: I doubt anything would happen if you changed the country except you'd not have to deal with conversion fees.
Thanks, that was kinda what I thought.
Rioter Comments
: Something like that would be overkill. ^^ Tanks can aborb high amounts of DMG while dealing good DMG and CC. (Mumu or Malphite Nasus VS a lonely ADC - who wins?) Nevertheless i would appreciate an Item that turns a small meatwall into a real Tank! To do this you need the item to have a recoil effect - (5 Tanks VS 5 Tanks is not funny) So my Idea: Build an Item with some health and dmg reduction: +200-300HP; -25% sufferd DMG including True-DMG({{champion:67}} {{item:3070}} ) exept Fountain to comoensate this huge devensive stat, also add: -50% DMG dealt to enemy Champions and structures including True-DMG Costs: No Idea, it should be consindered as "usefull" after a certain point of Tank stats [At 100 Armor you 50% normal DMG reduction at 200 66% at 300 75%] Buying this thing at 100 Amor/MR would match 200 additional Armor/MR, thats scarry, and would be a huge powerspike. => Even with a DMG recoil this Item should cost a huge amount of gold just like Deathcap or IE Mhm, i guess something like that would be considered as overkill, as well. x'D Well, just a crazy Idea of mine, whats your thoughts?
While having a negative counterpart on an item like the one you mentioned (-50% dmg dealt) I find it a way too high sacrifice. You will literally be ignored since you won't offer anything actually rendering you nothing more than a big meat shield. What needs to be dealt with is HUGE and combined true damage like {{champion:39}} {{champion:67}} {{summoner:14}} . Ignite needs a range nerf because it's kinda overpowered on melee champions, Irelia needs to have much less true damage compensated somehow and Vayne also needs to deal much less true damage and to get compensated with some range or attack speed/level or something. Especially Vayne, 800 true damage and 800 physical damage together against a tank is just too much.
Lawful (EUNE)
: So you mean, lets make full built tanks even more unkillable? Thanks, i'll pass. I had enough of the 5 people can't kill one mundo as it is.
Another fellow summoner who's missing Executioner's Calling? :) (And yeah, I'm a Mundo main, kinda. The only way to shut me down is at least 2 morellonomicons in the enemy team. It's not too hard to run away when ignited (or just bait it as there are usually 2 ignites max in one team), Kata ulti is meh, Mundo typically kills her before she can channel her ult all the way, and MF also 1) has cooldown on her W that's good against Mundo 2) she takes one cleaver in the a$$ and is pretty much dead. Tanks are perfectly fine as they are right now, some fighters are way too much and don't really get weaker at any points of the game (yes, Riven and Fiora, also a fed Zed can nullify a full HP Mundo if he has ignite so... yeah...) but still if you manage not to feed them you should be pretty fine. Take 5gp10, 27mr@18 and 23AR runes and you might even just sit at tower and farm only what you can, you'll scale into late game like no prob. The common mistake people do is to try fighting (or simply just doesn't let go risky CS) with Riven/Fiora/Pantheon early, of course they will win.
TeiX (EUW)
: this used to be warmogs for hp stackers for resistance stackers randuins active is what you want an item that acts a rabadons for resistances is way too much and bruisers would use it more often than pure tanks(hell it might even create some abuse cases)
Since resistances are diminishing returns buffing them by 30% would be an incredible waste. Considering how 1 AP worth almost the same 20 gold as 1 AR or 1 MR while investing 400 gold in 20 AR can mean +10% reduced damage if you buy it with 30 AR but if you buy an item with +30% to armor when you have 200 AR buffing it to 267 it will only increase your reduced damage by 6%. Stacking resists are a bad thing overall and the only thing that needs balance is the 35% armor/resist ignore on {{item:3035}} and {{item:3135}}. Just some calculations: Tank has 200 MR, enemy mage has has a spell that does 200 flat magic damage. One spell deals 65 "real" damage. Enemy mage has the 6% armor+magic pen mastery. Tank's MR becomes 188 effective (65% reduction), spell deals 70 damage. Enemy mage has sorcerer's shoes with 15 MR reduction, making tank's MR 173 effective (63.5% reduction), spell deals 73 damage. Enemy mage also has Void staff, so 35% of tank's 200 MR is ignored first, making it 130 effective, then reduced by 6% from mastery (122) and by flat 15 with sorcerer's shoes (107) this equals 51% reduced damage making the spell deal 98 damage. However if the tank has 300 MR the mage with mastery+sorc+void deals almost the same damage with the spell than without Void staff. In the other hand, 200->300 magic resist only means 8% higher damage reduction by itself. Note that if the tank has any less than ~240 MR the item to counter Void staff is not effective. Considering health: 100 health worth 267 gold. Considering an attack that deals flat physical damage, without resists is takes 2670 gold worth of stats to die. With 50 armor for 1000 gold you get 33% damage reduction, which means it gives you get 333 effective health compared to 374 which you would have if you just bought health for the same price. So the armor is kinda worth it because it gave you 41 more effective health BUT you magic damage dealt to you isn't reduced at all. Now if you buy another 50 armor making it 100, you get 50% reduced physical damage effectively doubling your health for 4670 gold. If you just simply buy 2000 health it costs 5340 gold which costs 14% more but in the meantime it protects you from physical, magic and true damage by the same amount. TL;DR Of course you have to consider armor/mr scaling (Rammus, Galio, etc), the damage type of your lane opponent etc but on the long run, against a balanced team health simply worth more. An item that buffs armor/resists by 30% would be ONLY effective to counter Void Staff and Last Whisper. The only downside of more health is the fact that it's harder to regen/lifesteal than low health with higher armor/resist but then again you are very vulnerable to ignite so you might want to consider that too.
