: Can't reconect
GG riot , thanks
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: League of Legends study – First 10 receive skin
I'm actually interested about the session it self, I might be in this if there is still place. + I also speak that second language (Hungarian vagy mit tudom mi is volt az)
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: 3v3 Queue times
yes it's that bad and according to a thread that was posting maybe 2 weeks ago (A very long and "professional" thread about the 3vs3 map), 10-15 minutes is not to much :p
tiGGz (EUNE)
: Patch 8.2 support item changes
{{item:3312}} {{item:3306}} I could write a page on how those 2 items are very important to have , this is a huge hit for supports.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandour,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=FGROfA0G,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-19T16:30:38.897+0000) > > not everyone is a cocky jerk like you :) > > insert donald trump gif : You're wrong You came here to brag about your e-skills. You have anger issues. I don't care about you. I am just making fun of a random guy who brags about his e-skills.
how do u see this bragging about my skills ?? Riot said everyone will be placed lower than last season, i got placed higher .. sooo that's weird Second thing I actually want to be in silver or bronze but dont wanna ruin the game for the other 4 players . btw i dont care about being gold 2 or even higher in flex... im dia in soloqueue and i did not mention that or brag about it ...
: http://i0.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/000/044/183/128673339003526456.jpg
not everyone is a cocky jerk like you :) insert donald trump gif : You're wrong
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: Not FFing should be reportable
Oh how many "obviously lost games" I won... do people a favor and pls stfu , here and in games where u spam ff .. No to mention, even in "obviously lost games" you can try and maybe learn more about how to handle unfavorable situations
MrQQmur (EUW)
: Mission doesn't update
same + I got 0 EXP after a hard game on aram ... RITO PLS DO SUMTING !!
gggusto (EUW)
: first off you won't advance to 8 or 16 team brackets unless you completely win a 4 team bracket.meaning going 2-0 and 8 bracket is basically the next day and when you win 4 team bracket you get 4 and 8 team rewards as if you were last place in 8 team and first place in 4 team.same goes for 8 brakcet and 16 bracket. as for the prize it depends on your ranking / how many matches you win basically 4-Team is a low reward tho so it won't rlly help that much but 8 and 16 are better rewards. As for the icons they are icons for your team which you have to earn from capsules teams with rarer icons shows that they won alot and got better icons.and you also earn victory points off of your wins which make tournament flags which show in your profile showing whether you were dominant and won alot or not overall. on the one ticket worth subject you only use one ticket for each bracket so to get it's worth you need to be good and win games. It was pretty worth for me as I won the first day which gave me 4 team bracket capsule and two 8 team capsules intead of one 8 capsule due to the bug in the torunament and I also got my ticket refunded.
So this means if you only play the last day , you will certainly be in a 4 bracket stage and the best reward you can get does not even cover the entry fee . Sounds pretty bad. ( I'm low on BE)
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: Clash Rewards Question!
Can someone explain how do you chose between 4 - 8 - 16 bracket tournament ? We played yesterday and today in a 4 bracket tournament and we have no idea how to change this ?
Cypherous (EUW)
: items older than 90 days can't be refunded, there is an expiration timer
ohhhhhhhh.. ok thanks , that's helpful info
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Sympton (EUW)
: This is so delusional (report)
Welcome to the modern world of social justice warriors where everyone is equal and where everything is racist , offensive, sexist , etc... Plus you're a bad person and you should feel bad :(
: How do you make the S for the last few Hextech boxes? :(
ask for people here to join you .. I would have joined but Im on EUNE
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Yes... orange essence. not 3k orange essence.
The variance is what bothered me dude.. Smerk explained the problem so at least we know now
Smerk (EUW)
: Did those people give you any proofs? I find it hard to believe that someone got so much OE from orb
I also did not believe it , but they posted a picture , I saw it . (didin't save the picture) So I rushed 2 quests so I can craft the skin orb just so my hopes to be savagely crushed :(
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I think youre confusing Project Orb with Project Capsules... The capsules have a low chance, call it a "jackpot", of getting ~3k orange essence. I don't think the Orbs feature that.
