: Yeah, just wanted to report it. Even tried it if it works or not (_hoping that rito changed his mind about ruining another character_). But nope, it is just an error. I mean... Another error. Like... of plenty.
Exactly the same :D Tried it, got disapointed. But let's be honest, you just rush Grail and its fine
: i need help
get yourself permabanned
Rioter Comments
Wsetaia (EUNE)
: Hahaha only person who never played more then 3 games can say that. You just can't or don't want to learn this mode. Yesterday i played my first 5 ranked.The result was - 1 game on first place, 3 games on second place and 1 on 4 place. Three of these games i have 0 ietms from first round with only gold and i made it to top 3. Rng is like 25-30% from the game, the other is some brain to use what you have in your store, which is enough for first 3 places. In this mode it doesn't matter if you are first,second or third
Just because you didn't get items from first rounds doesn't mean you didnt get them later. I had games where my first times were from raptors, but then you get 4 of them.
: twitch capsule
Do you still have Prime subscribtion?
Barakudax2 (EUNE)
: EUNE the same problem. Essentially, can't play Solo/Duo at least. Haven't tested the others. Why such bugs get pushed in production so often haha. Rewrite the client maybe! :D :D :D Apart, issue is now fixed, the game works! Thanks and all the best!
Its not like Riot said they'll rework client when WinXP support goes down. its WIP
: Tips to save your LP during champion select
tl&dr: To save LP, don't play ranked and if you accidentaly start a game: DODGE THE GAME
: Can you please share Riot's reply here if they answer?
update: I am struggling to find the right page to report it. Can you share me the link?
Lari (EUNE)
: Last game of league
I feel you. 9 games lose streak, every game decided 5 mins after start...
: I think you should report it as a bug. It shouldn't happen as far as I know
: It’s probably a coding thing... other things the spawned thing is it’s own entity, zed shadows aren’t... so it’s likely coded as a spell and therefore doesn’t disappear when you convert over into the death realm. Does seem weird though, but probably a coding thing
Yea, but... I meant the logic in game. It doesn't feel right when you wait for Zed to waste W and R, counter ult him and you end up 1 v 3 in your own dimension
Rioter Comments
: Nerf Mordekaiser or change how his ult functions
The thing is, you can't even play around it... I played Illaoi vs Morde, tried to wait and save my E + R combo when he ults, but he simply didn't... Such an annoying thing to face.
Kazasumi (EUW)
: actually GP oranges remove the ult the same way quicksilver does. this guy literally told you to play GP if you cant spare the 1300 to buy the item. as a toplaner complaining about mordekaiser you should know this. unless you started complaining about stuff without doing some actual research first to see if you really cant do shit. play lane bullies, gangplank or spare the 1300 if you need to.... but dont try to play a victim when you're the one not doing it correctly
You really can not affort to spare 1300g on toplane. I see you are adc main, so you can't understand, because there is always a second person trying to help you. But buying QSS on toplane will just push you even further behind, you'll just dig your own grave.
: Honor progress bugged?
Firstly: There has been multiple posts showing that both honors and number of games doesnt matter. Secondly: You should get one checkpoint per 14 days (+-) if you are an active player and don't get reported.