Rioter Comments
BraińFkr (EUNE)
: Miss Fortune needs some love
MF is pretty fine, the only thing she needs is a Garen-like passive so minions don't break it.
: A support should, but he's not a support, he's a roamer. He ganks bot with the same rate as he ganks top. In a bard teamcomp, unless you have Cait and they have Graves and Alistar, the ADC should go top and someone else should go bot perma 1v2.
That should be actually written somewhere on the front page...
: yeah let's nerf that immobile mage that has no way to get to adcs without flash, while stuff like lb or zed does similar dps but can just jump in kill and get out without using any summoner spells... yep nerf the immobile one
Good luck for adc after annie deleted the front line with flash+ult+q+w. The others just have to go in and kill everyone.
: Grom is OP man. That fucking toad rapes you like there's no tomorrow, I hope they nerf his damage, he's more dangerous than the blue buff or red buff.
Or you learn to aim your w with khazix and pick trailblazer for more reliable clear instead of the chilling smite.
: Rengar and Pantheon have the same problems. Pantheon either wastes half his mana to clear the camp or he stays there Auto Atacking and takes a whole day. Rengar on the other hand has very little sustain and his Q early is on a quite high cooldown.
Pantheon has incredible early game pressure and maybe just stop spamming Q E for no reason but especially E. And rengar... you call that w low sustain? Can you imagine Evelynn's clear and sustain then?
EbayTeemo9x (EUNE)
: you dont say... oh well, back to overclocking... Good thing is, I will have some time to calm my nerves from people in your community (worst in all online communities), you should really take more time to focus on players and people like that instead of developing new fancy skins just to take peoples money and offering 0 enjoyment in your game.
You install a beta OS as primary (or even only one) and point fingers at everyone whose software doesn't run on it. On a beta OS. Come on.
Ghostly92 (EUW)
: Better bots
The problem with bot matches isn't their skill, you can even set the game 3v5 but the damn hassle to select champions and manually select intermediate level for all of them... Meanwhile in Dota you hit bot match, select the difficulty and you're ingame 3 seconds later with a valid team. Oh yeah and it would be great if I picked a support it actually came bot and didn't ruin my cs.
Temp3te (EUW)
: I don't understand... It's a problem for those who can't stand us speaking french. It has never been a problem for me, and I don't complain.
Trust me it's really annoying when you exclude someone from a conversation they see. Just use /msg name and /r to reply in private if you insist on using your language. For all I care when I see foreign lines in my chat I mute them because it's simply distracting. On Riot's behalf it was a really bad idea to make translations to the game, it should have been kept English strictly. It's not skyrim where you can still kill chickens if you don't speak the language.
: 3.2GB in .txt logs?
Delete them all. I just did, game still runs flawlessly. Those are just log files.
emos21 (EUNE)
: We need one more buying option!
While a shift+right click wouldn't hurt I envy you that your biggest problem in this game is right clicking 5 times for 5 potions.
Ornias (EUW)
: Ping ignore or partial ping ignore
It wouldn't be a bad idea to _limit_ pings 2 per 10 seconds. Sadly my experiece is when my Riven goes missing and mid is pushing hard my ? and ! pings simply get ignored and then I get flamed for "no ss noob". Usually when you give them 5 danger pings they *might* consider retreating.