you can read it in the client at the "Project : Hunters event" menu Skin shard orb contains : One skin shard . Orange essence (plus chance to obtain other things)
Unintended (EUNE)
: that depends on skin you got (i think) with worse skin you get more OE, wit better skin you get less
I got union jack fiddlesticks which gives me 105 orange essence if i disenchant :D
Cypherous (EUW)
: The R in RNG means random
You mean to tell me someone will randomly get 50 000 orange essence ? I bet not. The variance allowed here is extremely stupid and unfair. For example having the limit capped between 1000 and 4000 is still rng but between 0 and dunno +4000 is stupid
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Pandour (EUNE)
: 0 Experience in ARAM
Annie also said she got 0 exp , but looks like this is a bug now in all games (might not be for everyone though) Vander also got 0 XP in ranked https://twitter.com/VanderLCS/status/930449674871492608
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: End Of Season Rewards?
i want to buy a couple "Mystery champion" but im afraid id get graves so I have to wait till they award it :/
Rismosch (EUW)
: It's legacy. That mean it's only available on special events, mainly E-Sports events.
Well this is sad :( Haven't bought a skin since 3 years and i was really looking forward to this. It took too much time to receive my RP , just got them today :( Thanks for the answer though
Rismosch (EUW)
: It's legacy. That mean it's only available on special events, mainly E-Sports events.
:O .. they were just recently released, sh** didint know theres a time limit to buy it :(
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: Thank you Riot for the vs. !!! THANK YOU!!!
: > but this game I really deserved tons kinda begging and asking to be recognized i my opinion. if you don't get honored after the game. so be it. they are reworking the honor system which lands at P7.13 where it comes up before the end game lobby. >And after I did what I think a huge and incredible amount of work, then I was disappointed that people just left after the victory screen. Again you point out how much you did for the team and how much you deserved to be honored. which is not a very honorable thing to do. Do you think the great war hero asked for his medal of honor for dragging 20 people out of a collapsing building? where is the honor in that? His comrades put him up for said medal by voicing their thanks to their superiors. and the "hero" accepted the recognition from his peers.
Ok dude whatever ... I mean you clearly know my intentions better than me. And I clearly have this as my biggest problem of my life now and can't sleep at night because of it. And Wolf from Skt clearly doesnt deserve honors cause he also begged for it. (And it's not like people who played that game with me can go back and honor me after reading this)
: NOT TRYING TO BE OFFENSIVE but... ------------------------------------------------------ To be honest?? What you did that game is what i do every game... Try to be as nice as possible, try to not let my teammates get mad at each other, make them feel more confident about their skills... As Rakan, your job is to engage late game fights... And your job is to make sure you can peel for your adc (and team)... You cant really "carry" alone with Rakan, because you dont deal damage... So in other words, you parcially carried the game... "Shot called, provided very good vision, helped in chat, didnt say a bad word, tried to keep ppl calm"... All of this things is what a support is suposed to do... If you dont provide vision > You are somewhat bad support... If you say a bad word > You are toxic Initiated and carried late game fights > Its your job as Rakan Shot called > well, depending on what you actually did... This is good... But none of this things is actually "honorable"... i mean, you did your job... -------------------------------------------------------------- Dont expect people to honor you just because you carried them... I also had 1 game that i literally carried as GP... All lanes were losing (besides top)... Teemo literally said "IDC about this game, im just having fun"... after that I stoled baron without any vision... And then we procceded to push 3 lanes at the same time... Any time i found a window, i went to a lane and pushed as hard as i could... We ended up winning the "lost" game... And they all said thanks... I didnt cry because noone honored me... -------------------------------------------------------------- A simple "Thanks for the carry" is always a lot better then a honor... That wont change anything... Just a number in the profile... --------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, riot will implement a new Honor system... So then you might get your honors :P -------------------------------------------------------------- AGAIN, DIDNT SAID THIS TRYING TO OFFEND YOU just saying what i think
I accept your comment , yes this our job and probably I try to do that every game (to some extend) The difference in this game was that really everyone was bad on my team :D I was running all mid/late game from lane to lane, get a kill for this, get a kill for that, save this, save that. It was like Faker playing in EUchallenger series. I dont know much about Rakan because that was my 1st game with him, I read his spells in game :D And just to note I disagree with that it's the support job to keep everyone calm and all that. It is no ones job, your job is to play your role as best as you can and help your team. So what you do is extra in my opinion and it should be appreciated not demanded.
: how can one honor a person whom strives and begs for the honor? Honor comes to selfless persons if the other players deem it to be given. You pointing out how great you were here just makes me want to dishonor you just for seeking the recognition for what you did.
Pointing it out doesnt mean begging. And btw point of this thread is to "raise awareness", appreciate players that helped you. Read title : I dont usually care for honor . Second I didin't say a word or anything in game that hints that I want honors. I played to win and I played to see if I can carry that game / that team, not played for honors. And after I did what I think a huge and incredible amount of work, then I was disappointed that people just left after the victory screen.