Mitsuk3 (EUW)
: Being demoted after being promoted is bullshit
Show us the name of acc on which it happened. As I am almost positive it cant.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: yes no damage and die in 3rd shroom theory vs practice at 45 MR Damage reduction = 26% damage reduction a dot that ticks for 100 damage ignoring resists 4 times for 25 would do 18.5 x4= 74 damage at 100 MR Damage reduction (adaptive helms Mr stat) = 50% damage reduction a dot that ticks for 100 damage ignoring resists 4 times for 25 would do 12.5 x4 =50 damage Adaptives Helm has 20% damage reduction on top as a separate multiplier ie 12.5x 0.8 x4 =40 damage Now if you can do the math Adaptive helm effectively reduced that Dot on you by almost Half Ie it took you an item worth 2800 gold to multiply your opponents damage by 0.5 until the end of the game or until they acquire penetration items now if you look at it this way that instead of killing you in 2 autos they will kill you in 3 autos then you are just not looking at the game in reality as nobody in the game will be able to kill you in 3 autos on 1st item buy especially when you are building defense against them and base damage of your kit also exists Adaptive on TK for example against teemo means Teemo can no longer show himself in tongue range to TK
If you want to go to the exact Math, you need to add bonus 2% dmg per second of dot, 15Magic pen from Liandris and both ally and enemy runes & basic stats. and you'll go somewhere to 60-70 dmg, aka back to my previous count.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: LMAO they can buy that item
Sure, let me just skip my core item (usually Trinity) to stop one ability and one item, then enemies will just swap / jngler will babysit and I will both lose lane and wont do dmg
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: First people whine when Liandry burns with DoTs, then won't build Adaptive Helm, which counters DoTs and Liandry's burn damage (which is a DoT). Here's a list of champions who might build Liandry's Torment. (Maokai, simply due to ARAM strats :P ). If you face any of those champions, even without building Liandry's, and you are playing a tank.. Why on Earth wouldn't you go for Adaptive Helm? {{champion:32}} , {{champion:34}} , {{champion:1}} , {{champion:136}} , {{champion:63}} , {{champion:69}} , {{champion:9}} , {{champion:74}} , {{champion:30}} , {{champion:85}} , {{champion:90}} , {{champion:57}} , {{champion:25}} , {{champion:68}} , {{champion:27}} , {{champion:50}} , {{champion:17}} , {{champion:161}} , {{champion:143}}
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: you do realize that adaptive helm makes champions like teemo malzahar cassio and other dot dealing champions scratch your back right? yes you build 1 item that requires 3 items to be circumvented
So lets say one shroom does 1/2 of your overall hp, when you have 1800hp and 50MR. You magically summon this dumbass overpriced item and you'll have: 2150hp, 100MR. Meaning dmg per shroom should reduce to around 35% of your hp. + the 20% reduction: 29% of your hp per shroom. So instead of dying to 2 shrooms and maybe being able to do at least some dmg between that, you will do no dmg whatsoever and survive one more shroom. Great deal!
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: I know only 2 classes that can't build that item, and those are marksmen and assassins . for them, however, there are at least 3 or 4 protective MR/shielding items that are way more effective.
Fighters. Good old Fighters is the class you are forgeting
SuperJunk (EUW)
: why only that item ? check every item which is made for mage
increases champions dmg, doesnt deal dmg on its own, yea.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: You also totally forgot about the addition of Adaptive Helm, didn't you?
Sure, let me just waste 3k gold to counter one enemy, when I don't even have gold for my core items. Items like QSS, Hexdrinker, that 800g sword with Grevious Wounds are effective counter items, because they are cheap. This item is simply too expencive.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: {{item:3194}}
Not every champion can afford to build that item
: When TFT could be a fun game mode
1. item drops are going to be changed 2. Sure, the game is random, maybe next time it will happen to you :) 3. Git gut
: The problem is that they buffed lyandris to deal 2.5% max health dmg. It was current health before.
Rioter Comments
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: there are a ton of other champs who dont even have 3 skins yet, and ryze have a lot, maybe he will get one for his 10th rework (he is at 5 atm?)
: We had controll points once. It was called Dominion.
You didnt really read OP's post, huh?
iaapvper (EUW)
: who tf cares about tft?
VolceR17 (EUNE)
: TFT Left Click
Why? What does it affect?
Cypherous (EUW)
: Which is what i've said already :P Doesn't mean i'm not going to ask, and while these rewards might be "pathetic" by your standards, i have numerous things i can be doing with my free time so i have to pick the ones that give me the most progress in that chosen activity, be it working on my code or playing games, free time is a luxury and people have to use it wisely when its in short supply :P
yea but... what is your goal in LoL? You play to have all champs?