: Will Riven ever be nerfed ?
Try Zac against Riven, max Q and rush Sunfire, Armor+Magic pen+CDR runes, you can farm and poke with Q for decent damage (no riven player ever took magic resist from runes and masteries EVER), she won't be able to do anything to you before 6 and even if she manages to jump on you under turret you can knock her back with E making her escape turret aggro. And she can't get fed on you as long as you keep freezing and tower farming because you have your passive. The only risky part is when she hits level 6, she can and will try to all-in you under your turret, you need to bait her ignite and at least the knockup and you're fine. Once you got sunfire and sorc boots you have an equal lane. Of course Vi can get her fed at lv6 and you can't do anything about it except jumping far far away and letting them take your turret for free.
Dame (EUW)
: Meanwhile they nerfed kass, who was underplayed, while no one think that he's op. The balancer team need to be fired!
You're talking about Kass nerf when his ult cd just became 2 sec with lower mana cost? U high bro?
: The big advantage of pings is that they communicate multiple data points in an instant. These are 1. Location of the ping 2. Intent of the ping (message) 3. Sender of the ping (most notable for 'on my way', otherwise seen in chat) If you were to make an "ult up in ..." ping, you would really be wasting the most valuable part of the ping, the location. The location of the ping is far more important than the intent because it draws the attention of your teammates to a certain area of the map. When they observe the situation they can often judge accordingly, therefore the intent is less important. What would be more useful is a chat command to convey the same message. Since /r is already occupied by /reply, let's use /c for /cooldown, which would then enter the following in chat "'s () ultimate is ready in seconds." This way, you won't distract your teammates with useless information (said location and audio cue) A warding ping however does make excellent use of the location feature and I support it's addition. When considering it's position on the wheel, I don't agree with the proposed concept. The missing ping and danger ping need to be able to be used quickly and successively. Normally one ping is enough to draw a teammate's attention to the map, however sometimes multiple are necessary to make sure a teammate understands that the enemy Zed is moving through tribrush at that moment in time. To be able to do this you need those pings to occupy a large chunk of the ping wheel. If i were to add a fifth ping for ward I would probably replace the danger ping on the wheel and move the danger ping to the fall back ping key (v by default) since those two pings fulfill nearly the same function. TL;DR Ward ping awesome, ult ping bad PS. OP, you made a double thread with exactly the same post. I recommend you delete one and save the mods some work.
it's a hassle enough to type "ult in 20" while trying to move so you don't get hit by a skillshot, you want to involve the shift key or the numpad for a / ? Come on. Riot should simply implement the hotkey/command system SMITE has and disable chat in solo queue. Not to mention they could make voice packs for every champion which is a lot of $$$. It's simple, it's VERY effective and you can tell your team _ANYTHING_ with the press of 2-4 buttons. And no it's not hard to use, people use it in SMITE while they navigate their champions with WASD...
Mario 2K15 (EUNE)
: Poor performance of the game.
I play on a core i3 laptop with a weak ass amd card and I only get the post game bug splats and constant 40 fps. You either have a virus that does 100% CPU usage or a hyperactive virus scanner You don't have a game "optimizer" right? Because these internal lags happen when you give high(er) priority to league of Legends.exe than lolclient.exe.
Tarkamacska (EUNE)
: Since when is platinum better than anyone else? You have a line between the leagues. Yes, it separates some groups, but in general they are all on the similar levels. Below Diamond 3 everyone is bad. Everyone. Sometimes bronze players make bigger plays than plat I players. And these plat I players are fcking serious, they are raging, flaming. No one respects platinum players, they only respect themselves. In S2 they were demigods, since S3 its just an another noob tier beyond high diamond.
These guys never climbed. They either got carried by their friends by duoing or simply bought the account.Like it or not this is a real business where you can buy a plat account with skins from 150 usd. When a platinum player goes 0/7,can't last hit, can't freeze farm, doesn't push the wave when the enemy is dead and he doesn't have tp I call bullshit on the whole system.
SpongeDude (EUNE)
: /mute all as soon as ur champ appeared on the fountain. {{summoner:12}}
Then realize you're not playing smite so you can only ping missing but not "they recalled" or even "Thresh ult Lucian heal down" Well at least if you try to play this as a team game.
Savilion (EUW)
: I’m not familiar with the Malz vs. Twitch matchup, but does Twitch’s Ambush (the spell which puts him invisible after a short period of time) interrupt Malzahar’s Nether Grasp if Twitch goes invisible while Malz’s ult is channeled? Granted Twitch starts casting Ambush before the ult, of course.
