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Xalin (EUW)
: This board is actually full of toxic people
Well my friend the board rules doesnt effect into ingame so people can say whatever they wants here like all those people who tries to be not toxic in-game are toxic here and releases their inner hate against people {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
9 Volts (EUW)
: More remakes and afk player than ever before during my time in league
I have noticed this too i had one day 6 remakes in one day thats a lot , before there was max 2 remakes per 1 days.
DominoKid (EUW)
: when your team has the option to end...
Elder dragon buff can be really strong game come back switcher elder dragon in meant to take if enemy is fed and your team is losing the buffs that elder gives can turn really fast an lost game to win game so sometimes taking objectives can be better option than ending the game fast when u have chance on it. Sometimes ive had chance to end a game but my score is so bad when we losing so i want to take elder or baron to get my score better than end the game, i dont like games that are wins but my score is something like 2/4/6 or 1/5/7. i am always trying to improve myself every game.
: How do you guys deal with tilt.
Hello, All players deals with tilt their own way like bymyself i think that if i lose this game **i can just go to next game and try to win that** if i get really pissed off and mad i am just standing on base for few minutes and smoking a cigarette in real life. i wont flame because first of all who the heck cares if you call the enemy zed idiot that killed you 5 times probably the zed player behind the screen just smiles and thinks i am gonna kill this tilting kid even more... so flaming is just useless and grants punishment for you only. thats the way i think.
: Sure
** Keep the money from the acc also.** **im done after 8 accounts** Riot definitely keeps the money you've used on the game. 8 accounts?? like you're srsly toxic like if i was banned on 2 accounts i would have realize that i could not play the game because of permanent bans i could realize how much i waste time if i got on 2 accounts banned.... but you realized this after 8 accounts like how can u not learn ur lesson to not flame after 8 accounts banned?... I can't say that i am bymyself clean player like i do say something sometimes (Currently trying to get my honor level back) but i dont call other players cancerkids or ebolakids or something like that or wish for their death. do you flame ur irl friends like that if they does something stupid? was it game or not they humans too like ur friends or random people, do u wish for their death also or call them cancer kids?....
Vialpando (EUNE)
: Something that makes my day a little less miserable
Riot actually does ban trolls , i've tested that i had account on turkey server and i wanted to test how the system works out the account i used to try this had level 3 honor and no past punishments ever and i played 3 games and i died a lot to raptors and turret dived intentionally to feed and i died like 20 to 50 times in 1 game (**so i was trolling**) and it took me 3 games to get **14 days ban **for intentionally feeding and trolling so the system actually does work. ps: **I did it on ranked games.**
: Petition to introduce Perma Mutes
Nah. If you get permanently banned it means you're not welcome back to league of legends community anymore, ofcourse they can make new accounts but whats more punishing than ban over and over again players that is toxic after many many bans they uses money on the game and loses their accounts sometimes even quits when they realizes how much they spent money on the game and always keeps getting banned. and or if so they doesnt use money , they levels up and they wastes a lot of time levelling up accounts to get banned over and over again.
: Offensive status messages
No you can write what ever u feel like.
MusicaroN (EUW)
: Are 500 games enough to reduce next ban penalty ?
i got 25 chat restrictions and i am 0 honor and theres no way back to level 2 in this season anymore {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Kerigen (EUW)
People who afks 1 time in 1months doesnt get leaverbuster 1 game , people who repeats afking all time get punished a lot. so riot is doing something.
Jökër (EUW)
: Sending Riot proof of a scripter.
You cant really say if someone is scripting if hes skill shots/dodges doesnt go over human abilities visibly high skilled players can look like scripters, but if someone is dodging literally everything that is skillshot then you can be 100% sure and yes you can post on boards as long as players names are hidden or just submit a ticket.
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Pastor Pyke (EUNE)
: LEC Pass Help
so i got scammed? i watched whole Sk gaming vs g2 stream and no missions completed, rip 980 rp good job riot {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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Pastor Pyke

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