again. And that's really the bottom line here. I don't think they either know how to do that, or if they did, would bother with the effort it undoubtedly is to fix it at this point. As for the components, if LoL and CS:GO is all you play, an upgrade might perhaps be objectively preferable given the age of your current rig, but hardly necessary, as you say. :) But you can't have _my_ QX9650, it's ^^ As for myself, I am building a new computer these days. And while the wage is better here, the component cost is also way higher. So I just have to take my time with it, buying a piece now and then should a good offer come up. Which is the way I would recommend it - not rushing anything and taking the time to get it right. I guess the real irony is while I will buy a 9700K...I really don't think it will actually make any difference at all in this game. :|
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: How was a season 9 for you guys
It depends... I did my placements, got to Gold in both Duo and Flex as intended, along with grabbing Gold in Tiltover's Finest Tactics just for the heck of it as well. Only interested in the rewards for the rewards sake - haven't even tried the reworked Aatrox yet (which was how many years ago now?). Spent the rest of the time on the Howling Abyss, where as far as I'm concerned the last refuge of fun is to be found in this game. And after 10155 ARAM games, barely even there anymore. I suppose my true dream at this point would be to undo signing up in the first place back in 2013, get my money back and live in ignorant bliss over what this game once was and what it has become. Because it ain't season 3 anymore, and the "fun" that this game once had is no more. And the activity in the Red tracker supports this.
: Horrible Framedrops
>anyone noticed same things? Yes, many. I have these issues too. - Asus Sabertooth Z77 - i7 3770K @ 4,20 GHz - Corsair Vengeance LP 32 GB 1600 MHz - GTX 1080 - Dedicated SSDs for OS and Games. Would be nice if people actually posted their hardware specification instead of just "i can run other games just fine". By the looks of things it seems to be a CPU thing, too early to say for sure, but looks like mostly an Intel/Nvidia combo (regardless of component tier). It's been like this since patch 9.19 for me.
: Rito - Get new PC Me - Give me a second to upgrade my current 1080 ti with my i7 processor LUL 5Head
The game has turned incredibly CPU bound lately, so no matter what GPU you got, you'll see in Task Manager (or preferred monitoring software) that it's barely being utilized. 25-40 % load on my OCed i7 3770K (when above 40 %, I get a noticable delay on my screen), 10-20 % tops on my GTX 1080.
Shamose (EUW)
: Gather round youngens, and sit next to the first campfire of season 10.
Jemapel (EUNE)
: Good to know. Can you ask him please as long as you already have a discussion with him if a Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 is ok? I am sticked for the moment to LGA775 and i can't change motehrboard too soon. I would really apreciate if you can ask, what are the technically detailed recomended system requirements, not the one that are on their support page cause there it says that minimum CPU should be a 3Ghz with SSSE2 instruction set ( or higher ) which i already have, Core 2 duo clocked @ 3.5 with SSE2,3,SSSE3 and 4.1.......enough RAM, good enough GPU to run at maximum 1080p..... Man something is fishy........
If you're looking for an on-the-cheap upgrade, could you do some local currency math on some components for me, please: - Gigabyte H310M S2H motherboard (H310M S2H 2.0) - Intel Core i3 9100F CPU (BX80684I39100F) (no onboard graphics) - Corsair LPX DDR4 3000MHz 8GB RAM (CMK8GX4M2C3000C16) If the price of that upgrade isn't too disheartening, well...take a look at this comparison: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} You need something more to go with it for physical compatibility, theoretical stability issues, to avoid bottlenecks or for simple peace of mind: - Corsair TX550M PSU - Any GTX 1650 / 1660 Super GPU.
Jemapel (EUNE)
: Riot suppor team answering to my tecnical details dude. I am like {{sticker:sg-shisa}} : ___"MajesticSpaghett Yestarday at 21:01 Hey there, Given that dual core CPUs encounter weird fps drops and freezes, any type of quad core CPU ( with a decent speed ) will run League :D So if that's the best option you could find on the same socket as your current motherboard, all good as long as it's a quad CPU :) Cheers!"___ Our buddy Paladin have i7 4 core 8 therads and stil have fps drops. Those mother %%%%ers are joking on us. I will still have some patience but in the end tencent need us. Dont need us anymore? No problem. This is another level of arogance. They told rottedchris bullshits about instruction sets to make him dizzy. When i asked about instruction sets and cache details this is the answer that i got. Man i am quite angry cause i feel that they are laughing at me. P.S. and off topic. CS:GO updated their "models" ( to make it fortnite like ) and added "pearlescent" effects for the weapons so now half of the players have fps drops :)))) this is a conspiracy man. I cant belive that two games that i played a lot now have the same issue {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
My complete specifications: _Monitors are outdated though. Got 3x HP Omen Z4D33AA 165 Hz G-Sync now._ To be specific, the FPS drops I have are: - When opening the store for the first time. - When making a ping (especially regular ping and enemies missing). - When certain spells are being used (haven't found a pattern here yet). - Game .exe loses focus when pressing Mouse 4 or 5 (probably not related). It happens only once per instance per game, but consistently every game. And when it happens, I go down from ~140 FPS or whatever I have at the time and get a full 0 FPS screen freeze for 3-5 seconds. Also, when the game .exe takes more than ~40 % CPU I get a very clear visual delay on my screen. This can happen at any time, any number of times and for any duration. I can't record it on screen (30 FPS limit and 60 FPS recording will cause a performance impact on its own) and probably not with a desk-mounted camera either, but on my HP Omen monitor, it is VERY easy to detect with my eyes when looking at it. I got a steady 140+ FPS on-screen with ~70 ms and it's...lagging, lacking a better word for it. Specifics here: (link to this post) Do feel free to reply to your ticket and give them that information or the above links.