He said the spectating guy saw it deal 1 damage per tick. BTW I found some weird low damages with Mundo cleavers as well.
: If you want a "chill" game in blind pick to try things you shouldn't care about winning or losing. If you want to win so badly then you have to tryhard. It's not like you can get free wins on demand just because it's a normal man xD. Btw usually matchmaking is kinda balanced in normals, if you have 4 premades in your team you will face 4-3 premades in the other team too, if you were the one soloing probably the other 3-4 on your team were premades.
Yeah it's so much fun walking to lane and finding yourself 2v4 because they are arranging things via teamspeak while your team just freeze farms empty lanes and rage at you... Dunno but it's not the chill most of us want.
: People are going to ban every possible assassin anyway cause they are ****-scared of them no matter what. Which says a lot about the general skill of the medium player. So there is no need to nerf anything.
Yes, 3 assassin teams are a thing only in Bronze and silver because those are the highest skill cap champions. Not to mention all of them has ridiculously low cooldowns compared to utility tanks but yeah. MUH SKILL
Jens Cole (EUNE)
: Let's have {{champion:12}} top {{champion:34}} mid {{champion:59}} jungle {{champion:429}} adc and Bard support. The {{champion:48}} team :)
The best troll team is 5x {{champion:17}}
: I am in low elo, never saw roaming support. I roam only if I play with my premade, cause I know he can fend for himself. And I do it ONLY if we are winning lane. I tried to roam in ranked.. god I got so much shiet talk for it by both ADC and mid laner... also usually nobody wanna support so if ppl are forced to supp, they stay in lane, farm minions and doesn't even bother with warding or buying that sightstone. So talking about someone's point being invalid just because you don't have enough information to reply... is IMO stupid.
The only kind of "roaming" supports I see in silver eune are instalock Leonas who will die at lv3 no matter what and will rage at adc if it doesn't follow up then leaves botlane for good. :-D
: People buy new champs instantly all the time. Even trolls. Sadly many times they do that because they think - wow, new champ, looks cool im gonna main him/her... happens all the time. Also having wide champ pool and many IP doesn't mean someone is good at this game. Many people play tons of games, but never learn anything properly. :( Just in case - I am not saying you guys personally are shiet players, no! Just generally speaking about many players who play this game for years, who can't get out of bronze/silver.
Let's all be honest Riot made a great job enabling this by letting 0day (0hour) cchampions be picked in ranked and also making them OP at release for 2 years now (since Quinn, maybe Velkoz wasn't OP).
Dame (EUW)
: Riven 2shot kalista.
Bruiser Kalista is pretty viable, ofc you shouldn't build her adc at top. The constant dashes and the ulti itself makes it pretty good. It doesn't hurt though if the jungler is your pre-made and comes top often for free kills.
Petsho (EUW)
: I just played against a Kalista on top. I was Yasuo and it went pretty good.
That's great but he was talking about countering Riven with Kalista.
TBadger (EUW)
: I agree compleatly, I do sort of like galio, but he just doesn't do well at the moment. Considering how lots of champions have %MS buffs, galio's is very limmited, being only in one direction and in a rather limited coridor. His heal to is rather difficult to utilise, it doesn't really sustain in lane atall, but rather just counters some damage if you have the reflexes to use it at the start of a fight. Also his ult suits the play style of a much tankier champion, not a AP midlaner who's needed for wave clear and a decent amount of ap damage. With sustained damage mostly a think of the past, you'll be blown up befoew you can use E to walk into their team to ult, either that or everyone will have dashed away now that ever champin must dash to be viable. They only place in the meta he can realy be played as a counter to squisher AP top laners.
Sad truth is Galio is only good to mess up LB's fun and against 4 AP + Corki / Ezreal teams but even these don't really work, both a good lb or a 4 AP team will just ignore you. He needs some tuning like ult not being interruptable and passive being 25% mr 25% armor.
: blitz qq posts haha how bad can ppl get
You know in low elo there is no such thing as peel for adc so any Blitz can just press w walk up to adc knock up ult and then pull every single time, that's exactly why he is popular. Plus nobody wards.
Tinticy (EUW)
: I personally stopped playing bot just because of Blitz and Thresh. They ruin the fun of the bot lane, just because one single hook usually results in death. And no, I don't play ranked to be able to ban them, which usually results in seeing them bot 2 out of 3 games...
Normal draft? You know it's also good to prevent having a Vi and a Katarina in every game.