: if there wasnt level ups, missions, chests and fwotd i would play nothing but ranked
That's exactly what I do
Cypherous (EUW)
: I only bother playing for progress yes, i stopped playing league "for fun" around season 4, at this point its just for progress and unlocking things, if i wanted to play autochess then there are any number of games out there i could play and that number is likely to grow, they need to make it worthwhile for me to login and play this particular version otherwise it has no real appeal to me
Then, you know, don't play it? You just said that you are forcing yourself not to have fun for pathetic rewards.
Danitao (EUW)
: A Second Chance To Change!!
as a player with 2 permabanned accounts: No. We don't change
SpaceFoxCZ (EUNE)
: Pyke
They want him to be a support.
: yea it would kill the purpose of playing it
You play LoL only for chests and FWOTD??? Its a great mode to play and enjoy on its own
Rioter Comments
: That's what I understood :)
: Yes I read it. She now has like 33% less damage, and also less movespeed on top of that. With Sona, you cannot sit under turret and heal yourself, because your heal without items and levels is pathetically low, and your max health is also very low, so they can dive you and kill you.
You might need to relearn how to read... https://imgur.com/UYhFX23 her AURA got nerfed: You still do _Way too much dmg_ when you roll your face on a keyboard and manage to hit Q.
wowlukas (EUNE)
: Finally made it to plat after many years :> Just happy
Good for you! _even tho I hate Cho players .__.
: > [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=OVqKNMg4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-26T12:45:28.466+0000) > > Why nerf the champion with a high pick and win rate? What's the point? People enjoy playing her, so she naturally has high pick rate. How is it a bad thing? Oh let's make everyone play dumbass boring champions that are in meta for 5 seasons in a row, makes perfect sense.
Have you even read the patch notes? First of all, her nerf is patheticly low. It won't make her unplayable, she will still be strong and playable AS A SUPPORT Sona Bottom(="adc") strat is still playable aswell, but it shouldn't have almost 60% winrate as it has right now. about Sona mid - I have a feeling that Riot is trying to force of champs with self heal to bot/support/jng, since they usually don't have that much of a counter play and just sit under turret and heal themselves.
Shamose (EUW)
: The unskilled report option was a placebo. It didn't do anything.
I hope so, or my report value would've been somewhere around... nothing? :D
Mateï (EUNE)
: Ranked and Honor system.
Before the new client rolled out, there was a report for "unskilled" but Riot decided to remove it. Most likely people abused it the same way they do with feeding now.
: it's copied from the wiki where there are also icons that translate to text on a copy paste
Br0nnie (EUW)
: "Notes Steadfast Presence has no cast time and does not interrupt Poppy's previous orders. Steadfast Presence does not stop dashes that are classified as Unstoppable icon unstoppable or they are Playful untargetable while dashing (Playful Playful / Trickster Trickster, Onslaught of Shadows Onslaught of Shadows, Cataclysm Cataclysm, Fate's Call Fate's Call, Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force, Twisted Advance Twisted Advance, Paranoia Paranoia, Void Rush Void Rush, Assault and Battery Assault and Battery,**{{champion:19}} Infinite Duress Infinite Duress (Warwick's Q)**, Death Mark Death Mark). Steadfast Presence does not stop enemy abilities with small self-displacements (e.g. Bear Stance Bear Stance and Noxian Guillotine Noxian Guillotine) because they do not count as "dashes"."
Why why did did you you write write everything everything twice twice?
Shamose (EUW)
: > Like I know that it shouldn't So an interaction working as intended should be fixed?
it works as it was coded, but doesn't feel right logicaly. Same thing with Yuumi - when Morde ults, you will just pop out in the middle of a fight like: https://media.tenor.com/images/91cb88ae2bee22e80f48ffdacb1da44a/raw Where the fck is my teammate? (you'll also die within a second, fun times) Which happens both when enemy and ally Morde ults.
Rioter Comments
: New patch
Is this the first patch for you? Riot has never unlocked new things the moment a patch hits live servers. It's always Patch -> some time (even few days with skins) -> new thing in game
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