Mabons (EUW)
: Here, have a pat on the back. *pats Pandour's back* that better?
Smerk (EUW)
: Current honor system is useless and pointless, thats why barely anyone uses it. Thankfully it will be reworked pretty soon. Reworked system will be added in next few days to PBE and should go to live servers with patch 7.13. Current patch is 7.10
Yeah but will people recognize the work of a support or any other good player unless he has a good KDA or a quadra/penta ? That's my problem
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Valzuuuh (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pandour,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LRg33XsN,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-27T23:02:54.016+0000) > > 4) Question about Thresh interaction with {{item:3302}} . When I have a charge and I hit a low minion sometimes it works , other times not really. How does this work exactly ? You have to last hit minion (like ADC), because Thresh is basically ranged champion, as Thresh relic shield doesn't execute minions, unlike on melee supports. I hope this clears it up even a little bit for you!
That clears it thanks. So basically the item also works with any ranged champion , but the first part of the passive (the execute a minion) doesn't work , but the second part (share gold and heal) still works .
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: It's from 12am to 12pm CET.
you mean 12pm to 12am right ? and everyday ?
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Darkdash (EUNE)
: How about we have some actual, canonical LGBTQ+ representation in this game?
(Hopefully I remember correctly ....) Riot shamefully bans graves cigar because it offends some muslim countries , so I don't think we will see any LGBTQ stuff. End of topic.
Hìjaal (EUW)
: The truth these days make people angry like you, but maybe 1 day you will find Yeshua in your life and learn to love. <3
I'm not gonna argue nor care to explain to you .. I dont know what bronze world are you living in (maybe thats how things go in bronze i dont know) but other than that the truth is that you are so bad at this game if u think what u wrote is "truth". Seriously re-learn how this game works and what does supports and junglers do. BTW: No one is angry - I climb to diamond every season playing support - I don't need your Yeshua or anything to have peace and love <3
Hìjaal (EUW)
: This is the worst advice ever, if a player want to get serious about ranked they should go top or mid and not support. Support is limited by hes ADC, so no matter how good the Support is on putting up kills for ADC if ADC is bad and don't take them its no use, if Support make it possible for ADC to farm and don't its no use. ADC is limited by hes Support, so no matter how good the ADC is on farming or killing if the Support never protects ADC when farming he can't farm and get gold for more dmg and get kills. Jungler is limited by how hard Top + Mid + Bot push, if all 3 lanes push to hard so enemie is always under there towers then he can't gank. So if you truly wanna climb go mid or top and if you are top you can if you win lane roam to mid and help him get kills or cs by killing the enemie in mid. If you are mid you can roam to top or bot and help them.
everything you said is so bad and wrong it hurts... please dont give such horrible "informations" anymore ...
craycatlady (EUNE)
: I still don't want to fuck up my mmr just because I want to practice. Don't get me wrong, I hate Blind Pick too, I just don't like the idea that I have to play ranked even when I'm practicing.
Don't consider flex as ranked, treat it like a normal game. In the end having a good mmr/elo in Ranked solo proves more than having a good mmr/elo/ranking in flex where many people can be carried by friends.
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EmiIie (EUW)
: **IGN:** Lady From Norway **Age:** 20 **Rank:** Diamond 5 **Nationality & Timezone:** Norway (GMT+1) **Hours/day you're able to play:** Most days in the evnings. (20.00 is perfect for me) I never been much of a solo player, I have always been a team player. I am looking for a serious team to improve with and join tournaments. I have a big passion for this game. I started playing season 5, and got Diamond 5 now in my second season playing. Never touched a game before. I know I have alot to go on, and get better. Giving up at Diamond 5 is not an option for me. I am friendly, but I might have a tiny litle bit savage humor... I never flame, or blame someone. I always try to be the one who cheer up people when they start tilting. I can take criticism and learn from that. I also adapt my champion pool for the team and meta. Right now my top 3 are Janna, Nami and Karma Not sure what else to type right now. Just add me in game if you got some more questions :)
Well ... The team is on EUNE , you are on EUW
: I dont know about plat and diamond but support is the role with the least representation in challenger....
everyone knows it's the least played role in every league .. what im telling u is that at higher elo ppl really want to play supp, not no one wants to play that sh it like your saying..
: Remove the support role
i dont know about bronze but in plat and diamond sometimes i dont get to play supp (my main) because others want to play supp....
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