: No one said he was.. They're just asking rito to fix the hitboxes. And while they're at it they could fix both Thresh and Morg's hitboxes as well.
Aptest (EUW)
: Aura items in general are not a good idea in the game IMHO. the reason is that the value of the stats they give is measured on the aura recipient which already has other items to stack with the aura. therefore the stats on the item has to be weak to compensate for the possible large value of the aura. this leads to the person who buys the aura having weak personal stats and promotes "the adc's slave / bodyguard" type of interaction.
What personal stats does coin or shield give? Also, when did Braum's whole kit stop being adc's bodyguard?
: Is asking someone to report someone thru the all chat a valid reason to report the person asking?
Flamers never get punished, you wasted a lot of time writing that topic. No, chat restriction is not a punishment for the player, it's a punishment for his team because he'll use his few chances to chat to rage while otherwise he would have communicated asking for ganks, calling objectives etc.
blackfr0g (EUNE)
: 1 minute Refund
Actually I see no reason why a champion or a skin shouldn't be refunded until the player gets into the first game. Just like you can refund items before you actually used them...
HeavyTank (EUW)
: I guess the veto wasn't implemented because duoQ's hold more power over it (then again, don't they already hold absolute power over a surrender vote? At least enough to force it to be "no" every time?), but I actually like the "roll" idea. If someone is a good boy and doesn't dodge, get reported multiple games in a row and so on, he could get the "dodge tokens" to use during the promos, where dodging is kinda essential. I remember almost always duoing with someone during promos because 1) the players there are objectively worse and 2) If you are almost certain you're going to lose due to flaming/trolling you can ask your friend to dodge once. I still think that you should be able to report in the pre-game lobby because many people tend to abuse the lack of this feature and bully other people into picking/not picking something (I'm a diamond smurf and I go mid or feed!). This isn't true most of the time (both the smurfing and the feeding), but it is widely used as a "scare tactic" to let people give you your preferred lane.
Solo Q and Duo Q shouldn't be the same league that's the only problem. How is it healthy that the enemy adc-support are in perfect sync and you're stuck with a troll who wanted mid and doesn't even feels like farming or warding? Solo Q should be 5 random players without the ability to voice chat.
Adrenalotr (EUNE)
: Neither Cele nor OP said anything about voting. And limiting the amount that players can dodge also means potentially forcing them to play with a toxic player because they've expended their dodge options. Vote can also be abused. Premades of four can abuse it in normals, and players can bully those who want to play an off-meta pick by voting to disband. If everyone refuses to pick a tank/offtank, then it's everyone's fault, and everyone's gonna have to deal with that in-game. I've seen Kalista support and it's worked just fine. You don't decide what other players pick, and only if they disregard pick order are they doing something that's not acceptable.
You deserve to be forced to 4th pick ADC for 10 games in a row getting a katarina support against Leona-Draven. Come back and say it again that the carry has no right to tell what his support should be.
Sasogwa (EUW)
: I dunno, gank when you an opportunity, and if there's none powerfarm yi-mode i guess. Play for teamfights i guess and try to call for objective if possible. I think you're gonna have trouble with poke/kite teams though because you will never be able to engage in a fight (may it be a drake fight or whatever)
Btw Skarner needs precise team coordination. If your team doesnt react instantly as you grab the enemy you're pretty screwed.
Arbitrage (EUW)
: What 144hz Monitor? (Asus vs. BenQ vs. LG)
I never heard of a champion named Asus, BenQ or LG.
Warmyth (EUW)
: [BUG] Fizz e + smite
Do the creeps damage you? No because you're untargetable. You're untargetable to the hp restoration buff as well.
: Overstaying ones welcome aka.: How to throw a won game. (And how to avoid that)
Oh this thread should be posted on the loading instead of how many hours does it take to flash from base to base lol. I never seen so much throws than since preseason, it's ridiculous. But I actually think death timers has been reduced way too much, there is something terribly wrong with a game where everyone emphasizes how farming, warding, taking dragons are important when a team can just take baron and shove 2 lanes at 50 minutes even if they were 10k gold behind just because the enemy made one stupid mistake. Not to mention early game you can't do anything if you kill botlane because they will respawn and get to dragon before you manage to smite if your DPS isn't good enough.
Kárna (EUW)
: Getting Started as an Ad carry...
Maining adc as the first role is literally the worst thing he can do except if he can duo with a friend who supports all the time. This is literally how you end up in Bronze V.
