: Say that to the pro players. I bet they will love to hear more of you
So you think what is viable in pro play, such as tank lee sin, should translate 1:1 into your solo Q experience?
: But if he just build full tank he still deals enough damage to kill a carry. That's the thing no one wants. I either want him to build damage if he want do damage and tank if he is there for the utility. Damage lee sin a really bad. Tank Lee sin is extremely good. Bruiser Lee sin is a mother fking terror. Nerfing his damage on the Q but increasing it's scaling based on how far he throws it would be a better Nerf cause then they reduce the amount of bullshit Lee sin can do. Giving him any kind of increase in base damage or lower cds might make him into a 60-70% winrate champion in all elos. Nerfing him while also keeping it simple is the best they can do. Riot don't want People to one-trick lee sin, they want to have player get options for the the game. First pick shaco? No problems "Picks Lee sin" First pick any tank? No problems "Picks Lee sin" First pick Ivern or nunu? No problems "Picks Lee sin" My team needs Damaga/Tank? No problems "Picks Lee sin" My team needs AP? "Player Dodged champion select" Lee sin got banned? No problems dodges anyway.
> Damage lee sin a really bad. > Tank Lee sin is extremely good. > Bruiser Lee sin is a mother fking terror. Damage lee sin is bad Tank lee sin is useless Bruiser lee sin is the only way to play him I don't even want to go deeper into the other parts of your post, because it is so wrong.
: If he is indeed a new player (Im sure Eambo can check it for sure) he definitely deserve the champion more than anyone else! I used to play a lot of Elise in jungle before I switched to Top lane main. She is nice and fun champion to play but she also requires high skill cap. If you like her, you will enjoy playing her and if you master her and make fancy plays with her its a very rewarding feeling! ;) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I also upvoted him, I feel like new players are a bit more in need of new champs. I play since season 1 with shorter-longer breaks, but no matter how many new champs I buy I pretty much only play Draven and Lee, and let the new ones dust in my collection tab haha, so this giveaway is not for me.
: The 2k17 Yasuo starter Pack !!! (Limited Edition !!!!)
You forgot the part about their average stat from lolskill and a post match lobby screenshot with them having an inting stat, right when you are in your promos. http://imgur.com/5Z1jzBj Just like this old partially censored pic, I made in s4 preseason (2013 dec 31.).
: Why is top lane either hardly babysat or totally ignored by the junglers ?
Because in the current toplane meta I can gank only once, and has to be pre6, (may the enemy toplaner be a poppy with a shitton of armor or illaloi/darius that is also immortal, but with the difference of taking you out 1v2). Have to secure objectives, like drakes and for that you have to make sure you have vision around it and thus you need to give your botlane advantage, so the enemy has less chance to conquest for vision.
Tuee (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol, is he just bad?
My friend is an asol main (he has 340k mastery on it), he pretty much only plays asol, the champ is really good, you just have to play a lot with it as it has a high skill floor.
Dréwz (EUW)
: Im good at laning, i 90% of the time win it, its just the after laning is where i cant do much. People do not know how to group up and I cant really go alone anywhere.
You should not care about what people think, you won the lane, you will now rotate and destroy other turrets. Set up an outward pushing wave and go mid/top with your support, even if your slightly autistic sololaners ping you to get out, you just have to be there and furiously clear the waves and eventually force the turret, then basically later in the game your highest priority is to survive teamfights, if you lost it, then you can still clear the wave from the sieged turret, if you won, then obviously because you can take down turrets fast. Your biggest priority is to hit turrets and/or stall the game (obviously it is only required when your team is losing) with your waveclear to have time to scale up to your powerspike.
mhkiler (EUNE)
: i dont agree with you! if your rune be good! (as my rune) your q give you 18-24 damage! and sona cant remove half of your hp! and you can annoyed her with your q! and when he come near , fall back! as draven player who have 100 rank win with him! 200 k lvl 7. 58% win rate, and.... i know that if you have good sup you can destroy every sup and adc!
The problem is not Sona itself, it is the armorpen and itemization nerfs, I just used her as an example for how poweless you can be on lane with a lane bully right now.
