: Please say you know how to play him and build {{item:3146}} first.
{{item:1055}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3115}} then i choose from {{item:3157}} / {{item:3089}} {{item:3100}} {{item:3135}}
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: There are worse things than teemo now.
Sadly true, but hes still everybodys favorite cute league demon with the most merciless laugh ever. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3zurytpwGZk {{champion:17}} Edit : play the video on 0.5 speed :D
Wex0r (EUW)
: Very nice! i just need my last s already got 2 tokens :) Which lane are you playing him in ? {{summoner:11}} {{champion:17}} {{summoner:11}}
Mainly top, i tried mid but i dont like it ,mostly because i can get ganked from both sides so its a bit trickier planning escape routes with shrooms, sometimes jungle too (on-hit build)
Rioter Comments
: Have you read your "rework"? You give him free w as passive and giving extra movement speed plus give him fucking spectre ultimate as he wasn't annoying and hard to avoid. My gos
Guess youre right,well the passive thing can be nerfed by the duration of the shadow and movement speed (or just remove the ms) ,and probably add a 20 sec or smth like that cooldown ,as for the ''spectre'' ult you can just reduce the radius and you have to see the enemy,also adding an effect like if enemy leaves vision the shadow disappears.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
As an Adc main i hate zed too but i think this would be a fun thing to see
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Melloi (EUW)
: Thank you There is a lot of heat around the whole MKLol/MKJogo suspension, but many of the claims of innocence has time after time been busted. It is true that during one or several of the ban-waves, some players who had not yet been warned or given a second chance were banned unjust. Most of these players have however rather easily proven their innocence and recovered their accounts. Most of the claims of unjustified permanent ban are, sadly, lies at this point. I understand why many believe a permanent ban is too harsh for only using a 3rd party application, but it clearly says in the ToU it is prohibited, and the players now banned have been warned once or more before punished. I believe you are not alone among the players banned unjust that have had a pleasant experience with the League of Legends Support. [More info regarding the suspensions](http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/E7AuPQHJ-mkjogomklol-suspensions) in case people are wondering.
I didn't have any luck with the support,I thought maybe some residual files are left from mk jogo which i uninstalled after getting banned for it in february,i used Microsoft fix it or smth like that (it helped me before with cleaning residual files from LoL because of which i couldn't uninstall nor reinstall it again) but found nothing,the only thing i know that is left from mk lol is my cursor,the default is a yellow hand,i have a whiteish point cursor,I'll leave a link to the picture of it,but i don't know how i would get rid of it.Should i post this information on riot support? http://prntscr.com/b5y7c8
: Riot seems to have a major issue with "Third Party Programs" right now as it stands, a quick look through the boards tells you that. Personally i've disabled my Overwolf and have put a major hiatus on a youtube video i was compiling clips for because of this rampant plague of banning
can you link the video here?
Riot tmx (EUNE)
: I second what Hansiman said about our procedures. Some time ago I already mentioned there won't be any mercy for scripters, drophackers and players using any kind of methods that let you play in an unsportsmanlike way. It's unfair to both your teammates and opponents and we think that keeping this game identical to everyone is crucial to fully enjoy it. And yes, we're able to detect all known injections giving you that unfair advantage and the ban waves are nowadays a very regular processes. It doesn't actually matter if one scripted yesterday or 5 months ago -- account would be flagged anyway and it's just a matter of time when it's going to be actioned upon. For any kind of scripting activities the first flagged offense just means a permanent suspension -- it's very obvious for us that such an offense should instantly result in a ban and we don't event consider a warning or anything like that. Things look different with tools like MKlol. We know this app was heavily in use for years now and we first wanted to educate our players that the usage is not allowed anymore. We started this project roughly 6 months ago and continue till now: first offense results in an e-mail sent to registered account letting you know our reasons behind this call. Further offenses end up with temporary suspensions with the final one being a permanent ban. Players would have lot of time here to stop using such tools. Additionally, we have implemented changes to League and you can now benefit from various timers in the game, so that usage of Mklol-like tools doesn't make much sense. Please do not script, ban waves are and will be very regular.
So what you just get the damn freedom to ban me for something that I'm not using anymore?I got your warning,got my 1 day ban for using mklol,i got the point,i uninstalled the program,yet here i am banging my brain on the keyboard because my account got permabanned for usage of a program that **I DON'T EVEN HAVE INSTALLED ON MY DAMN COMPUTER** seriously if i could i would send you all the data i had on my PC if you find 1 trace of any sort of hack for league of legends then you can just show me and i will never play the game again since I'm such a terrible person and disgusting hacker.PLEASE{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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: I never got any warning or anything and as i said in another post , my friend's have been playing from my computer as well if i had mk jogo or any leftovers of it they would have been banned as well.I hope you can get your account back as well man,take care
I don't really go on boards alot but this forced me to,do they even look at these things?I see alot of people today got perm banned for the same reasons,3rd party programs,reminds me of the chat ban spree in summer of season 4.
: 6 years of LoL joining the dustbin
I feel you,today at 10 32 am i logged on my account,was waiting for my friends to come online,what happened,i got banned,also for 3rd party programs,i only used mk jogo but 5 months ago i got an email from them saying that my account has been banned for that,so i uninstalled it and never even thought about downloading that or something worse,I've been playing since season 3,yeah i was a really toxic player when i was bronze-silver 1,but ever since i got gold (and now plat) i have forced myself to not rage not flame not blame,i was really happy with the results as i just kept growing but who cares about that now riot thinks I'm a hacker that needs a 7000 year ban and all the time and like 200 € i spent for this game because i enjoyed it went to hell.GG Riot splendid decisions and just let the bots do the work at the Player Support,we need a human for this not a bot that will keep spamming crap that doesn't help at all.I hope you get your account back,somehow,and mine too.Otherwise I'm moving to DotA 2 as i dont want to have anything to do with this game or company. {{item:3070}}


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