Karmoon (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bartholomewtss,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=hoXTqAII,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-03-08T16:54:30.997+0000) > > IE. Any other item Rush on him is a fail. There are some cases where a BT or Last Whisper will serve you better. I'd say the only thing you really want to force yourself to rush is a BF sword. After that you need to adapt.
Last whisper? As first item? Yeah 40 ad and 10 arpen worth of passive for 2300g will help you out against the enemy ADC's bf+pickaxe... When will someone who recommeds lw rush on adc finally do the math and realize that a brutalizer for 1000g less does actually more to a 40 armor champion? And no Graves does need to rush bt in any circumstances. He is burst. If you blew your combo and it killed nobody you better recall before jungler and mid gives a visit for a free kill.
: Executioners Culling
It was the most unexplainable thing to remove it to begin with. It was a very niche item that took an inventory slot for basicially only the grievous wounds and it applied for 1.5 sec only so you couldn't even counter all the healing of a Nasus or a Ww in lane. But it was nice and it did it's job. You had a chance to deny a Sona or Soraka with others than Mf, you could mess up a volibear's ult etc. Now the only way to mess up a fed Warwick is chain ignite but your team will most likely have it only on mid. We need that item back. Take Zeke in exchange.
Kian987 (EUW)
: Please explain me how to play Skarner
> Skarner is pretty straightforward, you give yourself movespeed with w, slow them with E, stick on them with 2 Q and drag them back with ult. The champions you listed are ungankable for anyone that doesn't have a no-skill point and click chasing gapcloser like Vi or Lee or a double dash+trap like j4 or just the burst of shaco. It's not Skarner's incompetence, you won't gank those champions with 80% of junglers. This is exactly why you don't see Udyr, Yi, Trynda or Shyvana anymore in the jungle and only see j4, Lee, Vi, reksai nida and Ww. Season 5 is pretty sad so far.
: To be a good support, you need to support your whole team, not just the ADC. And by support i mean: -ward around drake when the enemy team is about to do it -roam to midlane when your adc doesn't exactly need you (i.e. the enemy support/adc backed) -call ss -watch the minimap and ping when a threat arises. Chances are people are blind or just not paying attention :) To further stricten the "how to support" rules, here are a few suggestions: -the game starts in champion select, choose your champion carefully. Almost every champion can play the support role, as long as he synergises with the ADC on lane and/or the team in teamfights mid-late game. -complete your team. If your team lacks a tank, get one. If your team lacks initiate, get one. If your team lacks disengage and you feel you will need it, GET IT. -do not EVER start with a dorans ring. Like wtf never ever. Spellthief is for poking aps. Doran's ring is for AP SOLO LANERS that intend to farm. You do not intend to farm. If you do, you already failed as a support. -be open minded. Twisted fate ADC is not a trollpick. Ashe is not a trollpick. LeBlanc ADC is kinda trollpick, however a very fun one. Master Yi ADC is not a trollpick. The same applies to you. Brand support is not a trollpick. Chogath support is not a trollpick. Garen support is not particularly OP but not a trollpick. Tryndamere support is not a trollpick against certain teams (he can reduce the whole enemy team's AD by 80 by level 9, that's a LOT). As long as you have something you bring to the lane and don't need many items to be good, you can support. (this means Vladimir can't support, Nasus should not support (no Q stacks)....) And after absorbing all the stupid stuff i'm inventing on the spot, be sure to be positive. Or at least not flaming and negative. It mostly falls to the support that doesn't need every second to focus on csing to write words of praise or consolation. Do this and carry your team to victory. Do not expect to be praised much. You are the chosen one. The silent protector. The dark knight. THE SUPPORT.
Dude what the hell, why can't vlad support? I almost always get as much or more gold with supp since season 4 than our toplaner does and Vlad is excellent for free poke and baiting Leona/Blitz/Thresh for a hook then just pressing W not to mention his ultimate is actually a support ult. 2 kinds of champions can't support, stackers (Nasus is somewhat viable when built AP and with that W you have a nice farm lane because nobody will dare to dive you though) and second adc because they offer no utility and don't scale without farm with the only exception of ashe maybe.
: What about vote to kick as an option for an obvious troll?
That's the idea that can't work. People would kick everything they don't like. Dude I just got raged at by 4 people for picking Lissandra top to a team that was otherwise 3 ad + tank support... But if they think it's that bad they could vote disband then lose one "charge" plus take a 15 minute break. But they wouldn't if that's the case. This should be kept for escaping a team comp that can't work or a troll that you played with 2 games ago or just the usual "I lock I'm kata supp and never buy a single ward if I don't get mid".
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