: LeeSin
Yet on the NA boards everyone acts like Lee Sin is a freelo champ and you just point and kick to destroy everyone on the enemy team and are crying for nerfs.
: Draven skin sound bug
This is yet an other nerf to my favourite champion, changing axe sounds to poolparty axe sounds, unforgivable.
: What are your thoughts about ADC and the low amount of adc's in the game?
Most of them are boring or just overnerfed, directly/indirectly. I liked playing Draven a lot, but as things are now he is complete garbage and that 10 extra dmg on Q at level 1 will do nothing to make is laning phase any better, when a sona can remove half your hp with a single thunderlord proc.
Genielda (EUW)
: Could we have a few nerfs directed at the gank junglers?
> the jungle changes kind of just make it that junglers can gank 24/7 with no lack of gold or xp which is why lee vi hec khazix zac rengar shaco ivern are literally everywhere. None of theese junglers fit into your description, are you living in a dream world? Let me tell you hy are they popular: Lee: fits into the majority of teamcomps and has decent burst Vi: point and click lockdown, armorshred and decent burst Hecarim: trinityforce, then full tank items, jumping into the backline and removing the carries alone Khazix: I don't think he is too strong, at least can be countered by not solo splitpushing Zac: spammable aoe %hp dmg, easy engage, more hard CC with the ult and mid fight sustaion becuse of blobs Rengar: his rework made exactly what people disliked about him even worse Shaco: strong duelist trough the entire game, could remove a carry from the backline with 2 hits before the scaling changes Inver: obnoxious counterjungling and slow Of course you could play other junglers that are farm junglers, like Olaf (still can gank early tho), Shyvana (who is insanely strong post 6 and reaches it before sololaners), but that means you are not providing pressure until that point. There are 3 tasks for a jungler, you have to do at least 2 of it, otherwise you are not a jungler, just another plant in the jungle -warding (to track down the opponent jungler, makes their ganks avoidable) -ganking (when you can to push advantages) -objectives (dragon conquesting and minion xp/gold soaking at turrets when they would die in vain)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pentium2,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fY27gRac,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-12-17T14:50:18.343+0000) > > Tell me how is lee sin killing squishies without being fed please. Tell me why {{champion:35}}'s early was nerfed cause "too oppressive" while being relatively underplayed, while {{champion:64}}'s broken mobility is instead untouched by at least S3, while he is the most played jungler ever AND it's early is just as oppressively hateful. "Muh skillshots" i guess :D...
I don't want to sound mean, but you are in bronze 5 (you can tell me this is not your main, as people usually do, when I stalk them), and yes, there is a difference between a skillshot based champion and a point and click one, while shaco might have some outplay potential with the boxes, his base dueling potential was so strong after the rework solely based on autoattacks, that it was impossible to duel him, even if he was morbidly behind. And I highly doubt, people can properly wardjump and pull off game changing ults with him in that elo, let alone landing skillshots, unless they have a couple of hundred games on him, which would mean they would not be in bronze. Lee was almost completely gutted after season 3 (base dmg, cooldowns), now the only buff he received since then was the % bonushp dmg on the ult to make it more reliable, when kickign someone into other targets, and a +5% ls+sv on the w at rank 1, to compensate for the smite changes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Aryador,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=fY27gRac,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-12-17T13:15:22.930+0000) > > Considering how shaco had such an easy time killing squishy even when not being fed despite him supposed to be an early game champion that HAS to be fed in order to take the lead and run with it well the short answer is : Yes. I may agree with this way of thinking, too bad that for some reason it seems to be true for every champ but NEVER for {{champion:64}}...
Tell me how is lee sin killing squishies without being fed please.