: I love this game, but Death Stranding has less bugs!!!
I'd compare it to Darksiders 2 at this point. It's a thrash-done console port, so 60 FPS is all you get on the PC version as well. You play that game with V-Sync turned OFF and it will randomly crash on you. Except League crashes with or without V-Sync. But hey, new patch, new "features", right.
ˆXùˇ (EUW)
: Black client
Oh look! We got a dark themed client! Tencent, please... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Will this help with a "high-end" PC as well?
: i would argue its not a dual core issue, i recently upgraded as i was having issues with disconnects and FPS problems (upgraded from a E8400 to a Ryzen 3 3200g) and am still disconnecting (though it seems to have aleviated the FPS issues)
Not surprising. This seems mostly to be an Intel/Nvidia issue. Mac users (...who cares about them anyway) and AMD users, at least AMD CPU users, doesn't seem to be as affected. The E8400 is an ancient thing though. Socket 775, dual-core, if I'm not mistaken. I am somewhat tempted to stick a boot drive in my own, old 775 rig. QX9650 Core 2 Quad Extreme - second highest rated CPU in that range (the QX9770 was just WAY above my budget back then) and 3 GB (RIP the 4th stick) of Corsair DDR2 Dominator RAM with as tight timings as every woman should be. Fire up a version of Windows 7 - Win 10 if it can handle it - and give League a go. Got a GTX 670 and a Radeon HD5870 in cold storage along with my collection of Sony Trinitron 17" CRTs (just in case the world goes under and the zombies hack all my LCDs...) to match. Just to see if that would make a difference at all in this game compared to my current, soon-to-be-upgraded 3770K and 32 GB RAM with an EVGA GTX 1080 FTW.
: Sorry man , they did not give me any specifics regarding what recent CPU technology League utilizes. I pasted everything and did not leave anything out from Riot response. Also , quite surprised that even you have the same issues with a much better rig. That sucks big time. :/ Wierd shit.
It's not just me and my "much better rig" either (I should say the thing is 6 years old now) - I've seen posts from people with a RTX 2080 Ti and 9900K report the exact same thing. Hardware that blows my PC right back to the middle-ages in comparison. So whatever Tencent support say, it's not an exclusive client-side dual-core issue.
Jemapel (EUNE)
: Thank you man! I also made a ticket to see what they say. I am cruios if same question get different answers. Paladin.....on 4 cores 8 threads and an ok cache you should have no problem. My guess is that they fked up something and it's easier for them to blame our CPU's than to say that they fu**ed up something....The only one point where i agree with them is that dual cores are old. That;s true but somehow this old CPU managed to handle GTA5 in 1080p at medium to low settings man. My old core 2 duo did this and i finished the game at 55-70 fps. And everybody knows about how bad that game was initally programed because it was never intended to be relased on PC. Still they managed to optimize the game to run even on my damn core 2 duo e7500 ( whici is trully clocked at 3.5 ). They lie..... I asked someone who is a programmer and he said that this is a lie. They screwed up something in coding or in the way that the game use resources because usually based on what Hardware the game detects it can adapt and optimized itself to run ok...bullshit RIOT. They have to render the same textures, same effects, to process same resources, same sounds, same network connections....what are we talking about guys...It's obviously a lie that is our CPU's
>Paladin.....on 4 cores 8 threads and an ok cache you should have no problem. My guess is that they fked up something and it's easier for them to blame our CPU's than to say that they fu**ed up something....The only one point where i agree with them is that dual cores are old. That;s true but somehow this old CPU managed to handle GTA5 in 1080p at medium to low settings man. Was this one to me? I wouldn't know because it wasn't a reply to me, and so I won't get notified of it. ^^ But yes, as I say here: aging quad-core handles stuff like Doom 4 and Dying Light just fine (pretty much maxed out @ 1440p), which both are way more taxing on both the CPU and GPU compared to League - and both games run without any issues whatsoever. League taking 45 % CPU - I got lag spikes. Feels like a constant visual delay on my screen. Dying Light takes 85 % CPU - it still runs reasonably fine. Though with the occasional stutter. I'm not a programmer (I'm more on the hardware side of things), but I can safely say that your friend is right - it's not our CPUs that are at fault here.
: For people having trouble with sudden fps drops/freezes.
>League may not have high hardware requirements, but the way League functions does use recent technology that some CPUs may not support Did they give any specifics on what sort of "recent CPU technology" League utilizes? There's only so many hardware technology updates inside a CPU from yesterdecade compared to something new and shiny. My current CPU vs. my intended upgrade: - 3770K (OCed to 4,20 GHz on all cores) - 9700K And as it is, well, my overclocked QUAD-core CPU is literally being mangled by League these days.
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