Weelah (EUNE)
: You cant orb walk in LoL thats mostly a Dota thing In Dota there are abilities which enhance your auto attack with various effects (slows, extra dmg etc) these effects are called Orb Effects because of the visual particles they had in WC3 These abilities are usualy toggle abilities In Dota if you right click or Attack Command ("A"key by defult) you draw aggro from minions and towers how ever casting spells at your enemies does NOT draw aggro For the sake of simplicity and for example lets say that toggle ability was on "Q" if you press "Q" directly without Right clicking or "A" clicking the game would register it as a "spell" rather than Auto Attack and you would cast an enhanced auto attack without drawing aggro from minions This action was called "Orb Walking" What you need to learn to improve as ADC is Attack Moving Which is attacking not by right clicking on your enemies but "A" (BY DEFULT) clicking which is giving Attack command But this should be explained to you by high elo ADC mains and why it helps you The most simple example I can give you is if you Right click in a bush you will just move to inside the bush and do nothing while "A" clicking in the bush will make your champion move inside the bush and immidiately start attacking any enemies inside saving you the trouble of having to right click all over the place Also Right clicking may cause you to cancel auto attacks
As far as I know it was called orb walking since LoL exists, someone started to talk about dota on reddit when I mentioned orb walking on a topic, but if you google "orb walking", the first couple of hits will be about lol.
Rioter Comments
: Could you please explain me all this hate for yasuo? Sure his kit is annoying but i don't understand why everyone considers him so strong when there are out there way stronger champions. Maybe you can enlight me
Zanador (EUNE)
: There might be a way to make Riot do it. Ranked Flex does not have enough solo and duo players, and Riot is even considering turning Flex into a full 5 premade queue. If that happened, then Normal Draft could be brought back, since it would not compete with the new Flex anymore. So solo and duo players: **Stay in solo/duo queue!** That is all we have to do. Just don't play Flex without a 3-man-premade and our chances of getting Normal Draft back will increase.
Would make sense as I'm only playing flex when I have a full team for it.
Rioter Comments
VVhizzkid (EUW)
: When does solo/duoq exactly appear?
It will only come to the servers they care about, also they might just disable aram, extra game mods and blind, since they want us to play flex.
MicroBr3w (EUW)
: One of the drawbacks of trying to provide you all with more timely details is that sometimes we think we've fixed an issue, and then it goes back to a problem state. _That is frustrating for you, and it irritates me that I couldn't provide a final, accurate assessment of the situation. <shake_fist @ servers>_ In this case, we found a problem where some of the game servers were not running as expected. After restarting them, they started taking more connections (good thing), but then they started dropping back into a "no more connections" state (bad thing). Right now, we're investigating why the servers are coming up and then dropping back into a degraded state. Unfortunately, we didn't know this would occur until after we'd restarted and things were looking good. Again, I'll provide more details as we have them, but wanted to get you a quick update on the active troubleshooting that's ongoing.
: Riot Kayle is a good skin though... But I can see the point of complaints - those who have it getting a 750RP or less skin will likely complain, since it's under RKayle's price tag.
Well I will have 2 kayle skin that I will never use from now, the Judgement and This, but mainly because I don't play Kayle, but I don't really care either way, if I really want a skin I buy it for myself.
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Why is region changing so expensive ?
I used to have a free transfer pass for 1 use, but they took it from me D:
: not what i meant. quit playing when you're around 3 win streak and see what happens.
Nah not playing ranked in this season anymore, I had like a big surge in win streaks in the beggining and now I am on like a 20 game lose streak, I'll just wait for next season.
Tiffan (EUW)
: Supports who dont buy wards are the worst, scumbags. If you aint guna buy wards, dont freaking pick support role.
Or the ones that are hiding behind you the entire laning phase.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Losing my mind, just trash...
Just wait until next season, hopefully they will remove dynamic Q and it won't be complete garbage again. Remember, everyone was complaining about premades even before this was released, so they disabled the option to see them and added the option to queue up with more, because logic. I'm so tilted at the moment, was planning to buy a 2600 Rp package to get a skin for my current main, but meh I am not enjoying the game now..
: just dont get a big winning streak. problem solved.
Yeah so from now if I win 2 in a row I will have to troll the third one in order to not get autists on my team? Maybe everyone is doing this and that is why we get so many idiots, or it is just dynamic Q, getting bronze skill players into high gold and plat. Also would not be surprised if rito had a hand in the boosting sites, they are getting out of hand because there are more players than ever.
CyberRage (EUW)
: Win / Lose streaks are the absolute worst part and I blame the horrible matchmaking. I went up to platinum 4 with a consistent high win rate ( 53% over more than 200 games ). Then out of the blue I get matched with the worst possible team mates game, after game, after game. Ended up being a 15 game lose streak. Just calculate the odds of that happening, it has nothing to do with skill. Got all the way back to Gold I and now I need to grind out games again to stabilize my MMR in matches that are pathetically one sided. It's absolute bullshit how the matchmaker punishes solo players with high win ratios that do not play in 3 - 4 man premades. If it were truly random, you wouldn't see 9/10 games ending up in a complete landslide for one team ever since dynamic matchmaking.
I have a 15 game lose streak as well, scared to even queue up and I am never brave enough to dodge when someone picks an out of meta champ on my team, but still 9 out of 10 times he sucks with it.
Get Juk3d (EUNE)
: I feel you man it's been like 4 weeks that I'm playing only leesin on jungle and top and the real fun part is that when you learn his combos and moves ( I'm not saying master ... that's not my place sadly ) you can play him anyway you like. I've played him with the full armor pen build ( runes and items ) going for {{item:1408}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3156}} and even {{item:3147}} and sometimes {{item:3071}} and it was really fun playing him as an assassin and one shoting people but then I started playing him as a pure tank and I named that rune page Leesin Mega Tank my seals and big ones are %max health marks are armor and glyphs are MR and I go for {{item:1409}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3102}} and {{item:3748}} the point of this build is {{item:1409}} gives you 15% max health and I have 9% max health in my runes so when I build ANY health item o0o0o0o0o you gotta see that and my {{item:3748}} deals a disgusting amount of damage
Actually black cleaver and titan hydra are pretty muc hcore items on most lee builds, also I would not play him without sightstone, the warding jungle item only has 2 charges, that is not enough.
TTekkers (EUW)
: You should try MF if you haven't already. On the face of it she's just a press R & win champ (which she is) but she also has really good kiting potential and when you spread your damage properly with lovetaps & Q double-lovetaps it's pretty satisfying. And she's easy as hell to pick up.
> [{quoted}](name=TTekkers,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=EGXVEoep,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-09-06T07:27:15.470+0000) > > You should try MF if you haven&#x27;t already. On the face of it she&#x27;s just a press R &amp; win champ (which she is) {{champion:119}} diagrees with you.
Antony9 (EUW)
: i am 15...
Does not make much difference, you are still immature, trust me there will be a lot of changes in your mindset in the next 5 years.
Anmin (EUW)
: Oh dear of course it's not just you. Lux cancer champion {{item:3151}}
I was maining Brand for 2 seasons and there was 90% chance to get a lux on mid, still can manage them, but I have to start with boots, and even with boots it is really hard to avoid the "skillshots" that travel faster than light and cover half the map.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Same for Lee Sin...
For lee sin it is false for me most the time, because most the time I am the lee sin and I'm a god with him.
Antony9 (EUW)
: How can I stop tilting?
You stop doing that by the time you are not 12 anymore. So all you have to do is wait a few years. Being a toxic and tilting is different. Tilting is when you get mad and can't lasthit under the turret and with every lost minion you get more upset. For example when I have to push out the wave on botlane, since they are trying to zone us under the turret with a thresh and I manage to miss 2 minions by 1 life at lasthit and from then if I tilt, I potentially can miss the entire wave.
: A good Yasuo player can carry hard even if he gets behind. The issue of the champion is it's ability to delete entire teams even if behind very hard.
> [{quoted}](name=Kusanagi no Tsug,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8oOPwMNF,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-09-05T14:53:00.157+0000) > > A good Yasuo player can carry hard even if he gets behind. The issue of the champion is it&#x27;s ability to delete entire teams even if behind very hard. Everyone fails to mention his ability to deny the enemy adc for 4 seconds out of the teamfight, how long is a teamfight on average? 5 sec? good.
Anmin (EUW)
: league of legends-Illuminate the enemy!
The hitbox at 0:16 tho. But maybe it is just me hating on lux since season 1.
Tarolock (EUW)
: you know why i hate yasuo? because he is in my team losing his lane, 9 out of 10 yasuo on my team feeds like there is no tomorrow, they start in champ select "dw ill carry" then go 0/10 in 2 minutes
: What a godamn trash player, sorry for the harsh behavior but men .. someone really forgot to take out the trash where it belongs, in the trash deposit. I wish them extinction
Best part is the enemy team is legitimately enjoying it, even if he was jsut trolling with no feed it would have been a win.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
I got it twice since I came back to play the game, it is always unsportmanslike, no other.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Pentium2,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=zXq37xou,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-09-05T01:08:54.502+0000) > > There is also difference between yasuo player and yasuo player, just had one who used his bullshit windwall &quot;clever&quot; and completely shut me out of teamfights, feels bad, that shit wall should be removed, the rest I am fine with, I have Qss... > > Ah and it was ranked, suspicious it was a booster team or at least asshat smurfs. but a lot of yasuo player are ranked 7 who think they're gods gift on the rift, cause that champ is easy to play with an over powered kit.
Well I don't know, today was the day when I banned other champs instead and one game he was strong but not too hard, the next one was terrible, I mean this windwall tilts me really, I barely had 25k champ dmg at the end with a draven lol -.- should really have some sort of tweak on the wall, like it blocks 4 projectile at best or 1k dmg or smthing because this is just bs, not even talking about the bug when draven Qs just disappear on normal creeps and jungle camps theese days. But yeah, found a decent premade team today, so yasuo will be my pocket ban from now on.
: Yasuo nurf
There is also difference between yasuo player and yasuo player, just had one who used his bullshit windwall "clever" and completely shut me out of teamfights, feels bad, that shit wall should be removed, the rest I am fine with, I have Qss... Ah and it was ranked, suspicious it was a booster team or at least asshat smurfs.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Platinum 2 elohell
I had the same, trolls feeders in my past games ,and I barely started t play ranked this season and I am way too scared to queue up, but it will balance out someday...
: At one point, he would intentionally feed if someone took a kill
Have you ever played a game with draven where someone legitimately ks-ed all the kills, not securing, but when it would die anyway and just hits it? You can't proc your passive and unles you do, you are out of the game. I'm not saying running under the turret why swagging is a good solution, but there are a lot of people who only think about themselves, the first kill can mean like 1000 gold for draven, which is essentially 3 kill gold, 60cs being denied if it happens. Every time I jungle/roam/support I don't really care who takes the kill, unles there is a draven, because his strengths is in gettign that adration gold then getting an extra bf sword or whatever.
: Untargetable really shouldn't remove tower aggro
There is an other champ that is good in tower diving, he has a moustache and has no invulnerable {{champion:119}} all theese stuff that relies on invulnerability are not alphas.
CzarnaSowa (EUNE)
: Exactly, they won't listen. They will also flame and blame you for each mistake/death since I have the diamond loading screen frame, so they call me a boosted animal or worse and hope my family dies on cancer. So that's what really happens when I get silver. And obviously they can't handle golds from the opposing team.
I don't really know, recently even my normal games are crap, it's like if there was a checkbox which riot could just tick in so u get autists all the time. Just check my mach history.
Rioter Comments
: A permabanned person can just make a new account and level it. As long as they aren't being toxic they can just keep playing. Tyler1 can't play normally anymore. When Riot finds an account he owns it get's banned no matter what he did, even if he was the second coming of Christ he would get banned.
That is just sad, he has some bad stuff, but overall he is not a bad person, if you watch his videos you can see he is the type of guy that just swears as when normally talking, I didn't really see much toxic chatlogs from him btw. AS far as games go, there are times when I talk to myself like a lunatic when I get mad as it helps to get trough the tilt, but I never flame in chat.
: as someone in gold who often duos with friends from silver, I think the main difference between gold and silver is the general game knowledge, where gold players kind of at least try taking objectives, silvers prefer to chase kills. As a higher elo player, if you just tell them what to do, your supperiour game knowledge should be enough to give your team the edge over the opponents.
You act like people are listening to you, if that was the case, nobody would die a retarded deaths over the locations where I spam red pings.
: nope. not untill you get more experienced. ALWAYS :) as ADC you are your team's biggest damage asset (usually the only one to, guess what, kill tanks). it is your damn duty to prioritize your safety above everything else in 95% of the cases. once their tank is down, look for anohter target
Depending on the tank, some are scary some are not, but I really played a lot of adc, especially Draven, and the old Kog, so if I started to write about positioning I would have to sit there for 2 days.
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